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圣咏集 Psalms
1诗歌,交与乐官。普世的大地广土,请你们欢呼天主!1Shout with joy to God, all you on earth;
2请歌颂他圣名的光荣,请献给他辉煌的赞颂。2sing to the glory of his name; proclaim his glorious praise.
3请你们向天主说:「你的作为是何等惊人!因着你威赫的大能,你的仇敌都向你奉承。」3Say to God, "How great are your deeds! How formidable your power that makes your enemies cower!
4普世都要朝拜你,向你歌颂,全球也都要歌颂你的圣名。(休止)4All the earth bows down to you, making music in praise of you, singing in honor of your name."
5请你们前来观看天主的作为,他对世人所作的事实在可奇。5Come and see God's wonders, his deeds awesome for humans.
6他曾经使海洋干涸,使人徒步走过江河,叫我们因他而喜乐。6He has turned the sea into dry land, and the river was crossed on foot. Let us, therefore, rejoice in him.
7他以自己的大能,永远统治著万邦,他的眼鉴察万民,不使叛逆者狂妄。(休止)7He rules by his might forever, his eyes keeping watch on the peoples, his arm holding the rebels in check.
8万民,请你们赞美我们的天主,请传扬他应受到的荣誉。8Praise our God, O nations, let the sound of his praise be heard,
9他曾使我们的性命存活,没有让我们的脚步滑倒。9for he has preserved us among the living and kept our feet from stumbling.
10天主,因为你曾考验了我们,像炼银子一般,也炼了我们;10Why did you test us, O God; and refine us like silver?
11你曾引领我们堕入了网罗,曾将铁索系在我们的身腰;11You let us fall into the snare; you burdened us with disgrace.
12你曾使异民骑在我们的头上,使我们经过水深火热的中央,最后你仍然使我们获得解放。12You allowed a nobody to rule over us, and we have gone through fire and water, but you have brought us to safety at last.
13我带着全燔祭进入你的圣殿,我要向你偿还我的各种誓愿:13I will bring offerings to your house in fulfillment of my vows -
14就是我从前在困厄中间,我口所许,我唇所发的愿。14Those I made when assailed with troubles.
15我要以肥大牲畜作全燔祭,又要把公羊的馨香献与你,还要将牛犊和山羊祭奠你。(休止)15I will offer holocausts of fatlings, sending up smoke of burning rams, and a sacrifice of goats and bulls.
16凡敬畏天主的人,请你们前来静听,我要叙述他为我灵魂的所作所行。16All you who fear God, come and listen; let me tell you what he has done.
17我曾亲口呼号过他,我的舌头称扬过他。17I cried aloud to him, extolling him with my tongue.
18如果我真存心作恶,上主决不会俯听我;18If I had nurtured wickedness in my heart, then he would not have heard.
19然而天主终于俯听了我,也倾听了我哀号的祈祷,19But God has listened; he gave heed to my prayer.
20天主应受赞美:因他从未拒绝我的哀恳,他也从来没有从我身上撤回他的慈悯。20May God be blessed! He has not rejected my prayer; nor withheld his love from me.
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