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智慧篇 Wisdom
1智慧保护了最初受造,世界上唯一的原祖,1Wisdom protected the father of the world, the first man to be formed, who was created alone.
2救他脱离了本身的罪过,给了他统治万物的能力。2She delivered him from his fault and gave him power to govern all things.
3但当不义者在愤怒中背弃了智慧,遂怒杀兄弟而自取灭亡。3When a violent man turning in anger strayed from Wisdom, he perished in his fratricidal fury.
4因他的缘故,洪水淹没了世界,仍是智慧指引义人,藉著贱价的木材,拯救了世界。4Because of the violent, the earth was submerged by the flood, but Wisdom again saved it by piloting an upright man on a frail piece of wood.
5当列国同谋作恶而混乱时,智慧又辨别出义人来,加以保护,使他在天主前无瑕可指;当他痛惜儿子时,又坚强了他。5Again when the nations, united in evil, had been thrown into confusion, it was Wisdom who singled out a righteous man, keeping him blameless before God and steadfast, despite his pity for his child.
6当不虔敬的人毁灭时,智慧救了义人,逃脱了那降在五城的天火;6It was she who, when the godless perished, saved the righteous man and let him flee from the fire pouring down on the Five Cities.
7为证明他们的邪恶,这块荒地还在冒烟;树木结果,却不成熟;盐柱留在那里,以作那无信的灵魂的纪念碑。7To this day the arid land, a smoking waste, witnesses to their perversity, for plants there bear unripe fruit and a pillar of salt stands as a monument to an unbelieving woman.
8因为他们离弃了智慧,不但害得自己不认识善事,而且还给世人留下了他们愚妄的纪念,致使他们的过犯一点也不能隐瞒。8For having ignored Wisdom, not only were they kept from knowing what is good, but their ruins were left as a monument to their foolishness so that their failure might never be forgotten.
9但是,智慧却从因难中拯救了崇拜她的人。9But Wisdom rescued her servants from their trials.
10智慧引导逃避长兄愤怒的义人,走上了正路;将天主的国指示给他,叫他明白神圣的事;在困苦之中使他顺利,令他的劝劳效果丰满。10Along straight paths she led the upright man who fled from his brother's anger. She showed him God's kingdom and let him know the holy angels; she made him prosperous and successful in his toil.
11有人由于贪婪,窘迫他时,智慧又在旁协助,使他致富。11Wisdom stood by him against the greed of oppressors and made him rich.
12智慧保护他脱离仇敌,使他安全,不受暗算;在他搏斗时,使他获胜,叫他明了虔敬的能力,高于一切。12She protected him from his enemies and saved him from the traps they set for him; with Wisdom he triumphed in an arduous struggle, learning in this way that nothing is as strong as piety.
13智慧没有离弃被卖的义人,反而救他免于罪恶;13She did not abandon the righteous man when he was sold; still more she kept him free from sin.
14与他同入坑狱,在缧絏之中,也没有舍弃他,直到令他取得王权,统治欺压他的人们,证明诬谤他的人说的尽是谎言;赏给了他永垂不朽的光荣。14She went down into the cistern with him; she did not leave him in chains, but made him the ruler of a kingdom, giving him authority over his oppressors. She denounced as liars those who accused him falsely and gave him everlasting honor.
15智慧拯救了圣洁的民族,使无瑕可指的种族,脱离压迫他们的异民。15It was she who rescued an innocent and holy people from a nation of oppressors.
16她进入了上主仆人的灵魂,藉异能和奇迹,对抗可畏的君王。16She entered the soul of God's servant and through him withstood terrible kings with signs and wonders.
17她酬报了圣徒的劳苦,领他们走上了奇妙的道路:日间作他们的荫凉,夜里作他们的星光;17To the holy people she gave the wages of their labor, leading them in a wonderful way, giving them shade during the day and the light of the stars at night.
18领他们走过了红海,引他们穿过了洪涛,18She brought them across the Red Sea, but drowned their enemies
19却淹没了他们的仇敌,又将他们从海底抛出;因此,义人反夺得了不虔敬者的战利品。19and later washed them ashore from the depth of the abyss.
20上主!他们遂称颂了你的圣名,同心赞美了你施展卫护的手臂;20So the righteous looted the godless, singing hymns, Lord, to your holy Name, and one in heart, they gave thanks for your saving hand.
21因为,智慧开了哑巴的口,使婴儿的舌伶俐善言。21Wisdom gives speech to the dumb and makes infants speak clearly.
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