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罗马书 Romans
1那么,犹太人有什么优点呢?割损又有什么好处呢?1Then, what is the advantage of being a Jew? And what is the use of circumcision?
2从各方面来说,很多:首先,天主的神谕是交托给了他们,2It is important from any point of view. In the first place, it was to the Jews that God entrusted his word.
3他们中纵使有些人不信,又有什么关系呢?难道他们的不信能使天主的忠信失效吗?3Well now, if some of them were not faithful, will their unfaithfulness do away with the faithfulness of God? Of course not.
4断乎不能!天主总是诚实的!众人虚诈不实,正如经上所载:『在你的言语上,你必显出正义;在你受审判时,你必获得胜利。』4Rather, it will be proved that God is truthful, every human a liar, as the Scripture says: it will be proved that your words are true and you will be winner if they want to judge you.
5但,如果有人说:我们的不义可彰显天主的正义。那我们可说什么呢?难道能说天主发怒惩罚是不义吗?──这是我按俗见说的──5If our wickedness shows God to be just, would it be right to say that God is unjust when he gets angry and punishes us? (Some people might speak like this.)
6绝对不是!如果天主不义,他将怎样审判世界呢?6- Not at all because, otherwise, how could God judge the world?
7如果天主的诚实可因我的虚诈越发彰显出来,为使他获得荣耀;那么,为什么我还要被判为罪人呢?7- But if my lie makes the truth of God more evident, thus increasing his glory, is it correct to call me a sinner?
8为什么我们不去作恶,为得到善果呢?──有人说我们说过这样的话,为诽谤我们──这样的人被惩罚是理当的。8- Then, your only choice would be to sin, so that good may come of it. Some slanderers say that this is my teaching, but they will have to answer for those words.
9那么,我们犹太人比外邦人更好吗?决不是的!因为我们早先已说过:不论是犹太人,或是希腊人,都在罪恶权势之下,9Do we have, then, any advantage? Not really. For we have just demonstrated that all, Jews and non-Jews, are under the power of sin,
10正如经上所载:『没有义人,连一个也没有;10as the Scripture says: Nobody is good, not even one,
11没有一个明智人,没有寻觅天主的人;11no one understands, no one looks for God.
12人人都离弃了正道,一同败坏了;没有一人行善,实在没有一 个;12All have gone astray and have become base. There is no one doing what is good, not even one.
13他们的咽喉是敞开的坟墓,他们的舌头说出虚诈的言语,他们的双唇下含有蛇毒;13Their throats are open tombs, their words deceit.
14他们满口是咒言与毒语;14Their lips hide poison of vipers, from their mouth come bitter curses.
15他们的脚急于倾流人血;15They run to where they can shed blood,
16在他们的行径上只有蹂躝与困苦;16leaving behind ruin and misery.
17和平的道路,他们不认识;17They do not know the way of peace,
18他们的眼中,没有敬畏天主之情。』18There is no fear of God before their eyes.
19我们知道:凡法律所说的,都是对那些属于法律的人说的,为杜塞众人的口,并使全世界都在天主前承认己罪,19Now we know that whatever the Scripture says, it is said for the people of the Law, that is for the Jews. Let all be silent then and recognize that the whole world is guilty before God.
20因为没有一个人能因遵守法律,而在他前成义;因为法律只能使人认识罪过。20Still more: no mortal will be worthy before God by performing the demands of the Law. What comes from the Law is the consciousness of sin.
21但是如今,天主的正义,在法律之外已显示出来;法律和先知也为此作证:21Yet, now we are told how God makes us just as he wants us to be without the Law. This was already foretold in the Law and the Prophets:
22就是天主的正义,因对耶稣基督的信德,亳无区别地,赐给了凡信仰的人,22God makes us righteous by means of faith in Jesus Christ, and this is applied to all who believe, without distinction of persons.
23因为所有的人都犯了罪,都失掉了天主的光荣,23Because all have sinned and all fall short of the Glory of God;
24所以众人都因天主白白施给的恩宠,在耶稣基督内蒙救赎,成为义人。24and all are graciously forgiven and made righteous through the redemption effected in Christ Jesus.
25这耶稣即是天主公开立定,使他以自己的血,为信仰他的人作赎罪祭的;如此,天主显示了自己的正义,因为以前他因宽容放过了人的罪,25For God has given him to be the victim whose blood obtains us forgiveness through faith. So God shows us how he makes us righteous. Past sins are forgiven
26为的是在今时显示自己的正义,叫人知道他是正义的,是使信仰耶稣的人成义的天主。26which God overlooked till now. For now he wants to reveal his way of righteousness: how he is just and how he makes us righteous through faith in Jesus.
27既是这样,那里还有可自夸之处?绝对没有!因了什么制度而没有自夸之处呢?是因法律上的功行吗?不是的!是因信德的制度,27Then what becomes of our pride? It is excluded. How? Not through the Law and its observances, but through another law which is faith.
28因为我们认为人的成义,是藉信德,而不在于遵行法律。28For we hold that people are in God's grace by faith and not because of all the things ordered by the Law.
29难道天主只是犹太人的天主吗?不也是外邦人的天主吗?是的,也是外邦人的天主!29Otherwise, God would be the God of the Jews; but is he not God of pagan nations as well?
30因为天主只有一个,他使受割损的由于信德而成义,也使未受割损的凭信德而成义。30Of course he is, for there is only one God and he will save by faith the circumcised Jews as well as the uncircumcised nations.
31那么我们就因信德而废了法律吗?绝对不是!我们反使法律坚 固。31Do we, then, deny the value of the Law because of what we say of faith? Of course not; rather we place the Law in its proper place.
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