亚北底亚:Chapter 1


  亚北底亚:Chapter 1  
亚北底亚 Obadiah
1亚北底亚的神视。吾主上主关于厄东这样说:我从上主听到了一个消息,有一位传令员已被派往万民那里说:「起来!我们起来向她进攻!」 1The vision of Abdias. Thus saith the Lord God to Edom: We have heard a rumour from the Lord, and he hath sent an ambassador to the nations: Arise, and let us rise up to battle against him.
2看,我必使你在万民中成为弱小的,极受人轻视。 2Behold I have made thee small among the nations: thou art exceeding contemptible.
3你心中的骄傲欺骗了你:你住在磐石裂缝中,安居高处,心中说:「谁能使我跌在地上?」 3The pride of thy heart hath lifted thee up, who dwellest in the clefts of the rocks, and settest up thy throne on high: who sayest in thy heart: Who shall bring me down to the ground?
4即便你高栖如鹰,即便你将巢穴安置在星辰上,我也要从那里把你推下──上主的断语── 4Though thou be exalted as an eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars: thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.
5如果盗贼,或夜间的强盗来到你那里,他们岂不要偷个够吗?如果收葡萄的来到那里,岂不只给你留下些残粒吗?你将来也是如此荒凉! 5If thieves had gone in to thee, if robbers by night, how wouldst thou have held thy peace? would they not have stolen till they had enough? if the grapegatherers had come in to thee, would they not have left thee at the least a cluster?
6厄撒乌怎样被人搜过了,她的宝藏怎样被人探索了! 6How have they searched Esau, how have they sought out his hidden things?
7与你联盟的人,愚弄了你,将你驱至边境;与你友好的人,克服了你;与你共食的人,给你暗设了陷阱,而你竟一点也没有理会。 7They have sent thee out even to the border: all the men of thy confederacy have deceived thee: the men of thy peace have prevailed against thee: they that eat with thee shall lay snares under thee: there is no wisdom in him.
8在那一天──上主的断语──我岂能不扑灭厄东的智者,扫除厄撒乌山上的明哲? 8Shall not I in that day, saith the Lord, destroy the wise out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?
9特曼!你的勇士必惊惶失惜,致使厄撒乌山上的人尽遭灭亡。你既然好杀, 9And thy valiant men of the south shall be afraid, that man may be cut off from the mount of Esau.
10残害了你的兄弟雅各伯,你必蒙受羞辱,永遭灭亡: 10For the slaughter, and for the iniquity against thy brother Jacob, confusion shall cover thee, and thou shalt perish for ever.
11因为当外邦人掳掠他财物的那一天,蛮族来到了他的城门下,对耶路撒冷拈阄时,你也置身其间,好像他们中的一个。 11In the day when thou stoodest against him, when strangers carried away his army captive, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem: thou also wast as one of them.
12你兄弟遭难的日子,你不应旁观;犹大子民灭亡的那天,你也不应引以为乐;在患难的日子上,你也不应大言不惭。 12But thou shalt not look on in the day of thy brother, in the day of his leaving his country: and thou shalt not rejoice over the children of Juda, in the day of their destruction: and thou shalt not magnify thy mouth in the day of distress.
13在我的百姓遭难的时日,你不应闯进他们的门;在他遭难的时日,你也不应对他幸灾乐祸;在他遭难的时日,你更不应伸手劫掠他的财物。 13Neither shalt thou enter into the gate of my people in the day of their ruin: neither shalt thou also look on in his evils in the day of his calamity: and thou shalt not be sent out against his army in the day of his desolation.
14你不应站在交叉路口,截杀他的难民;在患难之日,你不应交出他的劫后余生。 14Neither shalt thou stand in the crossways to kill them that flee: and thou shalt not shut up them that remain of him in the day of tribulation.
15因为上主的日子已临近万民,人必按你所作的,照样对待你;你的行为必归于你的头上。 15For the day of the Lord is at hand upon all nations: as thou hast done, so shall it be done to thee: he will turn thy reward upon thy own head.
16正如你们曾在我的圣山上痛饮过,万民也要不断痛饮:他们要痛饮要饮醉,而终归消灭。 16For as you have drunk upon my holy mountain, so all nations shall drink continually: and they shall drink, and sup up, and they shall be as though they were not.
17但在熙雍山上必有救援,熙雍将是神圣的;并且雅各伯家要侵占那侵占过他们的人。 17And in mount Sion shall be salvation, and it shall be holy, and the house of Jacob shall possess those that possessed them.
18雅各伯家将成为火,若瑟家将成为火焰,厄撒乌家却要成为草秸;雅各伯家和若瑟家要焚烧吞灭他们;厄撒乌家必没有一个余生,因为上主说了。 18And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau stubble: and they shall be kindled in them, and shall devour them: and there shall be no remains of the house of Esau, for the Lord hath spoken it.
19他们要占领南方,厄撒乌的山地与培肋舍特的平原,要占领厄弗辣因地和撒玛黎雅地以及阿孟子民的基肋阿得。 19And they that are toward the south, shall inherit the mount of Esau, and they that are in the plains, the Philistines: and they shall possess the country of Ephraim, and the country of Samaria: and Benjamin shall possess Galaad.
20这支充军在外的以色列子民的军旅,要占领客纳罕人的土地,直到匝尔法特;流亡在色法辣得的耶路撒冷人,必要占领南方的城邑。 20And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel, all the places of the Chanaanites even to Sarepta: and the captivity of Jerusalem that is in Bosphorus, shall possess the cities of the south.
21那时,获救者必上熙雍山,统治厄撒乌山;王权必归于上主。 21And saviours shall come up into mount Sion to judge the mount of Esau: and the kingdom shall be for the Lord.
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