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户籍纪 Numbers
1当时人民怨声载道,怨声已传入上主的耳中;上主听见,遂发怒;上主的火在他们中燃起,焚烧了营幕的边缘。 1In the mean time there arose a murmuring of the people against the Lord, as it were repining at their fatigue. And when the Lord heard it he was angry. And the fire of the Lord being kindled against them, devoured them that were at the uttermost part of the camp.
2人民遂向梅瑟求救;梅瑟恳求了上主,火就熄灭了, 2And when the people cried to Moses, Moses prayed to the Lord, and the fire was swallowed up.
3遂给那地方起名叫塔贝辣,因为上主的火曾在他们中燃烧起来。 3And he called the name of that place, The burning: for that the fire of the Lord had been kindled against them.
4那些跟百姓来的杂族人甚是贪求口腹,连以色列子民也开始哭泣说:「谁给我们肉吃? 4For a mixt multitude of people, that came up with them, burned with desire, sitting and weeping, the children of Israel also being joined with them, and said: Who shall give us flesh to eat?
5我们记得:在埃及我们可随便吃鱼,还有胡瓜、西瓜、韮菜、葱和蒜。 5We remember the Ash that we ate in Egypt free cost: the cucumbers come into our mind, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic.
6现在我们的心灵憔悴,我们眼见的除『玛纳』外,什么也没有。」 6Our soul is dry, our eyes behold nothing else but manna.
7「玛纳」形似胡荽种子,色彩有如珍珠。 7A Now the manna was like coriander seed, of the colour of bdellium.
8人民四散收歛,用磨研细,或在臼内捣碎,在锅内煮了做成饼,它的滋味有如油饼的滋味。 8And the people went about, and gathering it, ground it in a mill, or beat it in a mortar, and boiled it in a pot, and made cakes thereof of the taste of bread tempered with oil.
9夜间露水降在营上时,也降下「玛纳」。 9And when the dew fell in the night upon the camp, the manna also fell with it.
10梅瑟听见百姓家家户户,各在帐棚门口悲哭。上主大发忿怒,梅瑟见了也很难受, 10Now Moses heard the people weeping by their families, every one at the door of his tent. And the wrath of the Lord was exceedingly enkindled: to Moses also the thing seemed insupportable.
11遂对上主说:「你为什么难为你的仆人?为什么我在你眼中不蒙宠幸,竟将管理这百姓的担子全放在我身上? 11And he said to the Lord: Why hast thou afflicted thy servant? wherefore do I not find favour before thee? and why hast thou laid the weight of all this people upon me?
12莫非是我怀孕了这百姓,或是我生了他们,你竟对我说:你要怀抱他们,如同褓母怀抱乳儿,直到进入你对他们的祖先所誓许的地方? 12Have I conceived all this multitude, or begotten them, that thou shouldst say to me: Carry them in thy bosom as the nurse is wont to carry the little infant, and bear them into the land, for which thou hast sworn to their fathers?
13我从那里拿肉给这百姓吃?因为他们向我哭诉说:给我们肉吃! 13Whence should I have flesh to give to so great a multitude? they weep against me, saying: Give us flesh that we may eat.
14我独自不能抱着这百姓,这为我太重。 14I am not able alone to bear all this people, because it is too heavy for me.
15若你愿这样对待我,如果我在你眼中得宠,求你杀了我罢!免得我受这苦楚。」 15But if it seem unto thee otherwise, I beseech thee to kill me, and let me find grace in thy eyes, that I be not afflicted with so great evils.
16上主对梅瑟说:「你给我由以色列老年人中召选七十人,你知道他们是民间的老前辈和会办事的人,领他们进入会幕,叫他们同你一起站在那里。 16And the Lord said to Moses: Gather unto me seventy men of the ancients of Israel, whom thou knowest to be ancients and masters of the people: and thou shalt bring them to the door of the tabernacle of the covenant, and shalt make them stand there with thee,
17在那里我要降下,与你交谈,取些你身上具有的神能,赋给他们,叫他们与你分担管理人民的重担,不让你个人独自承担。 17That I may come down and speak with thee: and I will take of thy spirit, and will give to them, that they may bear with thee the burden of the people, and thou mayest not be burthened alone.
