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民长纪 Judges
1于是以色列全体子民出动,从丹到贝尔舍巴,以及基肋阿得地,全会众集合起来好像一个人一样,来到米兹帕上主面前。 1Then all the children of Israel went out and gathered together as one man from Dan to Bersabee, with the land of Galaad, to the Lord in Maspha:
2全民众,即以色列各支派的首领,都参与天主百姓的集会;拿刀的步兵,共有四十万。 2And all the chiefs of the people, and all the tribes of Israel met together in the assembly of the people of God, four hundred thousand footmen fit for war.
3本雅明子孙也听说以色列子民到了米兹帕。以色列子民说:「这件恶事是怎样发生的,请你们述说一遍!」 3(Nor were the children of Benjamin ignorant that the children of Israel were come up to Maspha.) And the Levite the husband of the woman that was killed, being asked, how so great a wickedness had been committed,
4那被杀的女子的丈夫肋未人就回答说:「我与我的妾来到属本雅明的基贝亚 , 要在那里过夜 , 4Answered: I came into Gabaa of Benjamin with my wife, and there I lodged:
5基贝亚的公民起来攻击我,夜间包围我过夜的住宅,企图杀害我,并把我的妾强奸致死。 5And behold the men of that city in the night beset the house wherein I was, intending to kill me, and abused my wife with an incredible fury of lust, so that at last she died.
6因为他们在以色列中间行了这穷凶极恶的丑事,我遂将我的妾切成碎块,遍送以色列基业各地。 6And I took her and cut her in pieces, and sent the, parts into all the borders of your possession: because there never was so heinous a crime, and so great an abomination committed in Israel.
7以色列子孙,请你们大家说出你们的意见和对策。」 7You are all here, O children of Israel, determine what you ought to do.
8那时全体民众好像一个人一样都起来说:「我们中谁也不要返回自已的帐幕,谁也不要回自己的家, 8And all the people standing, answered as by the voice of one man: We will not return to our tents, neither shall any one of us go into his own house:
9现在我们就要这样对付基贝亚,抽签进攻, 9But this we will do in common against Gabaa:
10由以色列各支派中,每百人抽十人,每千人抽百人,每万人抽千人,给民众运送军粮;待众人到达本雅明的基贝亚后,按照那城在以色列中间所行的丑事报复它。」 10We will take ten men of a hundred out of all the tribes of Israel, and a hundred out of a thousand, and a thousand out of ten thousand, to bring victuals for the army, that we might fight against Gabaa of Benjamin, and render to it for its wickedness, what it deserveth.
11于是以色列人联合起来攻击那城,彼此合作有如一人。 11And all Israel were gathered together against the city, as one man, with one mind, and one counsel:
12以色列众支派差人往本雅明支派的各家说:「你们中间怎么发生了这样的恶事? 12And they sent messengers to all the tribe of Benjamin to say to them: Why hath so great an abomination been found among you?
13现在你们把那些人,即基贝亚的无赖之徒,交出来,我们好处死他们,从以色列中铲除这邪恶。」本雅明子孙却不肯听从他兄弟们以色列子民的呼声; 13Deliver up the men of Gabaa, that have committed this heinous crime, that they may die, and the evil may be taken away out of Israel. But they would not hearken to the proposition of their brethren the children of Israel:
14本雅明子孙反而从各城聚集起来,来到基贝亚,要与以色列子民交战。 14But out of all the cities which were of their lot, they gathered themselves together into Gabaa, to aid them, and to fight against the whole people of Israel.
15那一天,本雅明人从各城来的共计两万六千拿刀的,基贝亚的居民尚未计算在内。 15And there were found of Benjamin five and twenty thousand men that drew the sword, besides the inhabitants of Gabaa,
16在这些人中,还有特选的七百精兵,能左右开弓,个个能用机絃抛石,毫厘不爽。 16Who were seven hundred most valiant men, fighting with the left hand as well as with the right: and slinging stones so sure that they could hit even a hair, and not miss by the stone's going on either side.
17本雅明人除外,以色列人共有四十万拿刀的,个个都是战士。 17Of the men of Israel also, beside the children of Benjamin, were found four hundred thousand that drew swords, and were prepared to fight.
