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1每人要服从上级有权柄的人,因为没有权柄不是从天主来的,所有的权柄都是由天主规定的。1Let everyone be subject to the authorities. For there is no authority that does not come from God, and the offices have been established by God.
2所以谁反抗权柄,就是反抗天主的规定,而反抗的人就是自取处罚。2Whoever, therefore, resists authority goes against a decree of God, and those who resist deserve to be condemned.
3因为长官为行善的人,不是可怕的;为行恶的人,才是可怕的。你愿意不怕掌权的吗?你行善罢!那就可由他得到称赞,3In fact, who fears authority? Not those who do good, but those who do evil. Do you want to be without fear of a person in authority? Do good and you will receive praise.
4因为他是天主的仆役,是为相帮你行善;你若作恶,你就该害怕,因为他不是无故带剑;他既是天主的仆役,就负责惩罚作恶的人;4They are the stewards of God for your good. But if you do not behave, fear them for they do not carry arms in vain; they are at the service of God when they judge and punish wrongdoers.
5所以必须服从,不祇是为怕惩罚,而也是为了良心。5It is necessary to obey, not through fear but as a matter of conscience.
6为此,你们也该完粮,因为他们是天主的差役,是专为尽这义务的。6In the same way you must pay taxes, and the collectors are God's officials.
7凡人应得的,你们要付清;该给谁完粮,就完粮;该给谁纳税,就纳税;该敬畏的,就敬畏;该尊敬的,就尊敬。7Pay to all what is due them; to whomever you owe contributions, make a contribution; to whom taxes are due, pay taxes; to whom respect is due, give respect; to whom honor is due, give honor.
8除了彼此相爱外,你们不可再欠人什么,因为谁爱别人,就满全了法律。8Do not be in debt to anyone. Let this be the only debt of one to another: Love. The one who loves his or her neighbor fulfilled the Law.
9其实『不可奸淫,不可杀人,不可偷盗,不可贪恋,』以及其他任何诫命,都包含在这句话里:就是『爱你的近人如你自己。』9For the commandments: Do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not covet and whatever else are summarized in this one: You will love your neighbor as yourself.
10爱不加害于人,所以爱就是法律的满全。10Love cannot do the neighbor any harm; so love fulfills the whole Law.
11再者,你们该认清这个时期,现在已经是由睡梦中醒来的时辰了,因为我们的救恩,现今比我们当初信的时候更临近了。11You know what hour it is. This is the time to awake, for our salvation is now nearer than when we first believed;
12黑夜深了,白日已近,所以我们该脱去黑暗的行为,佩戴光明的武器;12the night is almost over and day is at hand. Let us discard, therefore, everything that belongs to darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.
13行动要端庄,好像在白天一样,不可狂宴豪饮,不可淫乱放荡,不可争斗嫉妒;13As we live in the full light of day, let us behave with decency; no banquets with drunkenness, no prostitution or vices, no fighting or jealousy.
14但该穿上主耶稣基督;不应只挂念肉性的事,以满足私欲。14Put on, rather, the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not be led by the will of the flesh nor follow its desires.
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