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民长纪 Judges
1那时在以色列没有君王,同时丹支派仍在寻找居住的基地,因为直到那一天在以色列支派中,丹支派尚未得到基地。 1In those days there was no king in Israel, and the tribe of Dan sought them an inheritance to dwell in: for unto that day they had not received their lot among the other tribes.
2于是丹子孙从祚辣和厄市陶耳,由全家族中,派了五个勇敢的人去窥探侦察那地方,对他们说:「你们去侦察那地方!」他们到了厄弗辣因山地,来到米加的住宅,就在那里过夜。 2So the children of Dan sent five most valiant men of their stock and family from Saraa and Esthaol, to spy out the land, and to view it diligently: and they said to them: Go, and view the land. They went on their way, and when they came to mount Ephraim, they went into the house of Michas, and rested there:
3他们在米加家附近,认出那少年肋未的声音,就过去向他说:「谁领你来到这里?你在这里作什么?你在这里有什么职务?」 3And knowing the voice of the young man the Levite, and lodging with him, they said to him: Who brought thee hither? what dost thou here? why wouldst thou come hither?
4他回答说:「米加待我如此如此!他聘了我作他的司祭。」 4He answered them: Michas hath done such and such things for me, and hath hired me to be his priest.
5他们对他说:「你求问天主,使我们知道,我们将走的路顺利吗?」 5Then they desired him to consult the Lord, that they might know whether their journey should be prosperous, and the thing should have effect.
6司祭回答他们说:「你们平安去罢!上主必使你们所走的路顺遂。」 6He answered them: Go in peace, the Lord looketh on your way, and the journey that you go.
7于是那五个人就去了,来到拉依士,在那里看见城中的人民安居乐业,一如漆冬人一样,平安无虑,地产丰富,一无所缺;并且他们离漆冬又远,与阿兰也没有往来。 7So the five men going on came to Lais: and they saw how the people dwelt therein without any fear, according to the custom of the Sidonians, secure and easy, having no man at all to oppose them, being very rich, and living separated, at a distance from Sidon and from all men.
8当他们回到祚辣和厄市陶耳自己弟兄那里时,弟兄们问他们说:「你们带来什么消息?」 8And they returned to their brethren in Saraa and Esthaol, who asked them what they had done? to whom they answered:
9他们回答说:「起来,让我们上到拉依士去,因为我们已察看过,那地真肥美,你们还等什么?不要再迟延,赶快去占领! 9Arise, and let us go up to them: for we have seen the land which is exceeding rich and fruitful: neglect not, lose no time: let us go and possess it, there will be no difficulty.
10到那里去,是到一个不设防的人民那里去,地面宽广辽阔;天主已把那地交在你们手中;那地方物产丰富,一无所缺。」 10We shall come to a people that is secure, into a spacious country, and the Lord will deliver the place to us, in which there is no want of any thing that groweth on the earth.
11于是有六百丹支派的人,带着武器,从祚辣和厄市陶耳出发, 11There went therefore of the kindred of Dan, to wit, from Saraa and Esthaol, six hundred men, furnished with arms for war,
12经过山路,在犹大克黎雅特耶阿陵安营;因此,那地方直到今日叫作「丹营」;这地是在克黎雅特耶阿陵西面。 12And going up they lodged in Cariathiarim of Juda: which place from that time is called the camp of Dan, and is behind Cariathiarim.
13他们又从那里经过厄弗辣因山地,来到米加的住处。 13From thence they passed into mount Ephraim. And when they were come to the house of Michas,
14当时先去窥探那地的五个人,告诉弟兄们说:「你们知不知道,在此家内有『厄弗得』、『忒辣芬』和一尊神像?现在你们要决定当作什么。」 14The five men, that before had been sent to view the land of Lais, said to the rest of their brethren: You know that in these houses there is an ephod, and theraphim, and a graven, and a molten god: see what you are pleased to do.
15于是他们转入米加的住宅,来到少年肋未人的屋里,向他请安问好。 15And when they had turned a little aside, they went into the house of the young man the Levite, who was in the house of Michas: and they saluted him with words of peace.
