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罗马书 Romans
1对信德软弱的人,你们该容纳,不要为意见争论。1Welcome those weak in faith and do not criticize their scruples.
2有人以为什么都可吃,但那软弱的人只吃蔬菜。2Some think they can eat any food, while others, less liberated, eat only vegetables.
3那吃的,不要轻视不吃的;不吃的,也不要判断吃的,因为天主已接纳了他。3If you eat, do not despise those who abstain; if you abstain, do not criticize those who eat, for God has welcomed them.
4你是谁,你竟敢判断别人的家仆?他或站立,或跌倒,都由他自己的主人管;但他必站得住,因为主能够使他站得住。4Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? Whether he stands or falls, the one concerned is his master. But he will not fall, for his master is able to keep him standing.
5有人以为这日比那日强,但也有人以为日日都一样;各人对自己的心思应坚信不疑才好!5For some, there are good and bad days; for others, all days are equal. Let us act according to our own opinion.
6那遵守日子的,是为主而遵守;那吃的,是为主而吃,因为他感谢天主;那不吃的,也是为主而不吃,他也感谢天主。6The one who distinguishes among days does that for the Lord; and the one who eats eats for the Lord and in eating gives thanks to the Lord. And the one who does not eat does it for the Lord and gives him thanks as well.
7因为我们中没有一人是为自己而生的,也没有一人是为自己而死的;7In fact, none of us lives for himself, nor dies for himself.
8因为我们或者生,是为主而生,或者死,是为主而死;所以我们或生或死,都是属于主。8If we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord. Either in life or in death, we belong to the Lord;
9因为基督死而复生了,正是为作生者和死者的主。9Christ experienced death and life to be Lord both of the living and of the dead.
10你为什么判断你的弟兄?或者,你为什么轻视你的弟兄?我们众人都要站在天主的审判台前,10Then you, why do you criticize your brother or sister? And you, why do you despise them? For we will all appear at the tribunal of God.
11因为经上记载说:『我指着我自己起誓──上主的誓语:众膝都要向我跪拜,众舌都要赞颂天主。』11It is written: I swear by myself - word of the Lord - every knee will bend before me, and every tongue shall confess truth before God.
12这样看起来,我们每人都要向天主交自己的账。12So each of us will account for himself before God.
13因此,我们不可再彼此判断了,反之,你们应拿定主意:总不可使弟兄失足或跌倒。13Therefore, let us not continue criticizing one another; let us try, rather, never to put in the way of our brother anything that would make him stumble or fall.
14在耶稣基督内,我知道,并深信:没有什么本身是不洁的;除非有人想什么是不洁的,那东西为他才是不洁的。14I know, I am sure of this in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself, it is only unclean for those who consider it unclean.
15如果你因着食物使你的兄弟心乱,你便不是按照爱德行事。基督为他死了,你不可因着你的食物使他丧亡,15But if you hurt your brother or sister because of a certain food, you are no longer walking according to love. Let not your eating cause the loss of one for whom Christ died.
16所以你们不可使你们的优点受到诽谤。16Don't put yourself in the wrong with something good.
17其实,天主的国并不在于吃喝,而在于义德、平安以及在圣神内的喜乐;17The kingdom of God is not a matter of food or drink; it is justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,
18凡是按这原则事奉基督的,才为天主所喜悦,为众人所称许;18and if you serve Christ in this way, you will please God and be praised by people.
19所以我们该追求平安的事,以及彼此建立的事,19Let us look, then, for what strengthens peace and makes us better.
20不可为了食物的原故,而摧毁天主的工程。一切固然都是洁净的,但若人吃了,能使人失足,这为他便是恶事了。20Do not destroy the work of God because of food. All food is clean, but it becomes unclean for the one who eats against his own belief.
21更好是不吃肉,不喝酒,不作什么能使你的弟兄跌倒的事。21And it may be better not to eat meat, or drink wine, or anything else that causes your brother or sister to stumble.
22你有信心,就在天主前为你自己保有罢!那在自己认为可行的事上,问心无愧,才是有福的。22Keep your own belief before God, and happy are you if you never act against your own belief.
23但谁若怀着疑心吃了,便被判有罪,因为这不是出于信心做的:凡不出于信心做的,就是罪。23Instead, whoever eats something in spite of his doubt is doing wrong, because he does not act according to his belief, and whatever we do against our conscience is sinful.
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