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友弟德传 Judith
1次日,敖罗斐乃下令全军和前来与他联盟的队伍,拔营向拜突里雅进发,先占领通往山地的隘口,向以色列子民挑战。 1But Holofernes on the next day gave orders to his army, to go up against Bethulia.
2那天,军队全体出发;作战的队伍,有步兵十七万,骑兵一万二千;此外还有辎重队,和随军步行的人,多得不可胜数; 2Now there were in his troops a hundred and twenty thousand footmen, and two and twenty thousand horsemen, besides the preparations of those men who had been taken, and who had been brought away out of the provinces and cities of all the youth.
3在靠近拜突里雅的山谷中,在水泉旁安营。营幕绵延,长度由多堂到贝耳玛因,宽度由拜突里雅到厄斯得隆对面的夸孟。 3All these prepared themselves together to fight against the children of Israel, and they came by the hillside to the top, which looketh toward Dothain, from the place which is called Behlma, unto Chelmon, which is over against Esdrelon.
4以色列子民一见如此众多的军队,惊慌非常,都彼此说:「如今他们必将全地面一扫而光,连高山、幽谷、丘陵都担负不了他们的压力。」 4But the children of Israel, when they saw the multitude of them, prostrated themselves upon the ground, putting ashes upon their heads, praying with one accord, that the God of Israel would shew his mercy upon his people.
5但以色列人还是各自拿着武器,在碉楼上点起烽火,那一整夜留守戒备。 5And taking their arms of war, they posted themselves at the places, which by a narrow pathway lead directly between the mountains, and they guarded them all day and night.
6第二天,敖罗斐乃把全部马队,开到住在拜突里雅的以色列子民面前, 6Now Holofernes, in going round about, found that the fountains which supplied them with water, ran through an aqueduct without the city on the south side: and he commanded their aqueduct to he cut off.
7也探明了通往该城的山路,寻得了水泉,派兵占据把守,然后回到自己部队那里去了。 7Nevertheless there were springs not far from the walls, out of which they were seen secretly to draw water, to refresh themselves a little rather than to drink their fill.
8厄撒乌子民的众长官,摩阿布民族的众首领,和沿海一带的司令,都来向敖罗斐乃说: 8But the children of Ammon and Moab came to Holofernes, saying: The children of Israel trust not in their spears, nor in their arrows, but the mountains are their defense, and the steep hires and precipices guard them.
9「愿我们的主帅听取一个建议,免得你的军队受害。 9Wherefore that thou mayst overcome them without joining battle, set guards at the springs that they may not draw water out of them, and thou shalt destroy them without sword, or at least being wearied out they will yield up their city, which they suppose, because it is situate in the mountains, to be impregnable.
10以色列这个民族,原不依仗枪矛,惟独依靠所住的高山,因为攀登他们的山顶,并不是一件易事。 10And these words pleased Holofernes, and his officers, and he placed all round about a hundred men at every spring.
11主帅!如今不要同他们列阵交战,如此你的军人一个也不会伤亡。 11And when they had kept this watch for full twenty days, the cisterns, and the reserve of waters failed among all the inhabitants of Bethulia, so that there was not within the city, enough to satisfy them, no not for one day, for water was daily given out to the people by measure.
12你可留在营中,督守你军中所有的人马,只让你的仆役去占领山麓下涌出来的水泉, 12Then all the men and women, young men, and children, gathering themselves together to Ozias, all together with one voice,
13因为凡住在拜突里雅的人,都从那里汲水。他们没有水喝,势必将城交出,同时我们率领我们的军人,上到附近的山顶上安营,监视他们,不许一人走出城来。 13Said: God be judge between us and thee, for thou hast done evil against us, in that thou wouldst not speak peaceably with the Assyrians, and for this cause God hath sold us into their hands.
14他们和妻子儿女必饥渴得衰弱无力,刀剑还未临到身上,他们已躺卧在靠近家门的街道上了。 14And therefore there is no one to help us, while we are cast down before their eyes in thirst, and sad destruction.
