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户籍纪 Numbers
1上主在耶里哥对面,约但河边,摩阿布旷野内,训示梅瑟说: 1And the Lord spoke these things also to Moses in the plains of Moab by the Jordan, over against Jericho:
2「你命令以色列子民,应由他们分得的产业内,指定一些城给肋未人居住,将城四周的牧场,也分给肋未人。 2Command the children of Israel that they give to the Levites out of their possessions,
3这些城归他们居住,城郊的牧场为牧放他们所有的牛羊和一切牲畜。 3Cities to dwell in, and their suburbs round about: that they may abide in the towns, and the suburbs may be for their cattle and beasts:
4你们划给肋未城郊的牧场,应由城墙起,周围向外伸展至二千肘, 4Which suburbs shall reach from the walls of the cities outward, a thousand paces on every side:
5即由城外向东方量二千肘,向南方量二千肘,向西方量二千肘,向北方量二千肘,城在中央;这些土地为作他们城郊的牧场。 5Toward the east shall be two thousand cubits: and toward the south in like manner shall be two thousand cubits: toward the sea also, which looketh to the west, shall be the same extent: and the north side shall be bounded with the like limits. And the cities shall be in the midst, and the suburbs without.
6分给肋未人的城中,应指定六座为避难城,杀人者可逃入城中。此外还应给他们四十二座城。 6And among the cities, which you shall give to the Levites, six shall be separated for refuge to fugitives, that he who hath shed blood may flee to them: and besides these there shall be other forty-two cities,
7这样,划给肋未人的城,共计四十八座,连城郊的牧场在内。 7That is, in all forty-eight with their suburbs.
8当你们由以色列子民的产业中,划分给肋未人城邑时,由大支派应多取,由小支派应少取;每支派应依照自己分得的产业,将城邑划给肋未人。」 8And of these cities which shall be given out of the possessions of the children of Israel, from them that have more, more shall be taken: and from them that have less, fewer. Each shall give towns to the Levites according to the extent of their inheritance.
9上主训示梅瑟说: 9The Lord said to Moses:
10「你告诉以色列子民说:几时你们过约但河进入了客纳罕地, 10Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: When you shall have passed over the Jordan into the land of Chanaan,
11应选定几座城作你们的避难城,凡误杀人的,可逃到那里。 11Determine what cities shall be for the refuge of fugitives, who have shed blood against their will.
12这些城可作为你们脱免复仇者的避难所,好使杀人者不致在未立于会众前受审判以前,便遭人杀害。 12And when the fugitive shall be in them, the kinsman of him that is slain may not have power to kill him, until he stand before the multitude, and his cause be judged.
13你们应指定六座城作为你们的避难城。 13And of those cities, that are separated for the refuge of fugitives,
14在约但河东指定三座,在客纳罕地指定三座,作为避难城。 14Three shall be beyond the Jordan, and three in the land of Chanaan,
15这六座城为以色列子民和外方人,以及住在你们中间的人,作为避难所;凡误杀人的,都可逃到那里去。 15As well for the children of Israel as for strangers and sojourners, that he may flee to them, who hath shed blood against his will.
16人若用铁器打人,将人打死,他就是凶手,凶手应处死刑。 16If any man strike with iron, and he die that was struck: he shall be guilty of murder, and he himself shall die.
17人若用手中可砸死人的石头打人,将人砸死;他就是凶手,凶手应处死刑。 17If he throw a stone, and he that is struck die: he shall be punished in the same manner.
18或者人若用手中可打死人的木器打人,将人打死,他就是凶手,凶手应处死刑。 18If he that is struck with wood die: he shall be revenged by the blood of him that struck him.
19报血仇的,可将凶手杀死;几时遇见他,可将他杀死。 19The kinsman of him that was slain, shall kill the murderer: as soon as he apprehendeth him, he shall kill him.
20人若因怀恨撞倒了人,或故意抛物打人,致使那人死了; 20If through hatred any one push a man, or fling any thing at him with ill design:
21或者因仇恨用手打人,将人打死;打人的应处死刑,因他是凶手;报血仇的人,几时遇着凶手,可将他杀死。 21Or being his enemy, strike; him with his hand, and he die: the striker shall be guilty of murder: the kinsman of him that was slain as soon as he findeth him, shall kill him.
22但是,若人并无怨仇,偶然撞倒人,或无意中抛物伤人, 22But if by chance medley, and without hatred,
23或因没有看见,使任何能打死人的石头落在人身上,致使那人死了,彼此并没有怨仇,也没有意思害人, 23And enmity, he do any of these things,
24对这样的案件,应在打死人的和要报血仇者之间进行裁判。 24And this be proved in the hearing of the people, and the cause be debated between him that struck, and the next of kin:
25会众要把杀人者由报血仇者手内救出,使他回到他曾逃入的避难城内,叫他住在那里,直到傅过圣油的大司祭去世。 25The innocent shall be delivered from the hand of the revenger, and shall be brought back by sentence into the city, to which he had fled, and he shall abide there until the death of the high priest, that is anointed with the holy oil.
26但杀人者如果离开他逃入避难城的边界以外, 26If the murderer be found without the limits of the cities that are appointed for the banished,
27报血仇者若在避难城边界以外遇见了他,将杀人者杀死,他并不犯流血的罪, 27And be struck by him that is the avenger of blood: he shall not be guilty that killed him.
28因为那人该留在避难城内,直到大司祭去世;大司祭死后,杀人者方可回到属自己产业的地方: 28For the fugitive ought to have stayed in the city until the death of the high priest: and after he is dead, then shall the manslayer return to his own country.
29这是你们世世代代,在你们任何住处,应遵守的法令。 29These things shall be perpetual, and for an ordinance in all your dwellings.
30凡杀人的案件,应依据几个证人的口供,才可处决杀人犯;惟独一人作证,不足以将人宣判死刑。 30The murderer shall be punished by witnesses: none shall be condemned upon the evidence of one man.
31对于被判死刑的杀人犯,你们不可取赎命金,因为他应该死。 31You shall not take money of him that is guilty of blood, but he shall die forthwith.
32同样,你们对逃入避难城的人,亦不可取赎金,准他在大司祭死以前回到本乡居住。 32The banished and fugitives before the death of the high priest may by no means return into their own cities.
33你们不可玷污你们所居之地,因为血能玷污地;在那里流了血,除非流那杀人者的血,为那地没有其他取洁的方法。 33Defile not the land of your habitation, which is stained with the blood of the innocent: neither can it otherwise be expiated, but by his blood that hath shed the blood of another.
34你们不可亵渎你们所居之地,这地也是我居留之地,因为我上主是住在以色列子民中间。」 34And thus shall your possession he cleansed, myself abiding with you. For I am the Lord that dwell among the children of Israel.
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