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圣咏集 Psalms
1阿撒夫的诗歌,交与乐官,调寄「莫要毁灭」。1We give you thanks, O God, we give thanks. Those who invoke your name, will recount your wonderful deeds.
2我们感谢你,上主,我们感谢你,称颂你的名号,传扬你的奇蹟。2"At a set time I will judge fairly.
3「我规定的日期一旦来临,我必定要依照公道行审。3The earth wobbles with its inhabitants, but I will restore its foundations.
4大地和众居民虽吓得动摇,但我必使大地的支柱坚牢。」(休止)4To the proud I say, 'Boast no more.'And to the wicked, 'Raise not your head.
5我对蛮横者说:「不要再蛮横跋扈!」我向糊涂人说:「不要再头角高露!」5Do not lift yourself so high, do not insult God.'"
6不要举你们的角,反抗至高者,不要再说骄傲的话反抗天主!6God comes, though not from the east or the west, nor from the mountains or desert;
7的确,救援不从东方来,也不从西方来,救援不从旷野来,也不从山岭来。7God comes to judge, putting one down and lifting up another.
8因为惟独天主是审判大主,他将此人贬抑将那人高举。8In the hand of the Lord is a cup of spiced and foaming wine; he pours it out for the wicked to drain to the dregs.
9爵杯已经握在上主的手掌,装满了起沫而调和的酒酿,他已倒出,要地上的恶人们喝,还要叫他们饮尽杯中的糟粕。9As for me, I will rejoice forever and sing praises to the God of Jacob.
10然而我要永远欢舞,歌颂雅各伯的天主;10He will break the power of the wicked, but the power of the virtuous will be exalted.
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