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德训篇 Sirach
1上主,天父,我生命的主宰!不要让我顺从任性的口舌,不要许我因口舌而跌倒。1O Lord, Father and master of my life, do not abandon me to the thoughtless words of my lips or allow me to fall because of them.
2谁能督策我的思念,谁能在我心中给与智慧的训导,不宽容我的错误,不放过我的罪过,2Who will deal out punishment to my thoughts and apply the discipline of wisdom to my heart?
3免得我更加愚昧,我的罪恶加多,罪过满盈,倒在我敌人跟前,为我的仇人所喜笑呢?3Let them not be indulgent at my sins or the mistakes of my mind, lest my errors increase and sins multiply, and I fall into the hands of my enemies, to the joy of my foes.
4上主,天父,我生命的天主!不要把我丢弃,如他们所想望的。4Lord, Father and God of my life, do not allow me to become haughty;
5不要使我眼目高傲,使我不要顺从情欲。5keep greed far away from me.
6不要让肚腹的食欲和肉欲的烈火统治着我,也不要让我有一颗无耻愚昧的心。6Do not let lust and lechery take hold of me; do not deliver me to filthy passions.
7孩子们,请听有关口舌的教导;谁遵守了,就不会成为口舌的囚犯,也不会陷在极凶恶的事中。7Children, learn how to control your language; if you are able to watch over it, you will not be taken by surprise.
8罪人必因自己的唇舌,而陷入罗网;辱骂人的和骄傲人,必因自己的唇舌而跌倒。8The sinner will be caught in his own words, as happens to the proud man and to him who curses.
9不要让你的口习惯起誓,因为如此反增加许多过失,9Do not get used to swearing, taking the name of the Holy One.
10口里不要习惯称呼圣者的名字,也不要乱呼圣人的字,因为你若如此,就难免无罪。10For, just as the slave who is constantly watched will not escape without blows so you, also, will not be found guiltless after constantly calling upon his name.
11犹如一个不断受拷问的奴仆,免不了身受创伤;同样,经常发誓和乱呼圣者名字的人,也不能清白无罪。11The man who swears habitually will be found full of sins, and disgrace will not depart from his house. If he fails to keep his oath due to carelessness, punishment will descend upon him; if he fails knowingly, his sin is double and if he has sworn falsely, he will not be forgiven; in any case, his house will be filled with disasters.
12时常起誓的人,必恶贯满盈,他的家庭必会遭殃。12There is a way of talking which deserves death; let it not be used by Jacob's descendants. Virtuous men keep far away from it and do not wallow in sin.
13他若违犯了,必然有罪;他若藐视誓愿,罪更加倍。13Do not accustom your mouth to foul language for it will be sinful talk.
14他若发了虚誓,就不能称为义人;他的家庭也必备受惩罚。14Remember your father and mother when you are sitting in the company of the great, lest you forget yourself in their presence and act like a fool. Then you would wish you had never been born, and curse the day of your birth.
15还有促人早死的话,希望这样的话,总不出现在雅各伯的家中。15A man used to indecent talk will never be reformed in his lifetime.
16虔敬的人,必远离这一切事;他们不会辗转在这些罪恶中。16Two types of men multiply sins and a third attracts the Lord's anger: A blazing passion which burns like fire will not be extinguished until it burns itself up. A man who seeks pleasure from his own body, he will not give up until he catches fire;
17不要习惯说粗鲁的话,因为其中总有有罪的话。17to the indecent man, all food tastes sweet and he will not be satisfied until death.
18你坐在大人物中时,要记得你的父母,18The man unfaithful to the marriage bed who thinks like this, "Who sees me? Darkness surrounds me, the walls hide me; nobody can see me. Why should I worry? The Almighty will not take note of my faults."
19怕你在他们面前,忘了父母,以致因你的习惯,做出糊涂的事来,受到凌辱,遂诅咒你的生辰,深愿你没有生在世上。19He fears the scrutiny of men and does not realize that the Lord's eyes are a thousand times brighter than the sun, that they watch the conduct of all men and penetrate into the most secret corners.
20惯说责斥话的人,一生不能自律。20All things were present to him before they were created and so will they be after their end.
21有两种人,恶贯满盈,而第三种人,更招致义怒与丧亡。21This man will be punished in view of the whole city, he will be caught when he least expects it.
22炽烈的情欲,像燃起的火,不到烧完,决不熄灭。22In the same way, the woman who is unfaithful to her husband and gives him an heir by another man will be punished.
23作践自己肉身的人,不到欲火焚尽,也决不停止。23First, she has disobeyed the Law of the Almighty. Secondly, she has sinned against her husband and thirdly, she is tainted with adultery, for she has had children by another man.
24纵欲的人,一切食物都是香甜的,至死不厌。24She will be taken before the assembly and questioned about her children.
25离开自己的床,去犯奸淫,轻贱自己的人,心里说:「谁能看见我?」25The children will not be able to take root; their branches will not bear fruit.
26「黑暗笼罩着我,墙壁遮蔽着我,没有人能看见我,我还怕什么?至高者决不会记念我的罪恶。」26She will leave behind a cursed memory and her shame will never be blotted out.
27他不明白至高者的眼目,透视一切;怕人之情,驱散了他敬畏天主的心,使他只怕人的眼目。27People who have seen her will know that nothing matters more than the fear of the Lord and nothing is sweeter than fulfilling his commands.
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