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户籍纪 Numbers
1上主训示梅瑟说: 1And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
2「你吩咐以色列子民说:你们进入了我赐给你们居住的地方时, 2Speak to the children of Israel and thou shalt say to them: When you shall be come into the land of your habitation, which I will give you,
3如要以牛或羊献给上主作火祭,或作全燔祭,或作任何祭献,或为还愿,或出于自愿,或因逢节期,以之作为悦乐上主的馨香祭, 3And shall make an offering to the Lord, for a holocaust, or a victim, paying your vows, or voluntarily offering gifts, or in your solemnities burning a sweet savour unto the Lord, of oxen or of sheep:
4献祭的人应给上主加献十分之一『厄法』细面,调和四分之一『辛』油,作为素祭。 4Whosoever immolateth the victim, shall offer a sacrifice of fine flour, the tenth part of an ephi, tempered with the fourth part of a hin of oil:
5此外,为全燔祭或为任何祭献,还应奠上酒:为每只公羔羊,奠四分之一『辛』酒。 5And he shall give the same measure of wine to pour out in libations for the holocaust or for the victim. For every lamb,
6如果是只公绵羊,应加献十分之二『厄法』细面,调和上三分之一『辛』油,作为素祭; 6And for every ram there shall be a sacrifice of hour of two tenths, which shall be tempered with the third part of a hin of oil:
7再奠上三分之一『辛』酒,作为悦乐上主的馨香祭。 7And he shall offer the third part of the same measure of wine for the libation, for a sweet savour to the Lord.
8如果你以一只牛犊献作全燔祭或任何祭献,或为还愿,或献与上主作和平祭, 8But when thou offerest a holocaust or sacrifice of oxen, to fulfill thy vow or for victims of peace offerings,
9除牛犊外,还应加献十分之三『厄法』细面,调和上半『辛』油,作为素祭; 9Thou shalt give for every ox three tenths of flour tempered with half a hin of oil,
10再奠上半『辛』酒,作为悦乐上主的馨香火祭。 10And wine for libations of the same measure, for an offering of most sweet savour to the Lord.
11每献一头公牛,或一只公绵羊,或一只公羔羊,或一只公山羊,都应照此而行; 11Thus shalt thou do:
12你们所献的数目无论多少,为每一只都应照此而行。 12For every ox and ram and lamb and kid.
13本地人不论谁,献悦乐上主的馨香火祭时,都应这样行。 13Both they that are born in the land, and the strangers,
14几时一个与你们同住的,或与你们的后代同住的外方人,愿献悦乐上主的馨香火祭,你们怎样行,他也应怎样行。 14Shall offer sacrifices after the same rite.
15全会众,不论是为你们,或为与你们同住的外方人,只有一样的规定;这为你们世世代代,是一永远的规定:在上主面前你们与外方人一样; 15There shall be all one law and judgment both for you and for them who are strangers in the land.
16为你们和与你们同住的外方人,只有一种法律,只有一种制度。」 16And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
17上主训示梅瑟说: 17Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them:
18「你吩咐以色列子民说:几时你们进入了我引你们去的地方, 18When you are come into the land which I will give you,
19吃那地方的食粮时,应拿一分献给上主作礼品: 19And shall eat of the bread of that country, you shall separate firstfruits to the Lord,
20由初熟的麦面团中,献一个饼作礼品,有如奉献才从禾场打下之物一样。 20Of the things you eat. As you separate firstfruits of your barnfloors:
21你们世世代代,应从初熟麦面团中取出,献给上主作礼品。 21So also shall you give firstfruits of your dough to the Lord.
