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默示录 Revelation
1耶稣基督的启示,是天主赐给他,叫他把那些必须快要发生的事,指示给自己的仆人们;他遂打发天使,告诉自己的仆人若望;1The Revelation of Jesus Christ. God gave it to him to let his servants know what is soon to take place. He sent his angel to make it known to his servant, John,
2若望便为天主的话和为耶稣基督作了见证,即对他所见到的一切作了证。2who reports everything he saw, for this is the word of God and the declaration of Jesus Christ.
3那诵读和那些听了这预言,而又遵行书中所记载的,是有福的!因为时期已临近了。3Happy is the one who reads aloud these prophetic words, and happy those who hear them and treasure everything written here, for the time is near.
4若望致书给亚细亚的七个教会:愿恩宠与平安由那今在、昔在及将来永在者,由在他宝座的七神,4From John to the seven Churches of Asia: receive grace and peace from him who is, who was and who is to come, and from the seven Spirits of God which are before his throne,
5并由那原为忠实的见证,死者中的首生者,和地上万王的元首耶稣基督赐与你们。愿光荣与权能归于那爱我们,并以自己的血解救我们脱离我们的罪过,5and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has washed away our sins with his own blood,
6使我们成为国度,成为侍奉他的天主和父的司祭的那位,直到万世万代。阿们。6making us a kingdom and priests for God his Father, to him be the glory and power for ever and ever. Amen.
7看,他乘着云彩降来,众目都要瞻望他,连那些刺透了他的人,也要瞻望他,地上的各种族都要哀悼他。的确这样。阿们。7See he comes with the clouds and everyone will see him, even those who pierced him; on his account all the nations of the earth will beat his breast. Yes. It will be so.
8「我是『阿耳法』和『敖默加』」,那今在、昔在及将来永在的全能者上主天主这样说。8"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, he who is, who was and who is to come: the Master of the universe.
9我若望,你们的弟兄,并在耶稣内与你们共患难,同王权和同忍耐的,为天主的话,并为给耶稣作证,曾到了一座名叫帕特摩的海岛上。9I, John, your brother, who share with you, in Jesus, the sufferings, the kingdom and the patient endurance, was on the island of Patmos, because of the Word of God and witnessing to Jesus.
10在一个主日上,我在神魂超拔中,听见在我背后有一个大声音,好似号角的声音,10On the Lord's day, the Spirit took possession of me and I heard a voice behind me which sounded like a trumpet,
11说:「将你所听见的写在书上,送到厄弗所、斯米纳、培尔加摩、提雅提辣、撒尔德、非拉德非雅和劳狄刻雅七个教会。」11"Write down all that you see, in a book, and send it to the seven Churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea."
12我就转过身来,要看看那同我说话的声音;我一转身就看见了七盏金灯台,12I turned to see who was speaking to me; behind me were seven golden lampstands
13在灯台当中有似人子的一位,身穿长衣,胸间佩有金带。13and, in the middle of these, I saw someone like a son of man, dressed in a long robe tied with a golden girdle.
14他的头和头发皓白,有如洁白的羊毛,又如同雪;他的眼睛有如火燄;14His head and his hair are white as wool or as snow and his eyes are like flames of fire.
15他的脚相似在烈燄中烧炼的光铜;他的声音有如大水的响声;15His feet are like burnished bronze when it has been refined in a furnace. His voice is like the roaring of the waves.
16他的右手持有七颗星;从他的口中发出一把双刃的利剑;他的面容有如发光正烈的太阳。16I saw seven stars in his right hand and a sharp, double-edged sword coming out of his mouth; his face shone like the sun in all its brilliance.
17我一看见他,就跌倒在他脚前,有如死人,他遂把右手按在我身上说:「不要害怕!我是元始,我是终末,17Seeing him, I fell at his feet like one dead but he touched me with his right hand and said, "Do not be afraid. It is I, the First and the Last.
18我是生活的;我曾死过,可是,看,我如今却活着,一直到万世万代;我持有死亡和阴府的钥匙,18I am the living one; I was dead and now I am alive for ever and ever; and mine are the keys of death and the netherworld.
19所以你应把你看见的事,现今的,以及这些事以后要发生的事,都写下来。19Now write what you have seen, both what is and what is yet to come.
20至于你看见在我右手中的七颗星,和七盏金灯台的奥义,就是:七颗星是指七个教会的天使,七盏灯台是指七个教会。」20Know the secret of the seven stars you saw in my right hand and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are the angels of the seven Churches and the seven lampstands are the seven Churches.
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