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圣咏集 Psalms
1阿撒夫的诗歌。交与乐官,乐用絃乐。1God is now famous in Judah, in Israel his name is great.
2天主在犹大地显示了自身,在以色列广扬了自己的名。2Salem is indeed his tent; he has made Zion his dwelling place.
3他在撒冷支搭了自己的帐幕,他在熙雍建竖了自己的住处。3There he broke the flashing arrow, the shield and sword, the spear and bow.
4在那里他打断了弓上的火箭,他也打断了枪柄、盾牌与刀剑。(休止)4You are glorious and majestic, enthroned on everlasting mountains.
5大能者,你大发光明,是来自远古的山陵。5The stouthearted lie despoiled, sleeping their last sleep, not one able to lift a hand.
6胆大的人,全被剥夺,一睡不醒,那勇敢的将领,手臂麻木失灵。6At your rebuke, O God of Jacob, both rider and horse lay stunned.
7雅各伯的天主,因你的恐吓,战车战马都惊得麻木僵直。7But you - how terrible you are! Who can oppose the fury of your onslaught?
8你尊严可畏;你盛怒时,何人能在你面前站立?8You thundered judgment from the heavens; while the earth trembled and lay still,
9你由天上宣布判案,大地战栗默默无言。9as you, O God, arose to judge, to save all the humble of the earth.
10因为天主起来施行审判,是要救世上的一切贫贱。(休止)10Pagan nations will bring you praise, their survivors will celebrate your name.
11人的狂怒成全你的光荣,幸免愤怒的人,向你祝颂。11Make vows to the Lord, your God, and fulfill them; let the peoples bring offerings to the Fearsome One,
12你们许愿要向上主你们的天主还愿;他四周的人都要向可敬者供奉祭献。12who breaks the spirit of rulers, and is formidable to the kings of the earth.
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