18以色列子民起身上到贝特耳,求问天主说:「我们中谁该先上去与本雅明子孙作战?」上主答说:「犹大先去。」 18And they arose and came to the house of God, that is, to Silo: and they consulted God, and said: Who shall be in our army the first to go to the battle against the children of Benjamin? And the Lord answered them: Let Juda be your leader.
19于是以色列子民早晨起来,对着基贝亚安营。 19And forthwith the children of Israel rising in the morning, camped by Gabaa:
20以色列人出来要与本雅明人交战,遂在基贝亚前面摆阵等待他们。 20And going out from thence to fight against Benjamin, began to assault the city.
21本雅明子孙从基贝亚出来迎战,那一天杀死了二万二千以色列人。 21And the children of Benjamin coming out of Gabaa, slew of the children of Israel that day two and twenty thousand men.
22以后,众以色列又鼓起勇气,又在前一日布阵的地方布阵。 22Again Israel trusting in their strength and their number, set their army in array in the same place, where they had fought before:
23事前,以色列子民先上到贝特耳,在上主面前哀哭,一直到晚上,然后求问上主说:「我们可否再去与我们的弟兄本雅明交战?」上主答说:「可上去攻打。」 23Yet so that they first went up and wept before the Lord until night: and consulted him, and said: Shall I go out any more to fight against the children of Benjamin my brethren, or not? And he answered them: Go up against them, and join battle.
24于是第二天,以色列子民又去攻打本雅明子孙。 24And when the children of Israel went out the next day to fight against the children of Benjamin,
25本雅明人第二天也从基贝亚出来与以色列人交战,又杀死了一万八千以色列子民,都是拿刀的人。 25The children of Benjamin sallied forth out of the gates of Gabaa: and meeting them made so great a slaughter of them, as to kill eighteen thousand men that drew the sword.
26以色列众子民,即全民众,又上到贝特耳,坐在上主面前哀哭,整日禁食直到晚上;以后,在上主面前献了全燔祭与和平祭。 26Wherefore all the children of Israel came to the house of God, and sat and wept before the Lord: and they fasted that day till the evening, and offered to him holocausts, and victims of peace offerings,
27-28【那时天主的约柜正在那里,同时有亚郎的子孙厄肋阿匝尔的儿子丕乃哈斯在约柜前供职。】以色列子民又求问上主说:「我们是否应再去与我们的弟兄本雅明人交战?或是休战?」上主答说:「你们应上去,因为我明天必将他们交在你们手中。」 27And inquired of him concerning their state. At that time the ark of the covenant of the Lord was there,
29以色列人就在基贝亚四周设下伏兵。 28And Phinees the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron was over the house. So they consulted the Lord and said: Shall we go out any more to fight against the children of Benjamin our brethren, or shall we cease? And the Lord said to them: Go up, for tomorrow I will deliver them into your hands.
30第三天以色列子民上去攻打本雅明子孙,在基贝亚对面布阵,像前两次一样。 29And the children of Israel set ambushes round about the city of Gabaa:
31本雅明子孙出来迎敌,被引出城外,在两条大路上──一条通往贝特耳,一条通往基贝红──像前两次一样,开始杀敌,在田野就杀死了约有三十个以色列人。 30And they drew up their army against Benjamin the third time, as they had done the first and second.
32本雅明子孙遂说:「他们像前次一样,在我们面前打败了。」但以色列子民却说:「我们不如后退,引他们远离城,到大路上来。」 31And the children of Benjamin boldly issued out of the city, and seeing their enemies flee, pursued them a long way, so as to wound and kill some of them, as they had done the first and second day, whilst they fled by two highways, whereof one goeth up to Bethel, and the other to Gabaa, and they slew about thirty men:
33当以色列众人从他们的地方起来,在巴耳塔玛尔布阵的时候,以色列的伏兵从革巴西边埋伏的地方冲出来; 32For they thought to cut them off, as they did before. But they artfully feigning a flight, designed to draw them away from the city, and by their seeming to flee to bring them to the highways aforesaid.
