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友弟德传 Judith
1友弟德于是俯伏在地,将灰撒在头上,露出所穿的苦衣;其时耶路撒冷的天主圣殿内,正奉献晚香祭。友弟德就大声呼求上主说: 1And when they were gone, Judith went into her oratory: and putting on haircloth, laid ashes on her head: and falling down prostrate before the Lord, she cried to the Lord, saying:
2「上主,我祖先西默盎的天主!你曾将刀交在他手里,去报复外方人,因为他们解开了一个处女的腰带,加以玷污;袒露了她的股部,加以羞辱;破坏了她的贞操,加以作贱;虽然你曾说:不要这样作,他们却作了。 2O Lord God of my father Simeon, who gavest him a sword to execute vengeance against strangers, who had defiled by their uncleanness, and uncovered the virgin unto confusion:
3因此,你让他们的首领遭受杀戮,使那因欺骗受染污的床榻,反而受骗,染满了血污;仆役与首领,君主与王位,你一律加以打击。 3And who gavest their wives to he made a prey, and their daughters into captivity: and all their spoils to be divided to thy servants, who were zealous with thy zeal: assist, I beseech thee, O Lord God, me a widow.
4你又使他们的妻室,遭人抢去,女儿被人俘掳,使你所爱的子民,平分那些人的赃物;你的子民为了你的嫉愤而嫉愤,憎恨自己的血液所受的玷污,而哀求了你的援助。天主,我的天主!求你也俯听我这个寡妇! 4For thou hast done the things of old, and hast devised one thing after another: and what thou hast designed hath been done.
5是你作了这些过去、将来以及现在的事;是你计划了现在和将来的事;那现在发生的事,也正是你所计划的。 5For all thy ways are prepared, and in thy providence thou hast placed thy judgments.
6你所决定的事好像前来说:看我们在这里。因为你的一切行径,早已准备;你的判决,已预先知道。 6Look upon the camp of the Assyrians now, as thou wast pleased to look upon the camp of the Egyptians, when they pursued armed after thy servants, trusting in their chariots, and in their horsemen, and in a multitude of warriors.
7亚述人拥有雄厚的军队,自负有骏马,有铁骑,矜夸步兵的武力,自恃坚甲利兵,凭著弓箭和投石器,却不知道你乃是消弭战争的上主。 7But thou lookedst over their camp, and darkness wearied them.
8上主乃是你的名号!愿你以你的德能,击毁他们的势力,用震怒屈服他们的强权,因为他们已决意要亵渎你的圣所,要污辱你尊名所居的帐幕,要用斧砍去你祭坛的四角。 8The deep held their feet, and the waters overwhelmed them.
9你看他们的骄傲,愿你的震怒,降在他们的头上,赐我这寡妇的手有能力,去完成我所图谋的事! 9So may it be with these also, O Lord, who trust in their multitude, and in their chariots, and in their pikes, and in their shields, and in their arrows, and glory in their spears,
10愿你用我口舌的巧言花语,去打击他们的奴仆和主人,主帅与官员!愿你用一个女人的手,去减灭他们的威风! 10And know not that thou art our God, who destroyest wars from the beginning, and the Lord is thy name.
11你的力量,不在乎人多;你的威能,并不靠强力;但你却是谦卑者的天主,弱小者的扶助,无力者的保护,无靠者的依赖,失望者的救主。 11Lift up thy arm as from the beginning, and crush their power with thy power: let their power fall in their wrath, who promise themselves to violate thy sanctuary, and defile the dwelling place of thy name, and to beat down with their sword the horn of thy altar.
12你的确是我祖先的天主,以色列祖业的天主,天地的主宰,水的创造者,万有的君王,你俯听我的祈求罢! 12Bring to pass, O Lord, that his pride may be cut off with his own sword.
13愿你使我巧妙的言辞,去伤害,去杀死那些想出阴谋,破坏你的圣约、圣殿、熙雍山和你子民所占居的家乡的人! 13Let him be caught in the net of his own eyes in my regard, and do thou strike him by the graces of the words of my lips.
14愿你使你的众民族众支派都知道:你是天主,万能全权的天主;除你以外,以色列族没有别的保护者。」 14Give me constancy in my mind, that I may despise him: and fortitude that I may overthrow him.
15 15For this will be a glorious monument for thy name, when he shall fall by the hand of a woman.
16 16For thy power, O Lord, is not in a multitude, nor is thy pleasure in the strength of horses, nor from the beginning have the proud been acceptable to thee: but the prayer of the humble and the meek hath always pleased thee.
17 17O God of the heavens, creator of the waters, and Lord of the whole creation, hear me a poor wretch, making supplication to thee, and presuming of thy mercy.
18 18Remember, O Lord, thy covenant, and put thou words in my mouth, and strengthen the resolution in my heart, that thy house may continue in thy holiness:
19 19And all nations may acknowledge that thou art God, and there is no other besides thee.
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