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友弟德传 Judith
1友弟德呼吁以色列的天主,祝告了这一切话以后, 1And it came to pass, when she had ceased to cry to the Lord, that she rose from the place wherein she lay prostrate before the Lord.
2就由地上起来,叫来自己的使女,一同下到她安息日及庆节日所常住的屋里, 2And she called her maid, and going down into her house she took off her haircloth, and put away the garments of her widowhood,
3除去所穿的苦衣,脱下寡妇的衣服,洗了澡,涂上贵重的香水,梳好头发,蒙上手帕,穿上丈夫默纳舍在世时自己喜爱穿的锦衣, 3And she washed her body, and anointed herself with the best ointment, and plaited the hair of her head, and put a bonnet upon her head, and clothed herself with the garments of her gladness, and put sandals on her feet, and took her bracelets, and lilies, and earlets, and rings, and adorned herself with all her ornaments.
4脚穿凉鞋,挂上项链、带上手镯、指环、耳环,以及各种装饰品;打扮得花枝招展,令男人见了,无不注目而视。 4And the Lord also gave her more beauty: because all this dressing up did not proceed from sensuality, lent from virtue: and therefore the Lord increased this her beauty, so that she appeared to all men's eyes incomparably lovely.
5然后拿了一皮囊酒,一瓶油,交给自己的使女;又在一布袋内装满了烘焙的大麦,无花果糕,净面包;将一切物品包在一起,放在使女肩上背着。 5And she gave to her maid a bottle of wine to carry, and a vessel of oil, and parched corn, and dry figs, and bread and cheese, and went out.
6于是二人出发,走向拜突里雅城门,正遇见敖齐雅及城中长老加布黎和加尔米在那里等候。 6And when they came to the gate of the city, they found Ozias, and the ancients of the city waiting.
7他们见她容貌大变,服装特异,赞叹她的美丽,对她说: 7And when they saw her they were astonished, and admired her beauty exceedingly.
8「愿我们祖先的天主,使你蒙恩,使以色列子民欢乐,使耶路撒冷显扬!愿他完成你的计划!」 8But they asked her no question, only they let her pass, saying: The God of our fathers give thee grace, and may he strengthen all the counsel of thy heart with his power, that Jerusalem may glory in thee, and thy name may be in the number of the holy and just.
9友弟德遂朝拜了天主,以后向他们说:「请你们下令给我开城门,我要出去,完成你们对我说的事。」长老遂吩咐少年人,照她说的为她开门。 9And they that were there said, all with one voice: So be it, so be it.
10他们开了城门,友弟德和她的婢女就出去了;城里的人目送她下山;等她转过了山谷,就看不见她了。 10But Judith praying to the Lord, passed through the gates, she and her maid.
11她二人在山谷内一直前行,迎面来了一个亚述的哨兵, 11And it came to pass, when she went down the hill, about break of day, that the watchmen of the Assyrians met her and stopped her, saying: Whence comest thou? or whither goest thou?
12就捉住她,盘问说:「你是是那国人,从那里来,往那里去?」她答说:「我是希伯来人。我从他们那里偷跑出来,因为他们快要落在你们口里。 12And she answered: I am a daughter of the Hebrews, and I am fled from them, because I knew they would be made a prey to you, because they despised you, and would not of their own accord yield themselves, that they might find mercy in your sight.
13我来见你们军队的统帅敖罗斐乃,我带有真实情报,要指给他一条路,从这条路进攻,不损一兵一卒,就能占领这山地。」 13For this reason I thought with myself, saying: I will go to the presence of the prince Holofernes, that I may tell him their secrets, and shew him by what way he may take them, without the loss of one man of his army.
14那些人听她说话时,都目不转睛的看着她,见了这样美丽的女人,都惊讶称奇,对她说: 14And when the men had heard her words, they beheld her face, and their eyes were amazed, for they wondered exceedingly at her beauty.
15「你救了命,因你迅速下来,投奔我们的主帅;如今你到他帐幕里去,我们必有人送你,将你交在他手里。 15And they said to her: Thou hast saved thy life by taking this resolution, to come down to our lord.
16若你站在他面前时,你心里不要害怕,只要你按你的话报告,他必定会优待你。」 16And be assured of this, that when thou shalt stand before him, he will treat thee well, and thou wilt be most acceptable to his heart. And they brought her to the tent of Holofernes, telling him of her.
17人就从队里,挑选了一百人,护送她和她的使女,到敖罗斐乃的帐幕前。 17And when she was come into his presence, forthwith Holofernes was caught by his eyes.
18一时全营齐集,因为她前来的消息已传遍了各帐幕;人出来将她围住。那时她正站在敖罗斐乃的帐幕外,等着往上传禀她的事。 18And his officers said to him: Who can despise the people of the Hebrews who have such beautiful women, that we should not think it worth our while for their sakes to fight against them?
19人对她的花容玉貌,无不赞叹,也因她而赞叹以色列子民,彼此相告说:「这民族既有这样的美人,谁还能轻视?他们中即便只让一个男人生存,也不是好事;任他们自由,他们必能智取全世界。」 19And Judith seeing Holofernes sitting under a canopy, which was woven of purple and gold, with emeralds and precious stones:
20敖罗斐乃的护卫和众仆从出来,领她进入营幕。 20After she had looked on his face bowed down to him, prostrating herself to the ground. And the servants of Holofernes lifted her up, by the command of their master.
21那时敖罗斐乃,正在金玉珠宝装饰的紫帐内的床上休息。 21
22人们将她的事向他禀告之后,他遂由银灯引导,来到帐幕门口。 22
23友弟德一来到他和他的侍从面前,他们无不赞赏她的花容玉貌。友弟德遂俯伏在地,向他致敬,侍役们即将她扶起。 23
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