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多俾亚传 Tobit
1托彼特为表达自己的欢乐,写了一篇祷文说: 1And Tobias the elder opening his mouth, blessed the Lord, and said: Thou art great, O Lord, for ever, and thy kingdom is unto all ages:
2「永生的天主应受赞颂,他的王权永远常存,因为他惩罚而又怜悯,把人抛在阴府的深处,而又把他从悽惨的祸患中救出,没有谁能逃出他的掌握。 2For thou scourgest, and thou savest: thou leadest down to hell, and bringest up again: and there is none that can escape thy hand.
3以色列子民!你们当在外邦人的面前颂扬他,因为他使你们流徙到他们之中, 3Give glory to the Lord, ye children of Israel, and praise him in the sight of the Gentiles:
4是为叫你们在那里显扬他的伟大。你们该在众生之前歌颂他,因为只有他是我们的上主,只有他是我们的天主,只有他是我们的父亲,只有他永远是天主。 4Because he hath therefore scattered you among the Gentiles, who know not him, that you may declare his wonderful works, and make them know that there is no other almighty God besides him.
5他惩罚你们,是为了你们的不义;但他要怜恤你们众人,把你们这些分散于各民族中的人聚集起来。 5He hath chastised us for our iniquities: and he will save us for his own mercy.
6若是你们全心全灵归向他,在他面前履行正道,他也必转向你们,不再掩面不顾。 6See then what he hath done with us, and with fear and trembling give ye glory to him: and extol the eternal King of worlds in your works.
7所以你们如今应默观他向你们所作的一切,然后高声感谢他;该赞美公义的上主,该颂扬永世的君王。 7As for me, I will praise him in the land of my captivity: because he hath shewn his majesty toward a sinful nation.
8我要在被掳充军之地赞美他,向犯罪的国民宣扬他的威能和伟大。罪人啊!你们悔改罢!你们在他面前行义罢!谁知道,或者他会宽待你们而怜悯你们! 8Be converted therefore, ye sinners, and do justice before God, believing that he will shew his mercy to you.
9我颂扬我的天主,我的灵魂欣悦于天上的君王。 9And I and my soul will rejoice in him.
10愿众人颂扬他的伟大,在耶路撒冷赞美他。耶路撒冷圣城!因你子女的恶行,他必施行惩罚,但他还要怜悯义人的子孙。 10Bless ye the Lord, all his elect, keep days of joy, and give glory to him.
11你该适当地赞美上主,称颂万代的君王,因为他的会幕在你内,将再欢欣地建筑起来, 11Jerusalem, city of God, the Lord hath chastised thee for the works of thy hands.
12为使众俘虏在你内喜乐,为使一切不幸的人,在你内永远获得慈爱。 12Give glory to the Lord for thy good things, and bless the God eternal, that he may rebuild his tabernacle in thee, and may call back all the captives to thee, and thou mayst rejoice for ever and ever.
13那时,灿烂的光辉,将照耀大地四极;无数的外方人,将从远方到你这里来;大地四极的居民,将要归属于上主天主的圣名之下,双手带着礼物献给天上的君王;万世万代必将因你而喜乐,被选者的名号必永垂不朽。 13Thou shalt shine with a glorious light: and all the ends of the earth shall worship thee.
14凡出言开罪你的人,必受诅咒;凡毁灭你,破坏你的墙垣,打倒你的堡垒,焚烧你房屋的人,必受诅咒;但兴建你的人,必永远受祝福。 14Nations from afar shall come to thee: and shall bring gifts, and shall adore the Lord in thee, and shall esteem thy land as holy.
15那时,你为义人的子孙欢欣喜乐罢!因为他们都要再聚在一处,赞美永远的上主。爱你的人是有福的,为你的福利而喜乐的人是有福的, 15For they shall call upon the great name in thee.
16因你种种困苦而为你忧伤的人是有福的,因为他们要因你而欢乐,并且要得见你永远的喜乐。我的灵魂,请你赞颂上主大君! 16They shall be cursed that shall despise thee: and they shall be condemned that shall blaspheme thee: and blessed shall they be that shall build thee up.
17因为耶路撒冷必要重建,永远为他的居所。若我后裔的遗民,能看见你的荣耀,而称谢天上的君王,那我多么有福啊!耶路撒冷的城门,将是用蓝宝石和翡翠建造的;周围的城墙,将是用宝石砌成的;耶路撒冷的守望台将是用金子筑成的,堡垒将是用纯金造成的;耶路撒冷的街道将是用红宝石和敖非尔石铺成的。 17But thou shalt rejoice in thy children, because they shall all be blessed, and shall be gathered together to the Lord.
18耶路撒冷的城门都要高唱快乐的诗歌,家家户户都要欢呼:亚肋路亚,以色列的天主应受颂扬!蒙福的人要赞美为圣的名号,至于无穷之世。」 18Blessed are all they that love thee, and that rejoice in thy peace.
19 19My soul, bless thou the Lord, because the Lord our God hath delivered Jerusalem his city from all her troubles.
20 20Happy shall I be if there shall remain of my seed, to see the glory of Jerusalem.
21 21The gates of Jerusalem shall be built of sapphire, and of emerald, and all the walls thereof round about of precious stones.
22 22All its streets shall be paved with white and clean stones: and Alleluia shall be sung in its streets.
23 23Blessed be the Lord, who hath exalted it, and may he reign over it for ever and ever, Amen.
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