22如果你们误犯了过失,而没有遵行上主向梅瑟所吩咐的某条诫命, 22And if through ignorance you omit any of these things, which the Lord hath spoken to Moses,
23即上主藉梅瑟向你们所吩咐的,由上主出命之日起,直到你们世世代代, 23And by him hath commanded you, from the day that he began to command and thenceforward,
24那么,如果是会众出于无心误犯了过失,全会众应献一公牛犊当全燔祭,作为悦乐上主的馨香祭,并依照礼规献素祭和奠酒礼,再献一公山羊作赎罪祭。 24And the multitude have forgotten to do it: they shall offer a calf out of the herd, a holocaust for a most sweet savour to the Lord, and the sacrifice and libations thereof, as the ceremonies require, and a buck goat for sin:
25司祭应为以色列子民全会众行赎罪礼,他们即可获得赦免,因为这是无心之过。当他们为这无心之过,给上主奉献了火祭,并在上主面前献了赎罪祭后, 25And the priest shall pray for all the multitude of the children of Israel: and it shall be forgiven them, because they sinned ignorantly, offering notwithstanding a burnt offering to the Lord for themselves and for their sin and their ignorance:
26以色列子民全会众以及住在你们中的外方人,都获得赦免,因为全人民犯了无心之过。 26And it shall be forgiven all the people of the children of Israel: and the strangers that sojourn among them: because it is the fault of all the people through ignorance.
27如果是一人出于无心犯了罪,应献一只一岁的母山羊作赎罪祭。 27But if one soul shall sin ignorantly, he shall offer a she goat of a year old for his sin.
28司祭为这犯无心之过的人,在上主面前行赎罪礼,因为他由于无心犯了罪;为他行了赎罪礼,他即可获得赦免。 28And the priest shall pray for him, because he sinned ignorantly before the Lord: and he shall obtain his pardon, and it shall be forgiven him.
29凡以色列子民,不拘是本地人或住在你们中的外方人,对误犯过失的人,只有一条法律。 29The same law shall be for all that sin by ignorance, whether they be natives or strangers.
30但如果一人,不论是本地人,或是外方人,敢大胆妄为,侮辱上主,这人应由民间铲除; 30But the soul that committeth any thing through pride, whether he be born in the land or a stranger (because he hath been rebellious against the Lord) shall be cut off from among his people:
31因为他轻视了上主的话,违犯了他的诫命,这人应被除灭,应自负罪债。」 31For he hath contemned the word the Lord, and made void his precept: therefore shall he be destroyed, and shall bear his iniquity.
32以色列子民尚在旷野的时候,遇见一人在安息日拾柴, 32And it came to pass, when the children of Israel were in the wilderness, and had found a man gathering sticks on the sabbath day,
33遇见他拾柴的人,就带他到梅瑟及亚郎和全会众前; 33That they brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole multitude.
34他们将他押在看守所内,因为尚未指明应如何处置他。 34And they put him into prison, not knowing what they should do with him.
35那时上主对梅瑟说:「这人应处死刑,全会众应在营外用石头将他砸死。」 35And the Lord said to Moses: Let that man die, let all the multitude stone him without the camp.
36全会众遂拉他到营外,用石头砸死他,照上主对梅瑟所吩咐的。 36And when they had brought him out, they stoned him, and he died as the Lord had commanded.
37上主训示梅瑟说: 37The Lord also said to Moses:
38「你吩咐以色列子民,命他们世世代代,在自己衣边上做上䍁头,衣边的每个䍁头,应用紫绳系着。 38Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt tell them I to make to themselves fringes in the corners of their garments, putting in them ribands of blue:
39这䍁头是为叫你们一看见,就想起上主的诫命,依照遵行,免得你们随从心中和眼目的欲望,而放纵淫乱。 39That when they shall see them, they may remember all the commandments of the Lord, and not follow their own thoughts and eyes going astray after divers things,
40这样,你们必对我的一切诫命,怀念不忘,依照遵行;这样在你们的天主面前,你们常是圣洁的。 40But rather being mindful of the precepts of the Lord, may do them and be holy to their God.
41我上主是你们的天主,我领你们出离埃及是为作你们的天主:我上主是你们的天主。」 41I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that I might be your God.
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