2 Maccabees:Chapter 5


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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1那時,安提約古正準備第二次進攻埃及。 1At the same time Antiochus prepared for a second journey into Egypt.
2在全耶路撒冷城,出現了一異像近四十天之久:成隊的騎兵,有些身穿金衣,手執干戈,在空中奔馳; 2And it came to pass that through the whole city of Jerusalem for the space of forty days there were seen horsemen running in the air, in gilded raiment, and armed with spears, like bands of soldiers.
3騎陣依次展開,雙方反復衝殺,盾牌閃爍,干戈成林,刀劍揮舞,箭矢橫飛,金甲銀盔,光輝燦爛。 3And horses set in order by ranks, running one against another, with the shakings of shields, and a multitude of men in helmets, with drawn swords, and casting of darts, and glittering of golden armour, and of harnesses of all sorts.
4眾人都祝禱這是吉祥之兆。 4Wherefore all men prayed that these prodigies might turn to good.
5正當此時,虛報安提約古駕崩,雅松遂率領千餘人,忽然襲擊聖城,城墻的守兵敗退,城被佔領,默乃勞便逃入城堡。 5Now when there was gone forth a false rumour, as though Antiochus had been dead, Jason taking with him no fewer than a thousand men, suddenly assaulted the city: and though the citizens ran together to the wall, the city at length was taken, and Menelaus fled into the castle.
6雅松遂殘殺聖城的同胞,毫不顧惜;他沒有想到:戰勝自己的同胞,正是最大的不幸;自以為是戰勝仇敵,而不是戰勝親族。 6But Jason slew his countrymen without mercy, not considering that prosperity against one's own kindred is a very great evil, thinking they had been enemies, and not citizens, whom he conquered.
7但他沒有得到大權,結果,只得含羞地逃到阿孟地域去。 7Yet he did not get the principality, but received confusion at the end, for the reward of his treachery, and fled again into the country of the Ammonites.
8他的結局非常悽慘:首先被阿剌伯王阿勒達監禁,後逃竄各城,為眾人所追逐;人憎恨他有如罪犯,厭惡他好像屠殺祖國和同胞的兇手;他只得跑到埃及去。 8At the last having been shut up by Aretas the king of the Arabians, in order for his destruction, flying from city to city, hated by all men, as a forsaker of the laws, and execrable, as an enemy of his country and countrymen, he was thrust out into Egypt:
9那從祖國驅逐無數民眾的雅松,如今飄流到拉刻待孟人那裏,希望以同族的關係,可以在那裏避難安身;結果,竟客死異鄉。 9And he that had driven many out of their country, perished in a strange land, going to Lacedemon, as if for kindred sake he should have refuge there:
10從前他曾暴露多人的屍體未得掩埋;如今也沒有人哭悼他,也沒有人舉喪,也沒有人將他葬在祖塋裏。 10But he that had cast out many unburied, was himself cast forth both unlamented and unburied, neither having foreign burial, nor being partaker of the sepulchre of his fathers.
11王一聽到這些消息,以為是猶太人起來叛亂,一時咆哮如野獸,當下離開埃及,帶領大軍佔領了聖城; 11Now when these things were done, the king suspected that the Jews would forsake the alliance: whereupon departing out of Egypt with a furious mind, he took the city by force of arms.
12命軍隊逢人便殺,毫不留情;凡上到屋頂的,也都要搜殺淨盡; 12And commanded the soldiers to kill, and not to spare any that came in their way, and to go up into the houses to slay.
13於是殘殺老幼,滅絕婦孺,屠殺處女嬰兒。 13Thus there was a slaughter of young and old, a destruction of women and children, and killing of virgins and infants.
14三日之內,殺害了八萬人,四萬喪身刀下,其餘的被賣為奴。 14And there were slain in the space of three whole days fourscore thousand, forty thousand were made prisoners, and as many sold.
