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德训篇 Sirach
1凡触摸沥青的,必被沥青玷污;凡与骄傲人交接的,必为他所同化。1He who touches tar will be soiled; he who associates with an arrogant man will become like him.
2不要肩负超过你力量的重担;不要与那比你强大富有的人交接。2Do not carry too heavy a load; do not make friends with someone stronger and richer than you. Why put the earthen pot near the iron one? One will bang the other and break it.
3瓦罐和铁锅怎能相交?铁锅一碰瓦罐,瓦罐就破碎了。3The rich man does wrong and is unconcerned; the poor man is insulted and apologizes.
4富贵人侮辱了人,还怒不可遏;贫穷人受了侮辱,反得向人谢罪!4The rich man uses you as long as you are useful to him; when you have nothing left he deserts you.
5若你为他有用,他就利用你;若你一无所有,他就要抛弃你。5He will stay with you as long as you have something; he will drain you without a second thought.
6若你富有,他就与你相处,即使耗尽了你的财产,也不惋惜。6If he really needs you he will deceive you, smile at you and raise your hopes; he will speak smooth words and say, "What would you like?"
7他需要你时,就欺骗你,向你媚笑,使你相信他,并大放厥辞,向你说:你缺少什么?7He will show his gratitude by entertaining you until he has taken all you possess, and he will make fun of you in the end. Afterwards, when he sees you, he will have nothing to do with you, shaking his head when he meets you.
8等到他再三剥削你以后,就用他的食物来羞辱你,最后还要嘲笑你;从此以后,几时见到你,就躲开你,还向你大摇其头。8Take care not to be deceived and humiliated through stupidity.
9你在天主面前要自谦,等候他的援手。9When an influential person invites you, delay and he will call you all the more.
10小心不要受人诱惑;昌盛时,小心不要堕落。10Do not go so far forward that you are pushed aside or so far back that you are overlooked.
11你具有智慧,不要虚心谦让,怕你因示弱,而被人愚弄。11Do not try to talk to him as an equal or trust his many words. With all this verbiage he is only trying to test you and, under pretense of kindness, he is weighing you up.
12若有权势的人召叫你,你当引退;如此,他反而更加招呼你。12He will repeat your words without pity and will not spare you either blows or chains.
13不可强求,免得你被人赶走;但也不可远离他,免得你被人忘掉。13Be wary and take great care because you are walking with your own stumbling block.
14不要以平等方式与他讲话,也不要相信他那许多话,因为,他要用许多言辞试探你,面带笑容,打听你的秘密。14All that lives loves its own kind and each person, his own neighbor.
15他是一个残忍的人,对你的话,决不保守秘密,也不惜用刑罚和锁链来处置你。15Every animal relates to its own species and man to his own kind.
16你该小心,对你听来的话务要小心谨慎,因为,你是在丧亡的危险中行走。16What has the wolf in common with the lamb? It is the same with the sinner and the virtuous man.
17对你听见的事,当视为梦中事,但是你要小心提防。17What kind of peace can exist between the hyena and the dog? What peace between the rich man and the poor man?
18你一生该爱慕天主,呼号他拯救你。18Wild donkeys are the prey of desert lions; so, also, are the poor the prey of the rich.
19一切动物都爱自己的同类;同样,人也各爱与自己相近的人。19The proud man hates humility; so, also, the poor man is detestable to the rich.
20一切生物都和自己的同类相交;人也各与自己相似的人交结。20When the rich man stumbles, his friends support him, but when the poor man falls, his friends desert him.
21豺狼与羔羊,岂能有友谊?同样,罪人与义人,也不能有交情。21When the rich man gets into trouble, there are many who come to his rescue; if he speaks nonsense, they congratulate him. When the poor man makes a mistake, they criticize him; if he speaks sensibly, they pay no attention.
22鬣狗与犬怎能相和?财主与穷人又怎能相安无事?22When the rich man speaks, all are silent and they praise his words to the skies. The poor man speaks and people ask, "Who is this?" And if he stumbles, they push him down.
23旷野里的野驴,是狮子的猎物;同样,贫穷人是财主的鱼肉。23Wealth is good if there is no sin in it and poverty is evil when it is the reward for godlessness.
24骄傲人憎恨谦卑自下;同样,富贵人厌恶贫穷人。24Man's heart is reflected in his face, for better or for worse.
25富人一动摇,就有朋友来扶持;穷人一落魄,却为朋友所抛弃。25Does he show a happy face? All is going well to him. Has he found words of wisdom? He has reflected on suffering.
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