18你对民众说:你们圣洁自己直到明天,你们就会有肉吃,因为上主已听见你们哀哭说:谁给我们肉吃?我们在埃及是多么好!如今上主要给你们肉吃了; 18And thou shalt say to the people: Be ye sanctified: tomorrow you shall eat flesh: for I have heard you say: Who will give us flesh to eat? it was well with us in Egypt. That the Lord may give you flesh, and you may eat:
19不但是一天、两天、五天、十天、二十天,你们有肉吃, 19Not for one day, nor two, nor five, nor ten, no nor for twenty.
20而是整月,直到肉从你们的鼻子里出来,吃的生厌,因为你们轻视了住在你们中的上主,在他面前涕泣说:为什么我们出离了埃及?」 20But even for a month of days, till it come out at your nostrils, and become loathsome to you, because you have cast off the Lord, who is in the midst of you, and have wept before him, saying: Why came we out of Egypt?
21梅瑟说:「与我同住的人民,步行的男子就有六十万,你却说:我要给他们肉吃,且吃一整月。 21And Moses said: There are six hundred thousand footmen of this people, and sayest thou: I will give them flesh to eat a whole month?
22就是将牛羊都为他们杀了,为他们够用么?或将海里的鱼全给他们捉来,为他们足用么?」 22Shall then a multitude of sheep and oxen be killed, that it may suffice for their food? or shall the fishes of the sea be gathered together to fill them?
23上主回答梅瑟说:「难道上主的手短了?你就要看见我对你说的话是否应验。」 23And the Lord answered him: Is the hand of the Lord unable? Thou shalt presently see whether my word shall come to pass or no.
24梅瑟将上主的话告诉了人民;随后从人民的老年人中召选了七十人,令他们站在会幕四周。 24Moses therefore came, and told the people the words of the Lord, and assembled seventy men of the ancients of Israel, and made them to stand about the tabernacle.
25上主乘云降下,与梅瑟谈话;将他身上的神能,赋给那七十位长老;这神能一降在他们身上,他们就出神说话;以后再没有出神。 25And the Lord came down in a cloud, and spoke to him, taking away of the spirit that was in Moses, and giving to the seventy men. And when the spirit had rested on them they prophesied, nor did they cease afterwards.
26当时有两个人留在营内,一个名叫厄耳达得,一个名叫默达得;这神能也降在他们身上;他们原是在被录取的人内,却没有到会幕那里去,就在营内出神说话。 26Now there remained in the camp two of the men, of whom one was called Eldad, and the other Medad, upon whom the spirit rested; for they also had been enrolled, but were not gone forth to the tabernacle.
27有一少年跑来告诉梅瑟说:「厄耳达得和默达得在营内出神说话。」 27And when they prophesied in the camp, there ran a young man, and told Moses, saying: Eldad and Medad prophesy in the camp.
28自幼即服事梅瑟的农的儿子若苏厄遂说:「我主梅瑟!你该禁止他们。」 28Forthwith Josue the son of Nun, the minister of Moses, and chosen out of many, said: My lord Moses forbid them.
29梅瑟回答他说:「你为我的缘故嫉妒人么?巴不得上主的人民都成先知,上主将自己的精神贯注在他们身上!」 29But he said: Why hast thou emulation for me? O that all the people might prophesy, and that the Lord would give them his spirit!
30梅瑟遂与以色列的长老回到了营内。 30And Moses returned, with the ancients of Israel, into the camp.
31那时上主使一阵风刮起,由海上吹来了鹌鹑,散落在营幕上;鹌鹑在营幕四周多得有一天路程那么远,在地面上约有二肘厚。 31And a wind going out from the Lord, taking quails up beyond the sea brought them, and cast them into the camp for the space of one day's journey, on every side of the camp round about, and they flew in the air two cubits high above the ground.
32人民那一整日整夜,且在第二日整天都忙于捕捉鹌鹑,收集得最少的,也收集了十堆,都摆在营幕四周。 32The people therefore rising up all that day, and night, and the next day, gathered together of quails, he that did least, ten cores: and they dried them round about the camp.
33肉还在他们的牙齿间,尚未嚼烂,上主就对人民发怒了,以极严重的灾祸打击了人民。 33As yet the flesh was between their teeth, neither had that kind of meat failed: when behold the wrath of the Lord being provoked against the people, struck them with an exceeding great plague.
34故此人给那地方起名叫克贝洛特阿塔瓦,因为在那里埋葬了贪饕的人民。 34And that place was called, The graves of lust: for there they buried the people that had lusted. And departing from the graves of lust, they came unto Haseroth, and abode there.
35以后民众由克贝洛特阿塔瓦起程,向哈兹洛特出发,在哈兹洛特住下了。 35
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