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德训篇 Sirach
1敬畏上主的;必如此而行;谨守法律的,必获得智慧。1Such is the one who fears the Lord; whoever embraces the Law will obtain wisdom.
2智慧有如一位荣耀的母亲去迎接他,又如一位童贞的新娘收留他,2She will come out to meet him like a mother and greet him like a virgin bride;
3要用生命和明智的食物养育他,用有益的智慧之水,给他当饮料。他依靠智慧,便不致动摇;3she will feed him with the bread of understanding and give him the water of wisdom to drink.
4他信赖智慧,就不致受辱。智慧要举扬他,超越他的同伴;4He will rely on her and will not waver; he will lean on her and will not be let down.
5在集会中,使他开口发言,使他充满上智聪敏之神,叫他穿上光荣的长袍,5Wisdom will make him greater than his friends and he will be able to speak in the full assembly.
6使他获得喜乐和愉快的冠冕,叫他承受名垂千古的基业。6He will be crowned with happiness and joy. He will inherit an everlasting name.
7愚昧人不会接受智慧,明智人郤去迎接她,罪人决不会见到她,因为,智慧远离骄傲和欺诈。7The fool will never possess her, and sinners will never set eyes on her.
8说谎的人不会思念她;但诚实的人必能寻见她,直到天主来视察时,他们必有所成就。8She is far away from pride, and liars will know nothing of her.
9赞颂在罪人口里,是不适宜的,因为不是来自上主;9Praise is not fitting on the lips of sinners since it does not come from the Lord.
10原来赞颂须本于智慧,具有智慧的人,才能教给人智慧。因为智慧来自天主,天主的赞颂常伴随智慧;忠信人的口,必洋溢着这样的赞颂,主宰也必赐给他这样的赞颂。10Praise must come from the wise man; so the Lord himself inspires it.
11你不要说:「是上主使我没有智慧。」因为,上主不作自己憎恶的事。11Do not say, "It was God who made me sin." God does not cause what he hates.
12你也不要说:「他迷惑了我。」因为,他用不着罪人。12Do not say, "He made me do wrong," for he has nothing to do with a sinner.
13凡是可恶的事,上主都憎恨,也不许敬畏他的人遇着这些事。13The Lord hates all evil and those who fear him hate it as well.
14上主在起初就造了人,并赋给他自决的能力;14When he created man in the beginning, he left him free to make his own decisions.
15又给他定了法律和诫命。15If you wish, you can keep the commandments and it is in your power to remain faithful.
16假使你愿意,就能遵守他的诫命;成为一个忠信的人,完全在于你自愿。16He has set fire and water before you; you stretch out your hand to whichever you prefer.
17他在你面前安放了火与水,你可任意伸手选取;17Life and death are set before man: whichever a man prefers will be given him.
18生死善恶,都在人面前;人愿意那样,就赐给他那样。18How magnificent is the wisdom of the Lord! He is powerful and all-seeing.
19因为,上主的智慧是广大的,他强而有力,不断在察看着万物。19His eyes are on those who fear him. He knows all the works of man.
20他的眼睛注视敬畏他的人,他洞悉人的一切行为。20He has commanded no one to be godless and has given no one permission to sin.
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