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德训篇 Sirach
1疼爱自己儿子的,应当时常鞭打他,好能因他的将来而喜悦,免得他将来沿门乞食。1The man who loves his son makes use of the rod; later on he will be proud of him.
2训导自己儿子的,必会因他而得幸福;在自己亲属相识前,也必会因他而自豪。2The man who corrects his son will reap the benefit and be proud of him among his acquaintances.
3教训自己儿子的,会激起仇人的嫉妒;但在朋友前,必会因他而高兴。3By instructing his son he makes his enemy envious; he will be well pleased with him in the company of his friends.
4他的父亲虽然死了,却像没有死一样,因为他留下了一个相似自己的人。4If such a father dies it is as if he had not died, for he leaves behind him another man like himself.
5他在生时,一见自己的儿子,心里就喜欢;在临终时,不会忧虑,在仇人前,也不会蒙羞。5In life he had the joy of his company and he is not sorrowful when death comes.
6对于仇人,他留下了一个报仇的人;对于朋友他留下了一个报恩的人。6He leaves it to his family to take revenge on his enemies and to return gifts to his friends.
7至于那放纵儿子的,日后他必包扎儿子的创伤;每听到他的叫声,心里就苦恼。7The man who coddles his son will be constantly bandaging his wounds; at his every cry he will be troubled.
8不驯服的马,是难以驾驭的;任性的儿子,必然鲁莽执拗。8Just as a badly broken-in horse cannot be mounted, so a spoiled son becomes insolent.
9姑息孩子,日后他必会使你惊骇;同他开玩笑,日后他必会使你悲伤。9Pamper your child and later he will terrify you; play with him and he will bring you sorrow.
10不要和他戏笑,免得将来同他一起悲伤;最后切齿痛恨。10Do not laugh at him lest you have to suffer and grind your teeth.
11在他年轻时,不要让他放任自由;对他的过失,不可忽略不顾。11Do not let him be independent as a child,
12在他年轻时,要使他低首下心;趁他还小时,要叫他屈己服从,以免他转为倔强,不服从你,使你伤心。12but rather bruise his ribs while he is still young, lest he grow stubborn and refuse to obey.
13要教训你的儿子,叫他勤劳,免得你因他的无耻,绊倒受辱。13Be strict with your son and persevere in this, so as not to suffer because of his misconduct.
14强健而有力的穷人,胜过受疾病折磨,而虚弱的富人。14Better a poor man healthy and fit, than a rich man tormented in body.
15健康和强壮的体格,尤其灵魂在正义的圣德上,所享的健康,比一切黄金更有价值;健全的身体比无数的财富更好。15Health and vigor are worth more than gold, a robust body, more than great wealth.
16没有一种财富,能胜过身体的健康;也没有一种快乐,能超过内心的喜悦。16No riches are preferable to physical well-being, and no joy is greater than a cheerful heart.
17死亡比辛酸的人生更好;永久的安息,胜于不断的病苦。17Death is better than a wretched life and eternal rest preferable to lasting sickness.
18对有口不能下咽的人,端来的美味,等于设在墓旁的祭筵。18Dishes of food placed on an empty tomb are like good things offered to one who cannot eat.
19祭祀对偶像有什么用处?既不能吃,又不能闻:19What good is a sacrifice offered to an idol? It can neither eat nor smell. So is it with the one whom the Lord has stricken;
20被上主惩罚,承担自己罪孽报应的人,正是如此。20he sees with his eyes and groans, like a eunuch embracing a virgin and sighing.
21他用眼一看,就喟然长叹,正如一个阉人,拥抱着处女,而喟然长叹一样。21Do not give yourself over to sadness or torment yourself with brooding.
22不要使你的心灵沉陷在忧愁里,也不要因无谓的思虑,而自寻苦恼。22Joy of heart is life to a man; gladness gives him length of days.
23心中喜乐是人的生命,是圣德的无尽宝藏;人心愉快,可享长寿。23Delight your soul and console your heart; chase sorrow far away, for sorrow has destroyed many and never did good to anyone.
24对你的灵魂要有爱情,又要悦乐天主,克制自己,以上主的圣德,安慰你的心,使忧愁远离你。24Jealousy and anger shorten your life; worry makes you old before the time.
25因为忧愁害死了许多人,忧愁对人毫无益处。25A cheerful and kindly person will have a good appetite and enjoy his food.
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