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若苏厄书 Joshua
1犹大支派的子孙按照家族,抽签分得的土地是在极南部,以厄东边境为界,南至亲旷野。 1Now the lot of the children of Juda by their kindreds was this: From the frontier of Edom, to the desert of Sin southward, and to the uttermost part of the south coast.
2南方的边界起自盐海顶端,即海湾南端, 2Its beginning was from the top of the most salt sea, and from the bay thereof, that looketh to the south.
3沿阿刻辣宾山坡之南,经亲旷野,上至卡德士巴尔乃亚之南,再由此经过赫兹龙,上至阿达尔,再绕过卡尔卡, 3And it goeth out towards the ascent of the Scorpion, and passeth on to Sina: and ascendeth into Cadesbarne, and reacheth into Esron, going up to Addar, and compassing Carcaa.
4穿过阿兹孟直到埃及小河,而后延至大海:以上是他们南方的边界。 4And from thence passing along into Asemona, and reaching the torrent of Egypt: and the bounds thereof shall be the great sea, this shall be the limit of the south coast.
5东方的边界是自盐海直到约但河口;北方的边界是起自约但河口的海湾, 5But on the east side the beginning shall be the most salt sea even to the end of the Jordan: and towards the north, from the bay of the sea unto the same river Jordan.
6上至贝特曷革拉,经过贝特阿辣巴北部,上至勒乌本人波罕的磐石; 6And the border goeth up into Beth-Hagla, and passeth by the north into Beth-Araba: going up to the stone of Boen the son of Ruben.
7再由此上至德彼尔,沿阿苛尔山谷,往北转向位于谷南的阿杜明山坡对面的革里罗特,再经舍默士水泉,直到洛革耳泉。 7And reaching as far as the borders of Debara from the valley of Achor, and so northward looking towards Galgal, which is opposite to the ascent of Adommin, on the south side of the torrent: and the border passeth the waters that are called the fountain of the sun: and the goings out thereof shall be at the fountain Rogel.
8以后再由此沿本希农山谷而上,直达耶步斯,即耶路撒冷的南侧,再上至俯视本希农山谷西方的山顶,这山位于勒法因平原的北端。 8And it goeth up by the valley of the son of Ennom on the side of the Jebusite towards the south, the same is Jerusalem: and thence ascending to the top of the mountain, which is over against Geennom to the west in the end of the valley of Raphaim, northward.
9再由这山顶转向乃费托亚水泉,直到厄斐龙山,然后转向巴阿拉──即克黎雅特耶阿陵。 9And it passeth on from the top of the mountain to the fountain of the water of Nephtoa: and reacheth to the towns of mount Ephron: and it bendeth towards Baala, which is Cariathiarim, that is to say, the city of the woods.
10再从巴阿拉向西折向色依尔山,绕过耶阿陵即革撒隆山脊北部,下至贝特舍默士,经过提默纳, 10And it compasseth from Baala westward unto mount Seir: and passeth by the side of mount Jarim to the north into Cheslon: and goeth down into Bethsames, and passeth into Thamna.
11直至厄刻龙山脊北部,再绕过史加龙,经巴阿拉山,直到雅贝乃耳,最后至海为止。 11And it reacheth northward to a part of Accaron at the side: and bendeth to Sechrona, and passeth mount Baala: and cometh into Jebneel, and is bounded westward with the great sea.
12西方的边界以大海海滨为界:以上是犹大子孙按照家族所分得的地区四周的边界。 12These are the borders round about of the children of Juda in their kindreds.
13若苏厄遵照上主的吩咐,将犹大子孙中的一部分土地,即克黎雅特阿尔巴,分给了耶孚乃的儿子加肋布。阿尔巴是阿纳克的祖先,阿尔巴即是赫贝龙。 13But to Caleb the son of Jephone he gave a portion in the midst of the children of Juda, as the Lord had commanded him: Cariath-Arbe the father of Enac. which is Hebron.
14加肋布从那里赶走了阿纳克的三个子孙:舍瑟、阿希曼和塔耳买;他们是阿纳克的后代。 14And Caleb destroyed out of it the three sons of Ehac, Sesai and Ahiman. and Tholmai of the race of Enac.
15加肋布又从那里上去,攻打了德彼尔居民──德彼尔以前叫克黎雅特色费尔。 15And going up from thence he came to the inhabitants of Dabir, which before was called Cariath-Sepher, that is to say, the city of letters.
16加肋布说:「谁能征服或拿下克黎雅特色费尔,我便将我的女儿阿革撒给他为妻。」 16And Caleb said: He that shall smite Cariath-Sepher, and take it, I will give him Axa my daughter to wife.
17加肋布的弟兄,刻纳次的儿子敖特尼耳夺下了那城,加肋布便将自己的女儿阿革撒给他为妻。 17And Othoniel the son of Cenez, the younger brother of Caleb, took it: and he gave him Axa his daughter to wife.
18阿革撒快过门的时候,丈夫劝她向她的父亲要求一块田地。阿革撒一下驴,加肋布便向她说:「你要什么?」 18And as they were going together, she was moved by her husband to ask a field of her father, and she sighed as she sat on her ass. And Caleb said to her: What aileth thee?
19阿革撒答说:「请你给我一件礼物;你既把我安置于南方的旱地,求你也将水泉给我。」她的父亲就把上泉和下泉赐给了她。 19But she answered: Give me a blessing: thou hast given me a southern and dry land, give me also a land that is watered. And Caleb gave her the upper and the nether watery ground.
20以下是犹大支派子孙,按照家族分得的产业: 20This is the possession of the tribe of the children of Juda by their kindreds.
