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德训篇 Sirach
1凡是朋友都说;我结交了朋友;但有的朋友,却是有名无实的朋友。1Every friend says, "I am your friend, too," but some friends are only friends in name.
2如果同伴或朋友,变成了仇人,岂不是一件悲伤至死的事﹖2Is it not a deadly grief when a companion or friend turns into an enemy?
3噢!这邪恶的偏向!你是从那里闯进来的,你想用凶恶和欺诈笼罩大地么﹖3O evil intention! From where have you sprung, to cover the earth with deceit? One kind of comrade takes advantage of his friend's good fortune; in time of trouble he turns against him.
4有的同伴,在朋友幸福时,就与他同乐;在患难时,却变成了仇人。4Another kind shares his friend's suffering, for the sake of a meal; when it comes to a fight, he thinks only of saving himself.
5有的同伴,为了口腹之欲,与朋友分忧,共同执剑反抗敌人。5Do not neglect a friend or forget him once you are wealthy.
6你心里总不要忘记你真正的朋友,分派胜利品时,更不可忽略他。6All advisers give advice but some seek only their own gain.
7不要与敌视你的人商议;对忌恨你的人,要隐瞒你的主意。7Distrust the person who offers advice, lest he take advantage of you; first of all, ask yourself what he lacks, and what his own interest suggests to him.
8凡是参谋,都夸张自己的建议;但有的是为自己打算。8Perhaps he says to you, "You are on the right road," while he keeps his distance, to see what happens to you.
9对建议者,你要留神:先要知道他需要什么──因为他心中也为自己着想──9Do not seek advice from one who looks at you suspiciously; hide your plans from those who envy you.
10也许愿将命运寄托在你身上,10Do not consult a woman about her rival, or a coward about war, or a merchant about exchange rates, or a buyer about selling, or a jealous man about gratitude, or a selfish person about generosity, or an idler about any kind of work, or a casual worker about finishing a job, or a lazy servant about an important task. Do not rely on these people for any advice.
11而对你说:「你走的路不错」,但他却站在对面,看你会有什么结果。11But go to a trustworthy man whom you know to be a keeper of the commandments, whose soul reflects your own and who will suffer with you, if you fail.
12和不虔敬的人,怎能讨论圣德﹖同不公道的人,如何能讨论正义﹖不要同妇女谈论她的情敌,不要同胆怯的人谈论作战的事,不要同商人谈论交易的事,不要同买主商议出卖的事,不要与负心人谈论感恩的事;12In the end, keep to your own heart's advice, since no one deserves to be trusted more than your heart.
13不要和残忍的人提到慈善的事,不要同放荡的人谈及廉节的事,不要和怠惰的人商议任何劳力的事;13For a man's soul often gives better advice than seven watchmen placed on a height.
14不要和年长的佣工讨论年底的事,不要和懒惰的奴仆讨论繁重的工作:对这些人,在这一切事上,你不用作任何商议;14Besides all this, implore the Almighty to guide your steps in the truth.
15只该同虔敬的人,常有来往,你知道他是遵守诫命的,15A plan must be at the beginning of all work; reflection comes before every action.
16他与你心心相印;你若不幸,在黑暗中跌倒了,他必与你分忧。16When you decide, four ways are open before you:
17你要保持良心提醒你的事,因为没有比你的良心更忠实的。17good, evil, life and death. Your own decision makes the choice.
18善人的良心有时预告实情,远远胜于七个坐在高处观望的哨兵。18A clever man may teach many but do no good for himself.
19在这一切事上,你该祈求至高者,引领你走真理的道路。19A man may be wise, but if his words are rejected he will end up starving,
20各种工作的开端,在于立志;但在进行各种事业以前,应商量。20not having won the favor of the Lord and being destitute of all wisdom.
21人心是各种智谋的根子,由此根子生出四条枝桠;善、恶、生、死;但全然统治这一切的,却是舌头。有的人精于教导许多人,但为他自己,却一无是处。21Another man is wise for himself. He himself takes advantage of his wisdom.
22有的人精于教导许多人,而使自己也感到幸福,22The truly wise man teaches his people, and they benefit by his knowledge.
23有的人诡辩,出言可恶,他必将缺乏各种食物。23The wise man is full of blessings; those who see him call him happy.
24上主没有给他口才的恩惠,因为他缺乏了各种智德。24Man's days are numbered but Israel's days are countless.
25有的人只为自己有智慧,他智慧的果实,只归他一人。25The wise man will win the confidence of his people; his name will live forever.
26贤明的人教导自己的民众;他智慧的成果,是恒久的。26My son, test yourself during the course of your life; see what is harmful and avoid it.
27贤明的人满渥祝福,凡看见他的人,都称他有福。27For everything does not suit everybody, nor is everyone satisfied with all things.
28人的生命是有数的几天,但以色列的岁月,却是无数的。28Do not be insatiable in every pleasure, or be excessive in what you eat;
29贤明的人在自己民族中,享有光荣和信任,他的声誉千古流芳。29for overeating leads to sickness and gluttony brings indigestion.
30我儿,在你的生活上,你应锻炼你的心灵,看见什么为它有害,就不要放任它。30Many have died because of gluttony; he who takes care prolongs his life.
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