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德训篇 Sirach
1敬畏上主的,决不会遭遇凶恶;受诱惑时,上主必一再保全他,由凶恶中拯救他。 1No evils shall happen to him that feareth the Lord, but in temptation God will keep him, and deliver him from evils.
2明智人不憎恶法律和正义;佯守法律的人,却像一只在波涛中飘荡的船。 2A wise man hateth not the commandments and justices, and he shall not be dashed in pieces as a ship in a storm.
3聪明人信赖天主的法律,法律也忠于他,犹如乌陵的神谕。 3A man of understanding is faithful to the law of God, and the law is faithful to him.
4解答问题时,先要准备应说的话;如此,人才听你;先将教训综合起来,然后才可作答。 4He that cleareth up a question, shall prepare what to say, and so having prayed he shall be heard, and shall keep discipline, and then he shall answer.
5愚人的心,好像车轮;他的思念,好似旋转的轮轴。 5The heart of a fool is as a wheel of a cart: and his thoughts are like a rolling axletree.
6好嘲弄人的朋友,就如见了牝马的牡马,任何人骑牠,牠总是嘶鸣不已。 6A friend that is a mocker, is like a stallion horse: he neigheth under every one that sitteth upon him.
7为什么这一天胜过那一天,虽然一年内,每天的光明,都是来自太阳? 7Why doth one day excel another, and one light another, and one year another year, when all come of the sun?
8太阳造成以后,循规蹈矩,因上主的智慧,日子才有了区别。 8By the knowledge of the Lord they were distinguished, the sun being made, and keeping his commandment.
9他规定了不同的时令和季节,以便在那些时节内,依时庆祝一些节日。 9And he ordered the seasons, and holidays of them, and in them they celebrated festivals at an hour.
10他将一些日子,提高列为圣日;将其余的日子,则列为平日。众人都是从土来的,因为,亚当就是用土造成的。 10Some of them God made high and great days, and some of them he put in the number of ordinary days. And all men are from the ground, and out of the earth, from whence Adam was created.
11上主以自己的绝大智慧,使众人各有分别,使他们的道路各有不同。 11With much knowledge the Lord hath divided them and diversified their ways.
12他们中有被他祝福而抬举的,有被他祝圣,然后引他们亲近自己的;但也有被他诅咒和贬抑,从本位上被推翻的。 12Some of them hath he blessed, and exalted: and some of them hath he sanctified, and set near himself: and some of them hath he cursed and brought low, and turned them from their station.
13有如泥土在陶工手里,可以任意捏造处置。 13As the potter's clay is in his hand, to fashion and order it:
14要做什么样式,都系于陶工的意思;同样,人在创造者手里,上主照自己的决定,来处理他们。 14All his ways are according to his ordering: so man is in the hand of him that made him, and he will render to him according to his judgment.
15善与恶相对,生与死相峙,罪人也与虔敬人敌对:请看至高者的一切化工:无不两两相对,一一对立。 15Good is set against evil, and life against death: so also is the sinner against a just man. And so look upon all the works of the most High. Two and two, and one against another.
16最后我也醒悟了,来搜集箴言,如同在收获葡萄的人后面,拾取残余的人。 16And I awaked last of all, and as one that gathereth after the grapegatherers.
17蒙上主的祝福,我预先着手工作,也像收获葡萄的人一样,填满了我的榨酒池。 17In the blessing of God I also have hoped: and as one that gathereth grapes, have I filled the winepress.
18请注意!我不是单为我自己劳苦,也是为一切寻求教导的人。 18See that I have not laboured for myself only, but for all that seek discipline.
19你们为民众官长的,请听我的话;你们为集会首领的,请侧耳静听。 19Hear me, ye great men, and all ye people, and hearken with your ears, ye rulers of the church.
20几时你还在世上,不要将你的权柄,交给儿子、妻子、兄弟和朋友,也不要将你的产业,交与别人,怕你将来后悔,而有求于他们。 20Give not to son or wife, brother or friend, power over thee while thou livest; and give not thy estate to another, lest then repent, and thou entreat for the same.
21当你还活着,气息尚存的时候,不要让任何人支配你。 21As long as thou livest, and hast breath in thee, let no man change thee.
22你的子女有求于你,胜于你望着你子女的手。 22For it is better that thy children should ask of thee, than that thou look toward the hands of thy children.
23在你所行的一切事上,你应作主。 23In all thy works keep the pre-eminence.
24不要污辱你的荣誉。在你寿命结束之日,在你快要去世之时,应分清你的遗产。 24Let no stain sully thy glory. In the time when thou shalt end the days of thy life, and in the time of thy decease, distribute thy inheritance.
25草料、棍杖、驮重,是属于驴的;面包、训戒、劳作,是属于仆人的。 25Fodder, and a wand, and a burden are for an ass: bread, and correction, and work for a slave.
26你要吩咐他工作,这样你就可以放心;若你放任他,他就要找寻自由自在。 26He worketh under correction, and seeketh to rest: let his hands be idle, and he seeketh liberty.
27轭与皮鞭,可以屈服强硬的颈项;不断的工作,可以使仆人柔顺。 27The yoke and the thong bend a stiff neck, and continual labours bow a slave.
28对待恶仆只有鞭打和刑罚;要使他们操作,不得空闲。 28Torture and fetters are for a malicious slave: send him to work, that he be not idle:
29因为,空闲教给人许多坏事。 29For idleness hath taught much evil.
30要给他指定与他相宜的工作;若他不服从,就叫他带脚镣;但对于任何人不要过分。未审度以先,什么重大的事也不要做。 30Set him to work: for so it is fit for him. And if he be not obedient, bring him down with fetters, but be not excessive towards any one: and do no grievous thing without judgment.
31你若有一个忠信的仆人,对待他要如同对待你自己一样,因为他是你用血汗换来的;要待他如同兄弟,因为你需要他,正如需要你自己一样。 31If thou have a faithful servant, let him be to thee as thy own soul: treat him as a brother: because in the blood of thy soul thou hast gotten him.
32若你待他不好,他必要逃跑。 32If thou hurt him unjustly, he will run away:
33若他傲然离去,你向谁去追问;你不知道,你在那条路上去寻找他。 33And if he rise up and depart, thou knowest not whom to ask, and in what way to seek him.
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