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圣咏集 Psalms
1上主为王,万民因而战栗惊恐,他坐于革鲁宾之上,大地震动;1The Lord reigns and the nations tremble. He is enthroned upon the cherubim; the earth gets distraught.
2熙雍的上主,伟大堂皇,崇高尊贵,而超越万邦。2Great is the Lord in Zion; he is high over all the nations.
3愿他们赞美你的大名,它可敬可畏,至尊神圣。3May they give glory to your name, great and terrible: "Holy is he:
4你是爱正义的大能君王,是你制定了法律的正纲,对雅各伯行的合理合章。4this is the mighty King who loves justice." For you come to install fairness, to establish in Jacob right and justice.
5请你们尊崇上主,我们的天主,还要向着他的脚凳伏地叩首。因为他的脚凳也是神圣无偶。5Extol the Lord, our God; worship at his footstool. Holy is he! And mighty!
6梅瑟和亚郎列于上主的司祭中,撒慕尔属于呼号他圣名的人中,他们呼号上主,上主即俯听他们。6Among his priests were Moses and Aaron, and Samuel among those who called on his name. They called to the Lord, and he answered them.
7他从前曾在云柱中训示了他们,他们就守了他吩咐的诫命章程。7In the pillar of cloud he spoke to them, and they kept his statutes and the decrees he gave them.
8上主,你原是我们的天主,你曾俯听了他们,天主,你宽宥他们,但也报复了他们的恶行。8O Lord our God, you responded to them; you were a patient God for them, but you punished their wrongs.
9请你们尊崇上主,我们的天主,还要向着他的圣山伏地叩首,因我们的天主,上主神圣无偶。9Extol the Lord our God; worship at his holy mountain. Holy is the Lord our God!
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