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圣咏集 Psalms
1达味诗歌,交与乐官。1Hear, O God, my voice as I plead, protect my life from the enemy's threat.
2天主,求你倾听我哀诉的声音,从仇敌的恐吓中保全我生命。2Hide me from the scheming of the wicked, from the designs of the evil-plotters,
3求你掩护我远离恶人的阴险,使我脱免作奸犯科者的暴乱;3who sharpen their tongues like swords and aim bitter words like arrows,
4他们磨砺自己的舌头有如刀剑,他们吐出有毒的语言有如弓箭:4shooting at the innocent from cover, shooting suddenly without fear.
5暗地里向无辜的人击挝,肆无忌惮,突然将他刺杀。5They invite each other to evil-doing, they conspire to lay snares, saying, "No one will see us,
6他们彼此激励行恶,互相商议暗布网罗;说:「看见我们的究竟是谁?6who will uncover our scheme?" Who peers into man will uncover them.
7谁能查出我们的邪思?我们已作成精密阴谋,走近的人必堕入深沟。」7And now God fires his arrows at them and suddenly they are struck down.
8但是,天主必要用箭射击他们,他们必要突然身受创痕。8Their own tongue brought them to ruin and all who see them shake their heads.
9他们的舌头必使自己跌仆,凡见到他们的人都必摇头。9Everyone will stand in awe; they proclaim the works of God and ponder on his deeds.
10众人要恐惧,要传述天主的作为,他们也都要细心默思他的事迹。10The upright will rejoice and take refuge in the Lord; the upright of heart will glory in him.
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