34全以色列中所选出的一万精兵齐来攻打基贝亚,战争非常激烈,但是本雅明人还不知道大祸临头。 33Then all the children of Israel rising up out of the places where they were, set their army in battle array, in the place which is called Baalthamar. The ambushes also which were about the city, began by little and little to come forth,
35上主在以色列前打击本雅明人,那一天以色列子民杀死本雅明人共有二万五千一百,都是拿刀的人。 34And to march from the west side of the city. And other ten thousand men chosen out of all Israel attacked the inhabitants of the city. And the battle grew hot against the children of Benjamin: and they understood not that present death threatened them on every side.
36这样,本雅明子孙看出自己已失败。原来以色列人依仗在基贝亚所设下的伏兵,先在本雅明人前退却; 35And the Lord defeated them before the children of Israel, and they slew of them in that day five and twenty thousand, and one hundred, all fighting men and that drew the sword.
37伏兵急速冲入基贝亚,冲进之后,用刀屠杀了全城的人。 36But the children of Benjamin when they saw themselves to be too weak, began to flee. Which the children of Israel seeing, gave them place to flee, that they might come to the ambushes that were prepared, which they had set near the city.
38原先以色列人与伏兵约定,在城内放火,以烟火上腾为号。 37And they that were in ambush arose on a sudden out of their coverts, and whilst Benjamin turned their backs to the slayers, went into the city, and smote it with the edge of the sword.
39以色列人在战场上撤退的时候,本雅明动手杀死以色列人约有三十人,他们想:「的确,他们如前一仗一样,在我们前杀败了。」 38Now the children of Israel had given a sign to them, whom they had laid in ambushes, that after they had taken the city, they should make a fire: that by the smoke rising on high, they might shew that the city was taken.
40当烟柱信号从城中上腾的时候,本雅明人转过身来,见全城烟火冲天; 39And when the children of Israel saw this in the battle (for the children of Benjamin thought they fled and pursued them vigorously, killing thirty men of their army)
41那时以色列人也转身回来;本雅明人大为惊慌,因为看见大祸临头, 40And perceived as it were a pillar of smoke rise up from the city; and Benjamin looking back, saw that the city was taken, and that the flames ascended on high:
42遂在以色列人面前转向旷野的路上逃去,但战士却追踪而至,从城里出来的人也夹击他们; 41They that before had made as if they fled, turning their faces stood bravely against them; which the children of Benjamin seeing, turned their backs,
43这样,以色列人击溃了本雅明人,追击他们,从诺哈蹂躏他们,直到革巴对面的东方之地。 42And began to go towards the way of the desert, the enemy pursuing them thither also. And they that fired the city came also out to meet them.
44本雅明人阵亡一万八千,都是勇士。 43And so it was, that they were slain on both sides by the enemies, and there was no rest of their men dying. They fell and were beaten down on the east side of the city Gabaa.
45其余的人都转身向着旷野逃往黎孟岩石,以色列人在路上又扫荡了他们中五千人;以后,直追到革巴,击杀了二千人。 44And they that were slain in the same place were eighteen thousand men, all most valiant soldiers.
46那一日,本雅明中阵亡的,共有二万五千人, 45And when they that remained of Benjamin saw this, they fled into the wilderness and made towards the rock that is called Remmon. In that flight, also as they were straggling and going different ways, they slew of them five thousand men. And as they went farther, they still pursued them, and slew also other two thousand.
47所剩下的六百人,转身逃往旷野,直到黎孟岩石,在黎孟岩石中住了四个月。 46And so it came to pass, that all that were slain of Benjamin in divers places, were five and twenty thousand fighting men, most valiant for war.
48以色列人又回到本雅明子孙那里,把各城的人和牲畜,以及所遇见的都用刀杀尽;并将所经过的城池放火烧毁。 47And there remained of all the number of Benjamin only six hundred men that were able to escape, and flee to the wilderness: and they abode in the rock Remmon four months.
48 48But the children of Israel returning, put all the remains of the city to the sword, both men and beasts, and all the cities and villages of Benjamin were consumed with devouring flames.
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