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默示录 Revelation
1我听见由殿里发出一个大声音,向那七位天使说:「你们去,把那满盛天主义怒的七个盂倒在地上!」1I heard a loud voice calling from the sanctuary to the seven angels, "Go and empty on the earth the seven cups of the wrath of God."
2第一位天使便去,把他的盂倒在地上,逐在那些带有兽印和朝拜兽像的人身上,生出了一种恶毒而剧痛的疮。2The first angel went to empty his cup on the earth, and malignant and painful sores appeared on the people who bore the mark of the beast and had bowed before its image.
3第二位天使把他的盂倒在海里,海水就变成好似死人的血,因而海中的一切活物都死了。3The second angel emptied his cup into the sea which turned into blood like that of the dead, and every living thing in the sea died.
4第三位天使把他的盂倒在河流和水泉上,水就变成了血。4The third angel emptied his cup into the rivers and springs which turned into blood.
5那时,我听见掌管水的天使说:「今在和昔在的圣善者,你这样惩罚,真是公义,5And I heard the angel of the waters say, "You who are and who were, O Holy One, you are just in punishing them in this way;
6因为他们曾倾流了圣徒和先知们的血,你如今给他们血喝,这是他们应得的。」6since they have shed the blood of your holy ones and the prophets, you have made them drink blood; they rightly deserved it."
7我又听见从祭坛有声音说:「是的,上主,全能的天主!你的惩罚,真实而公义。」7I heard another cry from the altar, "Yes, Lord and God, Master of the universe, your judgments are true and just."
8第四位天使把他的盂倒在太阳上,致使太阳以烈火炙烤世人。8The fourth angel poured out his cup on the sun and its heat began to scorch people.
9世人因被剧热所炙烤,便亵渎掌管这些灾祸的天主的名号,没有悔改将光荣归于天主。9They were severely burned and began to insult God who has power over those plagues, instead of acknowledging him.
10第五位天使把他的盂倒在那兽座上,牠的王国就陷入黑暗,人痛苦的咬自己的舌头;10The fifth angel emptied his cup on the throne of the beast, and suddenly his kingdom was in darkness and the people bit their tongues in agony.
11他们因自己的痛苦和疮痍,便亵渎天上的天主,没有悔改自己的行为。11They insulted the Most High God for their pain and wounds, but they did not repent.
12第六位天使把他的盂倒在幼发拉的大河中,河水就干涸了,为给那些由日出之地要来的诸王,准备了一条道路。12The sixth angel poured out his cup on the great river Euphrates; then its water was dried up, leaving a free passageway for the kings of the east.
13我又看见从龙口、兽口和假先知口中出来了三个不洁的神,状如青蛙;13I saw coming from the mouths of the monster, the beast and the false prophet, three unclean spirits which looked like frogs.
14他们是邪魔之神,施行奇迹,往全世界的诸王那里去,召集他们,为在全能天主的那伟大日子上交战。14They are, in fact, spirits of demons that perform marvelous things and go to the kings of the whole world to gather them for battle on the great day of God, the Master of the universe.
15「看,我来有如盗贼一样;那醒著并保持自己的衣服,不至于赤身行走,而叫人看见自己的耻辱的,才是有福的!」15"Beware! I come like a thief; happy is the one who stays awake and does not take off his clothes; so he will not have to go naked and his whole body be exposed for all to see."
16那三个神就把诸王聚集到一个地方,那地方希伯来文叫「阿玛革冬」。16Then they assembled them at the place called Armageddon in Hebrew (or the Hills of Megiddo).
17第七位天使把他的盂倒在空气中,于是就由【天上的】殿里,从宝座那里发出了一个巨大声音说:「成了!」17The seventh angel emptied his cup into the air. Then a voice came forth from the throne and was heard outside the sanctuary, saying, "It is done."
18遂有闪电、响声和雷霆,又发生了大地震,是自从在地上有人类以来,从未有过这样大的地震。18And there were flashes of lightning, peals of thunder and a violent earthquake. No, never has there been an earthquake so violent since people existed on earth.
19那大城分裂为三段,异民的城也都倾覆了;天主想起了那伟大的巴比伦,遂递给她那盛满天主烈怒的酒杯。19The Great City was split into three, while the cities of the nations collapsed. For the time had come for Babylon the Great to be remembered before God and to be given the cup of the foaming wine of his anger.
20各岛屿都消失了,诸山岭也不见了。20Then the continents withdrew and the mountain ranges hid.
21又有像『塔冷通』般的大冰雹,从天上落在世人的身上;世人因冰雹的灾祸便亵渎天主,因为那灾祸太惨重了。21Great hailstones from heaven, as heavy as stones, dropped on the people, and the people insulted God because of this disastrous hailstorm, for it was truly a terrible plague.
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