15王還以為不足,又以背叛法律出賣祖國的默乃勞為嚮導,膽敢進入舉世至聖的聖殿, 15But this was not enough; he presumed also to enter into the temple, the most holy in all the world, Menelaus, that traitor to the laws, and to his country, being his guide.
16伸出他罪污的手攫取聖器,以他凡俗的手,奪去各國君王,為加增聖殿的光榮與尊嚴所獻的禮品。 16And taking in his wicked hands the holy vessels, which were given by other kings and cities, for the ornament and the glory of the place, he unworthily handled and profaned them.
17安提約古一時大為得意,卻不想這只是上主,為了城內居民的罪惡,暫時動怒轉眼不顧聖所罷了。 17Thus Antiochus going astray in mind, did not consider that God was angry for a while, because of the sins of the inhabitants of the city: and therefore this contempt had happened to the place:
18若不是因為居民的罪惡滿盈,他必定也如色婁苛王打發來視察寶庫的赫略多洛一樣一來到,就立刻遭受鞭打,不得任意妄為了! 18Otherwise had they not been involved in many sins, as Heliodorus, who was sent by king Seleucus to rob the treasury, so this man also, as soon as he had come, had been forthwith scourged, and put back from his presumption.
19但是,上主並不是為了聖所而選擇了國民,而是為了國民而選擇了聖所。 19But God did not choose the people for the place's sake, but the place for the people's sake.
20所以那分受民眾所遭災難的聖所,後來也得分享他們的幸福;那在全能者義怒下被遺棄的聖殿,與至上之主和好後,仍然要恢復以前所有的光榮。 20And therefore the place also itself was made partaker of the evils of the people: but afterward shall communicate in the good things thereof, and as it was forsaken in the wrath of almighty God, shall be exalted again with great glory, when the great Lord shall be reconciled.
21安提約古從聖殿裏攫取了一千八百「塔冷通」以後,迅速回到安提約基雅去;他心中自鳴得意,竟然妄想陸地行舟,海上步行。 21So when Antiochus had taken away out of the temple a thousand and eight hundred talents, he went back in all haste to Antioch, thinking through pride, that he might now make the land navigable, and the sea passable on foot: such was the haughtiness of his mind.
22他留下的官吏,與百姓為難;在耶路撒冷留下夫黎基雅人斐理伯,這人性情殘暴,甚於委派他的人; 22He left also governors to afflict the people: at Jerusalem, Philip, a Phrygian by birth, but in manners more barbarous than he that set him there:
23在革黎斤山地留下安多尼苛;此外還有默乃勞,這人虐待本國人比外人更兇殘。安提約古王因對猶太人心懷仇恨, 23And in Gazarim, Andronicus and Menelaus, who bore a more heavy hand upon the citizens than the rest.
24就派米息雅的軍長阿頗羅尼率領二萬二千人,命他殺盡了年富力強的壯丁,把婦女與幼童出賣。 24And whereas he was set against the Jews, he sent that hateful prince Apollonius with an army of two and twenty thousand men, commanding him to kill all that were of perfect age, and to sell the women and the younger sort.
25阿頗羅尼到了耶路撒冷,假仁假義,等到安息聖日,明知猶太人都停工安息,便命部隊武裝起來,列隊遊行。 25Who when he was come to Jerusalem, pretending peace, rested till the holy day of the sabbath: and then the Jews keeping holiday, he commanded his men to take arms.
26凡出來觀望的人,都用刀砍死,然後率領武裝部隊,走遍全城,殺了無數的居民。 26And he slew all that were come forth to see: and running through the city with armed men, he destroyed a very great multitude.
27猶大瑪加伯同其餘九人,逃到曠野,住在山中,形同野獸,饑食野菜,免染不潔。 27But Judas Machabeus, who was the tenth, had withdrawn himself into a desert place, and there lived amongst wild beasts in the mountains with his company: and they continued feeding on herbs, that they might not be partakers of the pollution.




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