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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味有感于本雅明族人古士的话,向上主唱的流离之歌。1O Lord, my God, in you I take shelter; deliver me and save me from all my pursuers,
2上主,我的天主!我一心投奔你;求你助我逃脱一切追逐我的人,求你救拔我;2lest lions tear me to pieces with no one to rescue me.
3免得有人像狮子一般撕裂我时,无人搭救我。3O Lord, my God, if my hands are stained with guilt -
4上主!如果我真作了这事,我主!在我手中就真有罪!4if with evil I have repaid good, if I have plundered unjustly my opponent,
5我若真加害过我的友好,或无故把我的仇敌劫掠;5let the enemy hound me, let him crush me to the ground and lay down my glory in the dust.
6就让敌人追逐我,擒获我,把我的性命践踏在污地,将我的光荣归诸于泥灰。(休止)6Arise, O Lord, in your wrath; rise up against the fury of my foes. Awake, O my God and judge the nations, for the time of judgment has come.
7上主,求你震怒奋起,前来克制我仇的暴慢。我的天主,求你醒起助我,施行你定的断案。7Let the nations gather around you; and you take your seat high above them.
8愿万民聚齐环绕着你。愿你回驾由高处鉴视。8Proclaim, O Lord, my righteousness; you see that I am blameless.
9上主,万民的审判者!上主,请照我的正义,请按我的无罪,护卫我的权利。9Bring to an end the power of the wicked, but affirm the just, O righteous God, searcher of mind and heart.
10公义的天主!惟你洞察肺腑和人心,愿恶人的毒害停止,求你坚固义人!10You cover me as a shield, Oh God, for you protect the upright.
11天主是我的护盾,给心正的人助阵。11A righteous judge is God, his anger ever awaiting those who refuse to repent.
12天主是公义的审判者,对怙恶的人终日怒吓。12God has his sword ready and sharpened, his bow bent and arrows aimed.
13仇人虽然磨刀擦剑,开弓拉弦准备射箭;13He has in hand, always ready, his deadly weapons and fiery darts.
14那只是为自己预备死亡的武器,为自己制造带火的箭矢。14Look at the one who conceived iniquity and is pregnant with mischief: miscarriage will result.
15试看,他既孕恶怀毒,自然就要产生虚无,15He digs a pit and makes it deep, he will fall into the trap he made.
16他挖掘坑穴,摆布陷阱,势必落在自备的窖中。16His evil intent recoils upon his head; his wicked design comes back in his face.
17他的凶恶必反转到自己头上,他的横暴必降落在自己的顶上。17I will rejoice in the Lord for his justice, and sing to the Most High in gratitude and praise.
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