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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味诗歌,交与乐官。调寄「木特拉本」。1Let my heart give thanks to the Lord, I yearn to proclaim your marvelous deeds,
2上主,我全心赞颂你,宣扬你的一切奇伟;2and rejoice and exult in you, and sing praise to your name, O Most High.
3我要因你而欢欣踊跃,歌颂你至高者的名号。3For my enemies fell back in retreat, they stumbled and perished before you.
4因为我的仇敌已退藏,在你面前已颠仆灭亡。4You have upheld my right and my cause, you have sentenced from your throne, O just judge.
5你登上宝座,公义秉行,为我审断了是非曲直。5You have turned back the nations; you have beaten down the wicked and blotted out their names forever.
6你摧毁了异民,歼灭了恶徒,你把他们的名字,永远消除。6Your enemies lay in endless ruin, their cities trampled, their memory perished.
7敌人现已覆灭,永远沉沦,你荡平的城邑,全不留名。7But the Lord reigns forever, having set up his throne for judgment.
8上主却为王于永远,安置宝座秉公审判。8He will judge the nations with justice and govern the peoples in righteousness.
9将以公义审讯世人,将以正直判决万民。9The Lord is a rampart for the oppressed, a refuge in times of distress.
10上主将是受迫害者的碉堡,作他困厄中的及时避难所。10Those who cherish your name, O Lord, can rely on you, for you have never forsaken those who look to you.
11凡认识你名号的人,必仰望你,上主,寻觅你的人,你必不摈弃。11Sing praises to the Lord enthroned in Zion, proclaim his deeds among the nations.
12你们该歌颂上主,他住在熙雍,在万民中宣扬他的一切化工:12For he who avenges blood remembers, he does not ignore the cry of the lowly.
13上主追讨血债,常怀念悲苦的人民,上主绝不会忘掉他们惨痛的呼声。13Have mercy on me, O Lord. See how they afflict me. Oh, lift me up from the gates of death,
14上主,求你怜悯我,垂视我仇加于我的苦辱,拯救我脱离死亡的门户,14that I may declare your praise, that I may rejoice in your salvation in the gates of Zion.
15好使我在熙雍女子门口,宣扬你的美誉,欣享你的助祐。15The pagans have sunk into the pit they have dug, their own feet ensnared by the trap they laid.
16异民都落于自己挖掘的深坑,他们的脚都掉入自设的陷阱。16The Lord has shown his presence, he has judged and the wicked plotters have been trapped by the work of their hands.
17上主自显于世,行了审判,恶人被自设的罗网所陷。琴声(休止)17To the netherworld the wicked will depart, all the nations that have no thought of God.
18愿一般忘却天主的异族,愿一般恶人都归于阴府!18For the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor perish forever.
19困苦的人绝不会被遗忘,穷人的依靠永不会丧亡。19Rise, O Lord! Do not let mortals prevail; let the nations stand on trial before you.
20上主,起来,莫让世人获胜,愿异民尽都在你前受审!20Bring terror, O Lord, strike at them; let these pagans realize that they are but humans.
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