21犹大支派子孙在乃革布与厄东交界的城市,有卡贝责耳、阿辣得、雅古尔、 21And the cities from the uttermost parts of the children of Juda by the borders of Edom to the south, were Cabseel and Eder and Jagur,
22克纳狄摩纳、阿尔阿辣。 22And Cina and Dimona and Adada,
23刻德士、哈祚尔、依特南、 23And Cades and Asor and Jethnam,
24齐弗、特冷、贝阿罗特、 24Ziph and Telem and Baloth,
25哈祚尔哈达大、克黎约特赫兹龙──即哈祚尔、 25New Asor and Carioth, Hesron, which is Asor.
26阿曼、舍玛、摩拉达、 26Amam, Sama and Molada,
27哈匝尔加达、赫市孟、贝特培肋特、 27And Asergadda and Hassemon and Bethphelet,
28哈匝尔叔阿耳、贝尔舍巴及所属村镇、 28And Hasersual and Bersabee and Baziothia,
29巴阿拉、依因、厄曾、 29And Baala and Jim and Esem,
30厄耳托拉得、革息耳、曷尔玛、 30And Eltholad and Cesil and Harma,
31漆刻拉格、玛德玛纳、桑森纳、 31And Siceleg and Medemena and Sensenna,
32肋巴敖特、史耳新和恩黎孟:共计二十九座城和所属村镇。 32Lebaoth and Selim and Aen and Remmon: all the cities twenty-nine, and their villages.
33在盆地有厄市陶耳、祚辣、阿市纳、 33But in the plains: Estaol and Sarea and Asena,
34匝诺亚、恩加宁、塔普亚、厄南、 34And Zanoe and Engannim and Taphua and Enaim,
35雅尔慕特、阿杜蓝、索苛、阿则卡、 35And Jerimoth and Adullam, Socho and Azeca,
36沙阿辣因、阿狄塔殷、革德辣及革德洛塔殷:共计十四座城和所属村镇。 36And Saraim and Adithaim and Gedera and Gederothaim: fourteen cities, and their villages.
37责南、哈达沙、米革达耳加得、 37Sanan and Hadassa and Magdalgad,
38狄耳罕、米兹培、约刻特耳、 38Delean and Masepha and Jecthel,
39拉基士、波兹卡特、厄革隆、 39Lachis and Bascath and Eglon,
40加朋、拉赫玛斯、基特里士、 40Chebbon and Leheman and Cethlis,
41革德洛特、贝特达贡、纳阿玛、玛刻达:共计十六座城和所属村镇。 41And Gideroth and Bethdagon and Naama and Maceda: sixteen cities, and their villages.
42里贝纳、厄特尔、阿商、 42Labana and Ether and Asan,
43依弗达、阿市纳、乃漆布、 43Jephtha and Esna and Nesib,
44刻依拉、阿革齐布、玛勒沙:共计九座城和所属村镇; 44And Ceila and Achzib and Maresa: nine cities, and their villages.
45尚有厄刻龙和所属的城镇。 45Accaron with the towns and villages thereof.
46还有从厄刻龙到海,所有靠近阿市多得的城邑和所属村镇。 46From Accaron even to the sea: all places that lie towards Azotus and the villages thereof.
47阿市多得和所属城镇,迦萨和所属城镇,直到埃及小河;并以大海为界。 47Azotus with its towns and villages. Gaza with its towns and villages, even to the torrent of Egypt, and the great sea that is the border thereof.
48在山地有沙米尔,雅提尔、索苛, 48And in the mountain Samir and Jether and Socoth,
49达纳、克黎雅特色费尔即德彼尔、 49And Danna and Cariath-senna, this is Dabir:
50阿纳布、厄市特摩、阿宁、 50Anab and Istemo and Anim,
51哥笙、曷隆和基罗:共计十一座城和所属村镇。 51Gosen and Olon and Gilo: eleven cities and their villages.
52阿辣布、杜玛、厄商、 52Arab and Ruma and Esaan,
53雅农、贝特塔普亚、阿费克、 53And Janum and Beththaphua and Apheca,
54胡默达、克黎雅特阿尔巴即赫贝龙和漆敖尔:共计九座城和所属村镇。 54Athmatha and Cariath-Arbe, this is Hebron and Sior: nine cities and their villages.
55玛红、加尔默耳、齐弗、犹他、 55Maon and Carmel and Ziph and Jota,
56依次勒耳、约刻德罕、匝诺亚, 56Jezrael and Jucadam and Zanoe,
57卡因、基贝亚、提默纳:共计十座城和所属村镇。 57Accain, Gabaa and Thamna: ten cities and their villages.
58哈耳胡耳、贝特族尔、革多尔、 58Halhul, and Bessur, and Gedor,
59玛阿辣特、贝特阿诺特、厄耳特孔:共计六座城和所属村镇。特科亚、厄弗辣大即白冷、培敖尔、厄堂、谷隆、塔堂、索勒、加伦、加林、贝特尔、玛纳:共计十一座城和所属村镇。 59Mareth, and Bethanoth, and Eltecon: six cities and their villages.
60尚有克黎雅特巴耳即克黎雅特耶阿陵和阿辣巴两座城,和所属村镇。 60Cariathbaal, the same is Cariathiarim, the city of woods, and Arebba: two cities and their villages.
61在旷野有贝特阿辣巴、米丁、色加加、 61In the desert Betharaba, Meddin and Sachacha,
62尼贝商、盐城和恩革狄:共计六座城和所属村镇。 62And Nebsan, and the city of salt, and Engaddi: six cities and their villages.
63至于住在耶路撒冷的耶步斯人,犹大人不能将他们赶走,因此耶步斯人直到今日,仍同犹大人一起住在耶路撒冷。 63But the children of Juda could not destroy the Jebusite that dwelt in Jerusalem: and the Jebusite dwelt with the children of Juda in Jerusalem until this present day.
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