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罗马书 Romans
1我在基督内说实话,并不说谎,有我的良心在圣神内与我一同作证:1I tell you sincerely in Christ, and my conscience assures me in the Holy Spirit that I am not lying:
2我的忧愁极大,我心中不断的痛苦;2I have great sadness and constant anguish for the Jews.
3为救我的弟兄,我血统的同胞,就是被诅咒,与基督隔绝,我也甘心情愿。3I would even desire that I myself suffer the curse of being cut off from Christ, instead of my brethren: I mean my own people, my kin.
4他们是以色列人:义子的名分、光荣、盟约、法律、礼仪以及恩许,都是他们的;4They are Israelites whom God adopted, and on them rests his Glory. Theirs are the covenants, the Law, the worship and the promises of God.
5圣祖也是他们的,并且基督按血统说,也是从他们来的,他是在万有之上,世世代代应受赞美的天主!阿们。5They are descendants of the Patriarchs and from their race Christ was born, he who as God is above all distinctions. Blessed be He forever and ever: Amen!
6这并不是说天主的话落了空,因为不是凡从以色列生的,都是真以色列人;6We cannot say that the promise of God has failed. For not all Israelites belong to Israel.
7也不是凡是亚巴郎的后裔,就都是他的真子女,而是『由依撒格所生的,才称为你的后裔,』7And not because they are of the race of Abraham are they all his children, for it was said to him: The children of Isaac will be called your descendants.
8即是说:不是血统上的子女,算是天主的子女,而是藉恩许所生的子女,才算为真后裔。8This means that the children of God are not identified with the race of Abraham, but only with the children born to him because of the promise of God.
9原来恩许是这样说的:『到明年这时候我要来,撒辣必有一个儿子。』9To such a promise this text refers: I shall return about this time and Sarah will have a son.
10并且关于黎贝加也有相似的事。她从我们的先祖依撒格一人怀了孕;10And listen: Rebecca, the wife of our father Isaac, became pregnant,
11当时双胎还没有出生,也没有行善或作恶;但为使天主预简的计划坚定不移,11and before the twins were born, or had done anything right or wrong, in order that God's purpose of election might continue,
12且为显示这计划并不凭人的行为,而只凭天主的召选,遂有话给她说:『年长的要服事年幼的。』12not on the merits but of who is called, she was told: The elder will serve the younger,
13正如经上记载:『我爱了雅各伯,而恨了厄撒乌。』13as the Scripture says: I chose Jacob and rejected Esau.
14那么,我们可说什么呢?难道天主不公道吗?绝对不是!14Shall we say that God is unjust? Of course not.
15因为他对梅瑟说过:『我要恩待的,就恩待;我要怜悯的,就怜悯。』15However God said to Moses: I shall forgive whom I forgive and have pity on whom I have pity.
16这样看来,蒙召并不在乎人愿意,也不在乎人努力而是由于天主的仁慈,16So what is important is not that we worry or hurry, but that God has compassion.
17因为经上有话对法郎说:『我特兴起了你,是为在你身上彰显我的大能,并为使我的名传遍全世界。』17And he says in Scripture to Pharaoh: I made you Pharaoh to show my power in you, and for the whole world to know my name.
18这样看来,他愿意恩待谁,就恩待谁;他愿意使谁心硬,就使谁心硬。18And so God takes pity on whom he wishes, and hardens the heart of whomsoever he wishes.
19或者,你要问我说:既是这样,为什么他还要责怪人呢?有谁能抗拒他的意志呢?19Maybe you say: "Why then does God complain, if it is impossible to evade his decision?"
20人呀!你是谁,竟敢向天主抗辩?制造品岂能对制造者说:你为什么这样制造了我?20But you, my friend, who are you to call God to account? Should the clay pot say to its maker: Why did you make me like this?
21难道陶工不能随意用一团泥,把这一个作成贵重的器皿,把那一个作成卑贱的器皿吗?21Is it not up to the potter to make from the same clay a vessel for beauty and a vessel for menial use?
22如果天主愿意显示自己的义怒,并彰显自己的威能,曾以宽宏大量,容忍了那些惹他发怒而应受毁灭的器皿;22Thus God endures very patiently vessels that deserve his wrath, fit to be broken, and through them he wants to show his wrath and the extent of his power.
23他如此作,是为把他那丰富的光荣,在那些他早已准备好,为进入光荣而蒙怜悯的器皿身上彰显出来,又有什么不可呢?23But he also wants to show the riches of his Glory in others, in vessels of mercy prepared for glory.
24这些器皿就是我们这些不但从犹太人中,而且也从外邦人中被天主所宠召的人。24And he called us, not only from among the Jews, but from among the pagans, too,
25这正如天主在欧瑟亚书中所说的:『我要叫「非我人民」为「我的人民」,又叫「不蒙爱怜者」为「蒙爱怜者」;25as he said through the prophet Hosea: I will call "my people" those that were not my people, and "my beloved" the one who was not beloved.
26人在那里对他们说:你们不是我的人民,在同样的地方,他们要被称为永生天主的子女。』26And in the same place where they were told: "You are not my people," they will be called children of the living God.
27论到以色列,依撒意亚却呼喊说:『以色列民的数目虽然多如海沙,唯有残存者要蒙受救恩,27With regard to Israel, Isaiah proclaims: Even if the Israelites are as numerous as the sand of the sea, only a few will be saved.
28因为上主在大地上,要彻底迅速完成他的判决。』28This is a matter that the Lord will settle in Israel without fail or delay.
29依撒意亚又预言过:『若非万军的上主给我们留下苗裔,我们早已如同索多玛,相似哈摩辣了。』29Isaiah also announced: If the Almighty Lord had not left us some descendants, we would have become like Sodom and similar to Gomorrah.
30那么,我们可说什么呢?外邦人没有追求正义,却获得了正义,即由信仰而得的正义;30What are we saying, then? That the pagans who were not aiming at true righteousness found it (I speak of righteousness through faith);
31以色列人追求使人成义的法律,却没有得到这种法律,31while Israel, striving to observe a law of righteousness, lost the purpose of the Law.
32这是为什么呢?是因为他们不凭信仰,只凭著行为追求。他们正碰在那块绊脚石上,32Why? Because they relied on the observance of the Law, not on faith. And they stumbled over the stumbling stone (Christ),
33正如经上所载:『看,我在熙雍按放了一块绊脚石,一块使人绊跌的磐石;相信他的人,不至蒙羞。』33as it was said: Look, I am laying in Zion a stone that will make people stumble, a rock that will make them fall; but whoever relies on him will not be deceived.
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