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德训篇 Sirach
1我儿,你犯了罪么?不要再犯;你应为你过去的罪祈祷,以获得宽赦。 1My son, hast thou sinned? do so no more: but for thy former sins also pray that they may be forgiven thee.
2你该躲避罪恶,如同躲避毒蛇一样;你若亲近它,它必会咬伤你。 2Flee from sins as from the face of a serpent: for if thou comest near them, they will take hold of thee.
3罪恶的牙有如狮子的牙,能咬死人的灵魂。 3The teeth thereof are the teeth of a lion, killing the souls of men.
4一切邪恶,好像双刃的利剑;它的创伤,无法医治。 4All iniquity is like a two-edged sword, there is no remedy for the wound thereof.
5怒斥与骄傲,能荡尽财富;傲慢人的家庭,必成为废墟。骄傲人的财产,也必如此荡尽。 5Injuries and wrongs will waste riches: and the house that is very rich shall be brought to nothing by pride: so the substance of the proud shall be rooted out.
6贫穷人的祈祷,从他口中直达上主的耳里,上主必迅速为他伸冤。 6The prayer out of the mouth of the poor shall reach the ears of God, and judgment shall come for him speedily.
7厌恶惩戒的,正是追随罪人的足迹;敬畏上主的,是从心里归向他。 7He that hateth to be reproved walketh in the trace of a sinner: and he that feareth God will turn to his own heart.
8雄辩的人远近皆知,但明智人却知道自己失足的地方。 8He that is mighty by a bold tongue is known afar off, but a wise man knoweth to slip by him.
9谁用别人的钱财,建筑自己的房屋,就如同堆积石头,为自己修盖坟墓。 9He that buildeth his house at other men's charges, is as he that gathereth himself stones to build in the winter.
10罪人的集团,有如堆积的麻屑;他们的结局,不外是烈火。 10The congregation of sinners is like tow heaped together, and the end of them is a flame of fire.
11罪人的道路,是用石头舖平的;但道路的末端,却是阴府的深坑、黑暗与刑罪。 11The way of sinners is made plain with stones, and in their end is hell, and darkness, and pains.
12遵守法律的,必能控制自己的倾向。 12He that keepeth justice shall get the understanding thereof.
13敬畏上主的最后结果,是智慧与明智。 13The perfection of the fear of God is wisdom and understanding.
14不聪明的,不易受教; 14He that is not wise in good, will not be taught.
15但有一种聪明,却是充满辛苦的,而那里有辛苦,那里就没有真实的明智。 15But there is a wisdom that aboundeth in evil: and there is no understanding where there is bitterness.
16贤人的知识,如洪水洋溢;他的计谋,有如活泉。 16The knowledge of a wise man shall abound like a flood, and his counsel continueth like a fountain of life.
17愚人的内心,像一个破碎的器皿,任何知识都保存不住。 17The heart of a fool is like a broken vessel, and no wisdom at all shall it hold.
18贤人听见一句智慧的话,就一面赞赏,一面从中取益;淫荡的人听见,却不满意,把它抛在脑后。 18A man of sense will praise every wise word he shall hear, and will apply it to himself: the luxurious man hath heard it, and it shall displease him, and he will cast it behind his back.
19愚人的叙述,像行路所背的重担;明智人的谈吐,却优雅中听。 19The talking of a fool is like a burden in the way: but in the lips of the wise, grace shall be found.
20在集会中,人都寻求明智人的言论;对他的话,人都用心思维。 20The mouth of the prudent is sought after in the church, and they will think upon his words in their hearts.
21明智为愚人,就如一座倒塌的房屋;无知之辈的知识,是一团表达不清的言语。 21As a house that is destroyed, so is wisdom to a fool: and the knowledge of the unwise is as words without sense.
22纪律为愚昧人,就如脚镣,和右手上的手铐。 22Doctrine to a fool is as fetters on the feet, and like manacles on the right hand.
23愚昧人笑,是放声大笑;聪明人笑,是低声微笑。 23A fool lifteth up his voice in laughter: but a wise man will scarce laugh low to himself.
24纪律为明智人,有如金饰品,又如右臂上的手镯。 24Learning to the prudent is as an ornament of gold, and like a bracelet upon his right arm.
25愚人的脚,卤莽闯进人家的房屋;富有经验的人,却害羞怕进去。 25The foot of a fool is soon in his neighbour's house: but a man of experience will be abashed at the person of the mighty.
26愚人从门外窥探室内;有教养的人,却站在外边等候。 26A fool will peep through the window into the house: but he that is well taught will stand without.
27一个人在门外偷听,是未受好教育的凭据;明智人耻于这样作。 27It is the folly of a man to hearken at the door: and a wise man will be grieved with the disgrace.
28愚人只会信口开河;明智人的话,却是经过权衡思量的。 28The lips of the unwise will be telling foolish things but the words of the wise shall be weighed in a balance.
29愚人的心在口上,明智人的口却在心里。 29The heart of fools is in their mouth: and the mouth of wise men is in their heart.
30不虔敬的人咒骂对方,实是咒骂自己。 30While the ungodly curseth the devil, he curseth his own soul.
31搬弄是非的人,是污辱他自己,为众人所憎恶,与他相近的人也憎恨他;缄默而明智的人,反要受人尊敬。 31The talebearer shall defile his own soul, and shall be hated by all: and he that shall abide with him shall be hateful: the silent and wise man shall be honoured.
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