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索福尼亚 Zephaniah
1没有廉耻的民族!在你们尚未像糠秕一朝被吹散之前,在上主的怒火尚未来到你们身上,在上主忿怒的日子尚未来到你们身上以前,你们聚首检讨罢!1Gather together and assemble, O shameless people,
2地上所有遵守他法律的卑微人!你们应求上主,你们要寻求公义,要寻求谦和,也许你们在上主忿怒的日子能藏身免祸。2that you may be scattered by the wind like a heap of straw when the anger of Yahweh comes upon you!
3因为迦萨将被抛弃,阿市刻隆将成荒野;阿市多得必在极盛时被人驱逐,厄刻龙必被铲除。3Seek Yahweh, all you poor of the land who fulfill his commands, do justice and are meek, and perhaps you will find refuge on the day Yahweh comes to judge.
4祸哉!沿海地带的居民,革勒提民族!看,这是上主攻击你们的话:培肋舍特地!我要贬抑你,把你毁灭得再无居民!4Gaza shall be a desert, Ashkelon completely destroyed to its very foundation.
5沿海地带必将成为牧人的牧场,羊群的栏栈。5Woe to the nation of the Cherethites on the seacoast, for Yahweh has spoken against it: "O Canaan, land of the Philistines, I will destroy you so that no one will be left in you."
6沿海地带必将归于犹大家的遗民;他们将沿着海滨放羊,晚上歇息在阿市刻隆的栈房,因为上主他们的天主必看顾他们,转变他们境遇。6The seacoast shall be like pastures where the shepherds and their flocks go and the lambs gather.
7我听到了摩阿布的辱骂,阿孟子民的诋诟;他们辱骂了我的百姓,欺凌了我的领域。7This region will belong to the remnant of the tribe of Judah; there they shall bring their flocks to graze and they will sleep at night in the houses of Ashkelon, when Yahweh their God comes to visit them and bring their captives back.
8为此,我指着我的生命起誓──万军的上主,以色列天主的断语:摩阿布必要像索多玛,哈孟子民必要像哈摩辣,变为荆棘丛、盐堆、荒野,直到永远。我百姓的遗民要劫掠他们,我民族的残余,要占领他们的产业。8Yahweh of hosts, the God of Israel says, "I have heard the affronts of Moab and the mockery of the Ammonites who insulted my people and extended their boundaries at the expense of my territory.
9这事要临到他们身上,是由于他们的傲慢,因为他们辱骂欺凌了万军上主的百姓。9Therefore I swear that, as I live, Moab shall become like Sodom, and Ammon like Gomorrah, as desert indeed. The remnant of my people shall plunder them, the survivors of my nation shall receive them as an inheritance.
10上主必要威严地显示给他们,因为他要消灭地上的一切神祇;那时异邦各岛屿,各从自己的地方朝拜他。10This shall be their lot, in payment for their pride, for they insulted the people of the God of hosts and have enriched themselves at my people's expense."
11连你们雇士人,也要为我的刀剑所刺透。11Yahweh will be inflexible with them when he calls to account all the gods of the earth.
12他还要向北方伸出自己的手,为消灭亚述,使尼尼微化为荒地,像沙漠一样干旱。12Then the pagans who live on the islands shall worship him, each in his own land. "The threat of my sword also hangs over you, Ethiopians."
13牲畜和洼地所有的走兽必要息卧其中,鹈鹕和䴔䴖也栖宿在她的柱头间,鸱枭在窗上啼叫,乌鸦停在门槛上,因为人剥去了她以香柏做的装饰:13Yahweh will raise his hand against the north and reduce Assyria to ruins.
14这就是那享乐安居,心想「只有我,没有别人」的城市!她如何竟成了荒野,成了野兽的栖所!凡由她那里经过的人,莫不嗤笑摇手。14He will leave Nineveh in utter desolation, barren as the desert. Herds of all kinds of animals shall find shelter in her, and even the pelican and the heron shall dwell in her ruins; the owl shall hoot from the window and the raven from the threshold.
15 15The cedar has been uprooted! So will be the end of the happy city that felt secure in her own power and said to herself: I and no one but I. Why is it now a heap of ruins where animals take shelter? Everyone who passes by her hisses, making signs with the hand.
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