16同时那六百丹人带着兵器站在门口, 16And the six hundred men stood before the door, appointed with their arms.
17先去探地的那五个人就上去,进到里面,要拿那尊神像并「厄弗得」和「忒辣芬」,此时司祭和那六百个带武器的人站在门口。 17But they that were gone into the house of the young man, went about to take away the graven god, and the ephod, and the theraphim, and the molten god, and the priest stood before the door, the six hundred valiant men waiting not far off.
18当那些人进入米加家里,拿那尊神像、「厄弗得」和「忒辣芬」时,司祭问他们说:「你们做什么?」 18So they that were gone in took away the graven thing, the ephod, and the idols, and the molten god. And the priest said to them: What are you doing?
19他们回答说:「不要作声,用手掩住你的口,跟我们去,作我们的师傅和司祭;你作一个人家的司祭好呢?还是在以色列中间作一个支派,一家族的司祭好呢?」 19And they said to him: Hold thy peace and put thy finger on thy mouth and come with us, that we may have thee for a father, and a priest. Whether is better for thee, to be a priest in the house of one man, or in a tribe and family in Israel?
20司祭满怀高兴,遂带了「厄弗得」和「忒辣芬」和神像,到了那些人中间。 20When he had heard this, he agreed to their words, and took the ephod, and the idols, and the graven god, and departed with them.
21他们遂转身回去,把妇孺、牲口以及辎重放在前方。 21And when they were going forward, and had put before them the children and the cattle and all that was valuable,
22当他们离开米加的住宅相当远的时候,米加和米加家附近的人,都聚集起来,去追赶丹的子孙。 22And were now at a distance from the house of Michas, the men that dwelt in the houses of Michas gathering together followed them,
23他们向丹的子孙呼喊,丹的子孙回过脸来对米加说:「你叫喊什么?」 23And began to shout out after them. They looked back, and said to Michas: What aileth thee? Why dost thou cry?
24米加回答说:「你们把我所制的神像和司祭都带走,我还有什么呢?怎么你们还向我说:你作什么?」 24And he answered: You have taken away my gods which I have made me and the priest, and all that I have, and do you say: What aileth thee?
25丹的子孙对他说:「不要再让我们听见你的声音,免得我们中间有暴燥的人打击你们,使你和你全家都丧失性命!」 25And the children of Dan said to him: See thou say no more to us, lest men enraged come upon thee, and thou perish with all thy house.
26此后,丹的子孙继续前行,米加见他们比自己强大,就转身回了家。 26And so they went on the journey they had begun. But Michas seeing that they were stronger than he, returned to his house.
27丹的子孙带着米加所做的神像和他私有的司祭,来到拉依士,到了一个平安无虑的人民那里,用刀剑杀戮了他们,放火烧了那城, 27And the six hundred men took the priest, and the things we spoke of before, and came to Lais to a people that was quiet and secure, and smote them with the edge of the sword: and the city was burnt with fire,
28没有人来援救,因为拉依士离漆冬很远,与阿兰又没有往来。这城位于贝特勒曷布山谷中;丹的子孙重建这城,住在那里, 28There being no man at all who brought them any succour, because they dwelt far from Sidon, and had no society or business with any man. And the city was in the land of Rohob: and they rebuilt it and dwelt therein.
29按他们的祖宗,以色列所生的儿子丹的名字,给这城起名叫丹;其实这城原先名叫拉依士。 29Calling the name of the city Dan after the name of their father, who was the son of Israel, which before was called Lais.
30丹的子孙把那尊神像立起来,梅瑟的后裔,革尔雄的子孙约纳堂和他的子孙作丹支派的司祭,直到该地被掳掠的时日。 30And they set up to themselves the graven idol, and Jonathan the son of Gersam the son of Moses, he and his sons were priests in the tribe of Dan, until the day of their captivity.
31天主的殿在史罗多少时日,米加所作的神像在丹支派中也立了多少时日。 31And the idol of Michas remained with them all the time that the house of God was in Silo. In those days there was no king in Israel.
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