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德训篇 Sirach
1明智人必考究历代古人的智慧,必专务先知的预言,1Quite different is it with the person who spends his life reflecting on the Law of the Most High. He examines the wisdom of the sages in times past and in his free time he studies prophecies.
2必保留名人的言论,必领悟比喻的妙理,2He keeps in mind what men of renown have said and penetrates the mystery of parables.
3必考究箴言的真谛,必玩味喻言的微妙。3He searches for the inner meaning of proverbs and is interested in the secret of parables.
4他出入伟人之中,出现于王侯之前;4He is at the service of great men and is seen in the company of leaders. He travels in foreign lands and has experience of both the good and the evil in mankind.
5周游异民的邦国,考察人间的善恶。5Early in the morning his heart is set on turning to the Lord, his Maker, and raising his being to the Most High. He opens his mouth in prayer and makes supplication because of his sins.
6他清早起来,即将自己的心,交给造他的上主,并在至高者的面前祈祷。6If such is the will of the great Lord he will be filled with the spirit of discernment. He will then speak words of wisdom and celebrate the Lord in prayer.
7他开口念经,为自己的罪求饶。7He will acquire just judgment and knowledge and reflect on the Lord's hidden mysteries.
8若伟大的上主愿意,必使他充满智慧的精神:8In his teaching he discloses what he has learned and glories in the law of the Lord's covenant.
9他就倾吐智言,有如落雨;在祈祷时,他必称谢上主。9Many people praise his discernment and never will he be forgotten. His memory will not fade and his name will live on from generation to generation.
10他会支配自己的智谋和知识,时常默想天主的奥祕。10Nations will proclaim his wisdom and the assembly will celebrate his praise.
11他必将自己所得的知识,公诸世人,并因上主盟约的法律而自豪。11As long as he lives his name will be more glorious than a thousand others, and when he dies that fame will be enough.
12众人都要称扬他的明智,他永远不会被人遗忘;12I wish to share still more of my reflections; I am filled with them just as the moon is said to be full.
13他的纪念总不消失,他的美名永世常存。13Hear me, devoted people, and grow as a rose planted near a stream.
14民众要传扬他的智慧,集会要讴歌他的盛誉。14Spread fragrance around you like incense; blossom and perfume the air like a lily; sing a hymn and bless Yahweh for all his works.
15他在世时,名声已超过千万人,既死之后,更为显著。15Magnify his Name and proclaim his praise with song and lyre, expressing this with thanksgiving.
16我深思之后,还要传述我的思想,因为思想使我满盈,有如月圆。16How magnificent are the works of the Lord! All his commands are appropriately timed and satisfy every need. No one should say: "What is this? Why is that?" All must be studied in its time.
17有声音说:虔敬的子孙啊!你们要听信我,要生长,如同栽在溪水边的玫瑰;17At his word the waters ceased to flow and piled up, his voice caused the reservoir of water to open;
18要如同乳香,播散你们的幽香;18at his order his every wish is fulfilled, and no one hinders his work of salvation.
19要开花如同玉簪;要吐露你们的芬芳;要吟咏赞美的歌曲;要为上主的一切化工颂扬他。19The deeds of every man are before him, nothing is hidden from his eyes;
20要尊崇他的圣名,称扬赞美他;弹琴瑟,奏弦乐,唱歌曲,这样赞美他说:20he sees all from eternity to eternity and nothing surprises him.
21上主的一切化工,都美妙绝伦;他所指定的,无不依时成就。人不可说:「这是什么﹖这有什么用处﹖」因为一切,都要在预定的时候,被人发见。21No one must say: "What is that? Why is it so?" for everything is created for a purpose.
22他一句话,水便停留,堆积起来;他口一出令,水就成池。22His blessing covers all things and like a river drenches the land as in a flood.
23他喜爱的,一命即成;他的救恩,无人能够阻止。23Similarly he may pour out his wrath on the nations, just as he has turned fresh water into salt.
24各人的功行,都在他面前,没有什么可瞒过他的眼目。24If his ways are smooth for holy people they are full of obstacles for the wicked.
25他从永远看到永远,在他跟前,没有什么惊奇的事。25From the beginning, good things have been created for the good and likewise evil things for the wicked.
26人不可说:「这是什么﹖这有什么用处﹖」因为一切受造物,都有自己的用途。26Most necessary for man's life are water, fire, iron and salt, wheaten flour, milk, honey, the juice of the grape, oil and clothing.
27上主的祝福,氾滥如尼罗河,27All these are good for those who are good, but for sinners they become evil.
28又如洪水浸润大地;同样,他必要将自己的义怒,发泄在不寻求他的异民身上,28Certain winds are created as a means of punishment and in their fury they are a scourge, unleashing their violence in the time of destruction and satisfying the wrath of their Creator.
29就如他把一块肥沃的土地,变成多盐的旷野一样。他的道路,为圣人们是平直的;但是为罪人们,却是跌倒的原因。29Fire, hail, famine and death have all been created for punishment.
30幸福从开始就是为善人造的,祸患是为恶人造的。30The fangs of wild beasts, scorpions, vipers and the avenging sword for the destruction of the wicked,
31为人生命最需要的是:水、火、铁、盐、面粉、奶、蜜、血红的葡萄酒、油和衣服。31all joyfully carry out his commands, all are ready when need arises and at a given moment they will not fail to obey his word.
32这一切为善人都是好的,为恶人却都变成不好的。32For that reason I reflected and from the beginning I decided to write:
33有的风,是造了专为复仇的,天主将这些风当作自己义怒的鞭子;33All the works of the Lord are good and he will satisfy every need in due time.
34到了末日,风就发挥自己的威力,平息创造者的怒气。34You must not say: This is less good than that, for in its time everything will serve a purpose.
35火、冰雹、饥馑、死亡:这一切都是造了为罚人的。35So now, with all your heart and in full voice, sing and bless the Name of the Lord.
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