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户籍纪 Numbers
1上主训示梅瑟说: 1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你命以色列子民把患任何癞病、任何淋病及所有为死尸沾染不洁的人送出营外, 2Command the children of Israel, that they cast out of the camp every leper, and whosoever hath an issue of seed, or is defiled by the dead:
3不论男女,都应送到营外去,免得我住在他们中的营幕沾染不洁。」 3Whether it be man or woman, cast ye them out of the camp, lest they defile it when I shall dwell with you.
4以色列子民就如此做了,将他们送到营外;上主怎样吩咐了梅瑟,以色列子民就怎样做了。 4And the children of Israel did so, and they cast them forth without the camp, as the Lord had spoken to Moses.
5上主训示梅瑟说: 5And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
6「你训令以色列子民:不论男女,对近人作了什么不义的事,因此得罪上主而自觉有罪, 6Say to the children of Israel: When a man or woman shall have committed any of all the sins that men are wont to commit, and by negligence shall have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and offended,
7他该承认自己所作的不义,除赔偿全部损失外,还应另加五分之一给他所害的人。 7They shall confess their sin, and restore the principal itself, and the fifth part over and above, to him against whom they have sinned.
8若此人没有近亲可向他赔偿,这赔偿就归上主,属于司祭。此外尚应献一赎罪的公绵羊,为自己赎罪。 8But if there be no one to receive it, they shall give it to the Lord, and it shall be the priest's, besides the ram that is offered for expiation, to be an atoning sacrifice.
9以色列子民在奉献的各种圣物中,凡是给司祭的献仪,即归于司祭。 9All the firstfruits also, which the children of Israel offer, belong to the priest:
10每人所奉献的圣物,应归自己;但人给与司祭的,应归于司祭。」 10And whatsoever is offered into the sanctuary by every one, and is delivered into the hands of the priest, it shall be his.
11上主训示梅瑟说: 11And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
12「你告诉以色列子民说:若某人的妻子背离丈夫, 12Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: The man whose wife shall have gone astray, and contemning her husband,
13对他不忠,瞒着丈夫让人与她同睡交媾,在暗中玷污了自己,又没有见证,也没有被捉住; 13Shall have slept with another man, and her husband cannot discover it, but the adultery is secret, and cannot be proved by witnesses, because she was not found in the adultery:
14若丈夫心生疑忌,疑忌他的妻子受了玷污;或者心生疑忌,疑忌他的妻子,但她实在没有受玷污; 14If the spirit of jealousy stir up the husband against his wife, who either is defiled, or is charged with false suspicion,
15丈夫就应带他的妻子到司祭前,为她献祭,献十分之一『厄法』的大麦粉,其上不可倒油,也不可加乳香,因为这是因疑忌所献的素祭,是一回忆罪过的素祭。 15He shall bring her to the priest, and shall offer an oblation for her, the tenth part of a measure of barley meal: he shall not pour oil thereon, nor put frankincense upon it: because it is a sacrifice of jealousy, and an oblation searching out adultery.
16司祭令她前来,站在上主面前; 16The priest therefore shall offer it, and set it before the Lord.
17然后用陶器取些圣水,再由会幕地上取些尘土,放入水内。 17And he shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and he shall cast a little earth of the pavement of the tabernacle into it.
18司祭叫这女人站在上主面前,松开她的头发,将回忆的素祭品,即为疑忌所献的素祭品,放在她的掌上,司祭手内拿着给人招致咒骂的苦水, 18And when the woman shall stand before the Lord, he shall uncover her head, and shall, put on her hands the sacrifice of remembrance, and the oblation of jealousy: and he himself shall hold the most bitter waters, whereon he hath heaped curses with execration.
19然后司祭命那女人起誓,对她说:『若没有人与你同睡,若你没有背离丈夫受玷污,愿这招致咒骂的苦水于你无害。 19And he shall adjure her, and shall say: If another man hath not slept with thee, and if thou be not defiled by forsaking thy husband's bed, these most bitter waters, on which I have heaped curses, shall not hurt thee.
20但是,如果你背离了丈夫受了玷污,让丈夫以外的男人与你同睡,── 20But if thou hast gone aside from thy husband, and art defiled, and hast lain with another man:
21在此司祭叫那女人以诅咒的誓辞起誓,然后对她说:──愿上主使你在你民族中成为可咒骂和诅咒的人,使你大腿萎缩,使你肚腹肿胀! 21These curses shall light upon thee: The Lord make thee a curse, and an example for all among his people: may he make thy thigh to rot, and may thy belly swell and burst asunder.
22愿这招致咒骂的水进入你的五脏,使你肚腹肿胀,使你大腿萎缩!』女人答说:『阿们、阿们。』 22Let the cursed waters enter into thy belly, and may thy womb swell and thy thigh rot. And the woman shall answer, Amen, amen.
23随后司祭将这些咒文写在纸上,用苦水洗去, 23And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and shall wash them out with the most bitter waters, upon which he hath heaped the curses,
24令女人喝这招致咒骂的苦水。这招致咒骂的水一进入她内,就给她带来苦楚。 24And he shall give them her to drink. And when she hath drunk them up,
25司祭再由这女人的手内,接过为疑忌所献的素祭祭品,在上主面前行过摇礼后,放在祭坛上; 25The priest shall take from her hand the sacrifice of jealousy, and shall elevate it before the Lord, and shall put it upon the altar: yet so as first,
26再由这素祭祭品内取出一把来作为纪念,放在祭坛上焚烧;以后,才令女人喝这水。 26To take a handful of the sacrifice of that which is offered, and burn it upon the altar: and so give the most bitter waters to the woman to drink.
27司祭命她喝水以后,事必灵验:如果她受了玷污,对丈夫不忠,这招致咒骂的水一进入她内,就给她带来苦楚;她的肚腹必肿胀,大腿必萎缩;这女人在她的民族中,必成为可咒骂的人。 27And when she hath drunk them, if she be defiled, and having despised her husband be guilty of adultery, the malediction shall go through her, and her belly swelling, her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse, and an example to all the people.
28但是,如果这女人没有受玷污,而是贞洁的,就不致受害,反要生育子女。 28But if she be not defiled, she shall not be hurt, and shall bear children.
29这是关于疑忌事的法律:几时一个妇人,背离丈夫,受了玷污; 29This is the law of jealousy. If a woman hath gone aside from her husband, and be defiled,
30或是一个男人心生疑忌,疑忌自己的妻子,他应带妻子站在上主面前,司祭应对她执行这法律所规定的一切。 30And the husband stirred up by the spirit of jealousy bring her before the Lord, and the priest do to her according to all things that are here written:
31如此,男人可免无罪,女人应自负罪债。」 31The husband shall be blameless, and she shall bear her iniquity.
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