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多俾亚传 Tobit
1当他们走近面对尼尼微的加色陵时,辣法耳对多俾亚说:1When they arrived near Kaserin which faces the city of Nineveh,
2「吾弟,你知道我们怎样离开了你父亲;2Raphael said to Tobias, "You know in what state your father Tobit was when we left him;
3所以我们要在你的妻子前面快些走,这样,他们来到时,我们已准备好了房屋。」3let us go ahead to prepare the house before your wife Sara arrives.
4他们二人于是一起前行。辣法耳又对他说:「你要随手带着鱼胆。」那只小狗也在他和多俾亚的后面,跟着同行。4Bring with you the gall of the fish." The dog also went with them, walking behind them.
5那时亚纳正坐着,向儿子回来必经之路上观望,5Now Anna was sitting there, scanning the road along which her son should return.
6待她发觉是她儿子回来时,便对孩子的父亲说:「看,你的儿子和与他同去的人回来了!」6She saw Tobias and Raphael coming in the distance and said to the father of Tobias, "Your son is coming with the man who accompanied him."
7当多俾亚快要走到他父亲前时,辣法耳对他说:「我知道他的眼睛必将复明;7While Tobias and Raphael were still going along the road, Raphael said to Tobias, "I am sure that your father will regain his sight.
8你要把鱼胆敷在他的眼睛上;这药要把白翳聚在一起,使白翳从他眼中脱落,这样你父亲便得复明,重见天日。」8Rub his eyes with the fish gall and when he feels his eyes itching, he will rub them and the film will come away like scales from his eyes. He will regain his sight and see the light."
9那时亚纳跑过来,抱着她儿子的颈项,说:「孩子!我看见了你,现今我可以死了。」两人都哭了起来。9Anna ran to meet Tobias and threw her arms around his neck saying, "At last I have seen you again, my child. Now I can die!" And both of them began to cry.
10托彼特也起来,踉跄地走出了庭院的大门。10Tobit also got up and, stumbling, arrived at the door of the courtyard. Tobias ran to him
11多俾亚便向他走去,手中拿着鱼胆,向他的眼睛吹了一吹,随后抱住他说:「父亲,放心罢!」接着把药给他涂上,给他敷上。11with the fish gall in his hand. He breathed on his father's eyes, embraced him and said, "Father, have confidence!"
12随后,多俾亚双手把白翳从眼角里剥了出来。12Then he spread the fish gall on Tobit's eyes. Tobias waited.
13他一看见自己的儿子,便扑到他的颈项上,流着泪对他说:「孩子,我眼中的光!我看见你了!」13When his eyes began to itch, Tobit rubbed them and with both hands scaled off the film from the corners of his eyes. When Tobit saw his son he threw his arms around Tobias' neck
14他又说:「天主是可赞美的!他的大名应永远受赞扬!众圣天使也是可颂的!愿他的大名永远受赞颂,因为他惩罚了我,却又怜悯了我,使我现在得见我的儿子多俾亚。」14and began to weep. He said, "Blessed be you, O God. Blessed be your Name forever. Blessed be your holy angels.
15多俾亚于是欢天喜地满口赞美着天主,进了家门,然后给他父亲讲述了他怎样一路顺利,怎样索回银子,并且怎样娶了辣古耳的女儿撒辣为妻。他并说:「她已来近了,快到尼尼微的城门口。」15You have punished me, but you have taken pity on me, and now I can see my son, Tobias." Tobias was very happy. After entering the house he told his father about the important things that had happened in Media. He told his father about the successful outcome of his journey, how he got the money, and how he married Sara, daughter of Ragouel, who just then was approaching the gates of Nineveh.
16托彼特于是欢喜赞美着天主,走到尼尼微城门前,去迎接自己的儿媳。尼尼微人看见他独自行走,用不着人扶助,都惊讶得很。托彼特便当众承认天主怜悯了他,开了他的眼睛。16Tobit, happy and praising God, went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gates of Nineveh. All those who saw him, walking alone and unaided, were amazed that he could see.
17及至托彼特走到自己的儿子多俾亚的妻子撒辣面前,遂祝福她说:「女儿,欢迎,欢迎!愿领你到我们这里来的天主受赞扬!女儿,愿你的父母获得祝福!愿我的儿子多俾亚获得祝福!女儿,也愿你获得祝福!你怀着祝福和喜乐,平安进入你的家罢!女儿,进来!」17Tobit proclaimed to them that God had taken pity on him and cured him. Then he went to Sara and blessed her saying, "Welcome, daughter! May God be blessed for having brought you to us and may your father and mother also be blessed." It was a day of great rejoicing for all Tobit's relatives who lived in Nineveh.
18这一天.尼尼微城内的犹太人皆大喜欢。18Ahikar, Tobit's nephew and Nabad arrived (from Elymiade) and the wedding celebrations lasted for a week.
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