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友弟德传 Judith
1友弟德说:「请你们向我的天主击鼓奏乐,向我的上主敲钹歌唱,向他吟咏诗歌,赞扬欢呼他的圣名! 1Then Judith sung this canticle to the Lord, saying:
2上主原是粉碎战争的天主,在民间支搭他的幕府,救我脱离仇人的毒手。 2Begin ye to the Lord with timbrels, sing ye to the Lord with cymbals, tune unto him a new psalm, extol and call upon his name.
3亚述由北岳出发,率领着千军万马;大军阻塞了溪流,铁骑掩蔽了山丘, 3The Lord putteth an end to wars, the Lord is his name.
4本想焚毁我村落,刀斩我青年,摔死我乳儿,俘掳我幼童,掠夺我妇女; 4He hath set his camp in the midst of his people, to deliver us from the hand of all our enemies.
5但全能上主,只凭一弱妇之手,把他们消除! 5The Assyrians came out of the mountains from the north in the multitude of his strength: his multitude stopped up the torrents, and their horses covered the valleys.
6亚述的名将,非壮丁所能击毙,非巨人之后所能击倒,非大力士所能征服,却为默辣黎之后友弟德,以她花容玉貌,使其心醉。 6He bragged that he would set my borders on fire, and kill my young men with the sword, to make my infants a prey, and my virgins captives.
7她脱去寡妇的衣服,去拯救受苦的以色列。香膏敷面, 7But the almighty Lord hath struck him, and hath delivered him into the hands of a woman, and hath slain him.
8带束云髻,身披锦衣,为将他勾引。 8For their mighty one did not fall by young men, neither did the sons of Titan strike him, nor tall giants oppose themselves to him, but Judith the daughter of Merari weakened him with the beauty of her face.
9凉鞋夺目,玉容勾魂,短剑断其头。 9For she put off her the garments of widowhood, and put on her the garments of joy, to give joy to the children of Israel.
10她的胆量,波斯人见而战栗;她的奋勇,玛待人因而恐惧。 10She anointed her face with ointment, and bound up her locks with a crown, she took a new robe to deceive him.
11我卑微者一呼喊,他们便胆破;我弱小者一呐喊,他们便恐慌。高声一嚷,他们都逃亡! 11Her sandals ravished his eyes, her beauty made his soul her captive, with a sword she cut off his head.
12少妇之子,将他们刺死,击杀他们像逃阵的小卒;我上主一布阵,他们即告灭亡。 12The Persians quaked at her constancy, and the Medes at her boldness.
13我要向我天主咏唱新歌:上主,你伟大而荣耀,德能神妙,战无不胜! 13Then the camp of the Assyrians howled, when my lowly ones appeared, parched with thirst.
14愿你所造万物,都服侍你,因你一命,万物造成,你一嘘气,化工成形;你一发命,无人敢违。 14The sons of the damsels have pierced them through, and they have killed them like children fleeing away: they perished in battle before the face of the Lord my God.
15山岳振撼,山基随水而动,在你面前,磐石似蜡消溶;但敬畏你的,你必仁慈怜悯。 15Let us sing a hymn to the Lord, let us sing a new hymn to our God.
16祭祀原属小道,不过香烟一缕;种种燔祭油脂,于你实微不足道;但敬畏上主的人,伟大永存。 16O Adonai, Lord, great art thou, and glorious in thy power, and no one can overcome thee.
17祸哉,那攻击我族的异民!全能的上主在审判之日,必要报复,他们的肉体必受火烧虫蚀;哀痛哭泣,永不止息!」 17Let all thy creatures serve thee: because thou hast spoken, and they were made: thou didst send forth thy spirit, and they were created, and there is no one that can resist thy voice.
18百姓进入耶路撒冷,朝拜了天主;取洁之后,奉献了全燔祭、自愿祭和供物。 18The mountains shall be moved from the foundations with the waters: the rooks shall melt as wax before thy face.
19友弟德将人民送给她的敖罗斐乃的各种物品,和拿自他寝室内的帷帐,都献给了天主,作为还愿的献礼。 19But they that fear thee, shall be great with thee in all things.
20三月之久,民众于耶路撒冷,在圣所前举行庆祝;友弟德也与他们同乐。 20Woe be to the nation that riseth up against my people: for the Lord almighty will take revenge on them, in the day of judgment he will visit them.
21过了这个日期,各回本家,友弟德也回了拜突里雅,住在家里,一生到处受尊荣。 21For he will give fire, and worms into their flesh, that they may burn, and may feel for ever.
22想念她的人,虽然很多,但她自从丈夫默纳舍去世,归于亲族之后,她一生岁月,再没有认识男人。 22And it came to pass after these things, that all the people, after the victory, came to Jerusalem to adore the Lord: and as soon as they were purified, they all offered holocausts, and vows, and their promises.
23她活了很大的年纪,在他丈夫的家里,活到一百零五岁,解放了自己的奴婢,然后死在拜突里雅,埋葬在丈夫默纳舍的坟墓里。 23And Judith offered for an anathema of oblivion all the arms of Holofernes, which the people gave her, and the canopy that she had taken away out of his chamber.
24以色列家,举丧七天哀悼她。她去世以前把家产分给了自己丈夫默纳舍的至亲,和自己的至亲家人。 24And the people were joyful in the sight of the sanctuary, and for three months the joy of this victory was celebrated with Judith.
25友弟德在世之时,以及在她去世之后,很长久的时期,没有人敢扰乱以色列子民。 25And after those days every man returned to his house, and Judith was made great in Bethulia, and she was most renowned in all the land of Israel.
26 26And chastity was joined to her virtue, so that she knew no man all the days of her life, after the death of Manasses her husband.
27 27And on festival days she came forth with great glory.
28 28And she abode in her husband's house a hundred and five years, and made her handmaid free, and she died, and was buried with her husband in Bethulia.
29 29And all the people mourned for seven days.
30 30And all the time of her life there was none that troubled Israel, nor many years after her death.
31 31But the day of the festivity of this victory is received by the Hebrews in the number of holy days, and is religiously observed by the Jews from that time until this day.
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