15这样你可以恶毒地报复他们,因为他们顽抗,没有欢迎你。」 15And now assemble ye all that are in the city, that we may of our own accord yield ourselves all up to the people of Holofernes.
16他们的建议,大得敖罗斐乃和他众官员的欢心。于是下令,依照这建议办理。 16For it is better, that being captives we should live and bless the Lord, than that we should die, and be a reproach to all flesh, after we have seen our wives and our infants die before our eyes.
17摩阿布子民就移营出发,与他们同去的,还有五千亚述人,驻扎在山谷中,占据了以色列子民的水渠和水泉。 17We call to witness this day heaven and earth, and the God of our fathers, who taketh vengeance upon us according to our sins, conjuring you to deliver now the city into the hand of the army of Holofernes, that our end may be short by the edge of the sword, which is made longer by the drought of thirst.
18厄撒乌的子孙及阿孟子民,也与一万二千亚述人上去,驻扎在多堂对面的山地。又从他们中派遣人,往厄格勒贝耳对面的东南方去,──厄格勒贝耳是在摩客慕尔河旁的雇士附近,──其余的亚述军队,驻扎在平原上,遮遍了地面;帐幕和辎重,堆集如山,多不胜数。 18And when they had said these things, there was great weeping and lamentation of all in the assembly, and for many hours with one voice they cried to God, saying:
19以色列子民见自己四面受敌,不能逃出,都提心吊胆,遂向上主他们的天主哀号。 19We have sinned with our fathers we have done unjustly, we have commited iniquity:
20这时,亚述大军,即所有步兵、战车、马队,包围他们,已经三十四天了。拜突里雅居民所有的蓄水器,都已空了, 20Have thou mercy on us, because thou art good, or punish our iniquities by chastising us thyself, and deliver not them that trust in thee to a people that knoweth not thee,
21蓄水池都干了。人没有一天可得畅饮,因为水是分配给人喝的。 21That they may not say among the gentiles: Where is their God?
22他们的幼儿渴的没有气力,妇女和青年,渴得发晕,倒在城内大街上和门口,再也没有一点力气。 22And when being wearied with these cries, and tired with these weepings, they held their peace,
23于是全体民众、青年、妇女和幼童,都聚集在敖齐雅及城中首长那里,大声疾呼,当着众长老说: 23Ozias rising up all in tears, said: Be of good courage, my brethren, and let us wait these five days for mercy from the Lord.
24「愿天主在你们与我们之间,施行审判;因为你们不同亚述人说和,使我们遭此大祸。 24For perhaps he will put a stop to his indignation, and will give glory to his own name.
25如今我们不但没有救援,连天主也将我们交在他们手中,叫我们饥渴而死,都倒毙在他们面前。 25But if after five days be past there come no aid, we will do the things which you leave spoken.
26现今你们就叫他们进来,把全城交给敖罗斐乃的人民和大军,任凭他们抢掠。 26
27我们更好当他们的战利品,因为我们虽然身为奴隶,但可保全性命,不至于眼看着我们的幼童夭亡,我们的妻子儿女,断送性命。 27
28我们当着上天下地,因着我们的天主,即因惩罚我们的罪过,及我们祖先过犯的我们祖先的上主,恳求你们设法,别叫天主今日按照这些话来处置我们!」 28
29集会的民众遂不约而同,都放声痛哭,向上主天主大声哀号。 29
30敖齐雅遂对他们说:「弟兄们!振作精神,再忍耐五天,也许上主我们的天主,在这个时期内,向我们再施行他的仁慈,因为他决不会永远抛弃我们! 30
31如果过了这日期,仍得不到救援,我就依照你们的话办理。 31
32遂遣散众人各归本营、城墙和城楼上;妇女幼童,一一遣送回家;当时全城陷于沮丧与绝望。 32
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