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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1本雅明子民,请你们逃出耶路撒冷,在特科亚吹号,在贝特革楞竖立旗帜!因为有一个灾祸,即一个巨大的毁灭,已由北方隐约出现。 1Strengthen yourselves, ye sons of Benjamin, in the midst of Jerusalem, and sound the trumpet in Thecua, and set up the standard over Bethacarem: for evil is seen out of the north, and a great destruction.
2熙雍女郎仿佛美丽的草场, 2I have likened the daughter of Sion to a beautiful and delicate woman.
3牧童领着自己的羊群向她进发,在她四周张设帐幕,各据一方牧放。 3The shepherds shall come to her with their flocks: they have pitched their tents against her round about: every one shall feed them that are under his hand.
4「请你们备战,向她进攻;来,让我们在正午就上前进攻!我们真不幸!因为日已偏西,暮影已长! 4Prepare ye war against her: arise, and let us go up at midday: woe unto us, for the day is declined, for the shadows of the evening are grown longer.
5不妨!就趁夜间上去,破坏她的宫阙。」 5Arise, and let us go up in the night, and destroy her houses.
6因为万军的上主这样说:「你们该砍伐她的树木,堆起壁垒,围攻耶路撒冷,这该受罚的城市,因为在那里充满了压榨。 6For thus saith the Lord of hosts: Hew down her trees, cast up a trench about Jerusalem: this is the city to be visited, all oppression is in the midst of her.
7泉源怎样涌出水,她就怎样涌出邪恶;从那里只可听到强暴和迫害,我只看见疾病和疮痍。 7As a cistern maketh its water cold, so hath she made her wickedness cold: violence and spoil shall be heard in her, infirmity and stripes are continually before me.
8耶路撒冷!你应接受训戒,免得我的心疏远你,使你荒凉,成为没有人居住的地方。」 8Be thou instructed, O Jerusalem, lest my soul depart from thee, lest I make thee desolate, a land uninhabited.
9万军的上主这样说:「你应像收拾葡萄,把以色列的遗民收拾净尽;又如收割的人向枝条再伸出你的手来。」 9Thus saith the Lord of hosts: They shall gather the remains of Israel, as in a vine, even to one cluster: turn back thy hand, as a grape gatherer into the basket.
10我应对谁说,应警告谁,使他们听信我呢?看,他们的耳朵迟钝不灵,不能留心细听;看,上主的话对他们已成了笑柄,一点也不感兴趣。 10To whom shall I speak? and to whom shall I testify, that he may hear? behold, their ears are uncircumcised, and they cannot hear: behold the word of the Lord is become unto them a reproach: and and they will not receive it.
11为此,我满怀上主的忿怒,我已无法再控制:「只得将忿怒泄在街上的孩童和青年的队伍身上,因为男人和女人,年长和年老的人,都要被掳去; 11Therefore am I full of the fury of the Lord, I am weary with holding in: pour it out upon the child abroad, and upon the council of the young men together: for man and woman shall be taken, the ancient and he that is full of days.
12他们的住宅、庄田和妻室,都要归于他人,因为我要向本地的居民伸出我的手──上主的断语。」 12And their houses shall be turned over to others, with their lands and their wives together: for I will stretch for my hand upon the inhabitants of the land, saith the Lord.
13实在,从最小的到最大的,都贪财图利;从先知到司祭,都欺诈行事, 13For from the least of them even to the greatest, all are given to covetousness: and from the prophet even to the priest, all are guilty of deceit.
14草率治疗我人民的疮痍说:「好了,好了!」其实却没有好。 14And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying: Peace, peace: and there was no peace.
15他们既行事可憎,就理当知耻;可是,他们不但毫不知耻,反而连羞愧也不知是什么;为此,他们要与倒毙者一同倒毙,在我降罚他们时,都要一蹶不振──上主说。 15They were confounded, because they committed abomination: yea, rather they were not confounded with confusion, and they knew not how to blush: wherefore they shall fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall fall down, saith the Lord.
16上主这样说:「你们应站在交叉路口,观察探问旧路;那一条是好路,就在那路上走,你们的心灵必获安宁。」他们却答说:「我们偏不走。」 16Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways, and see and ask for the old paths which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls. And they said: we will not walk.
17「我给你们派驻哨兵,你们应注意号声!」他们却答说:「他们偏不注意。」 17And I appointed watchmen over you, saying: Hearken ye to the sound of the trumpet. And they said: We will not hearken.
18为此,万民!你们应该细听;群众!你们应知道他们的遭遇。 18Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what great things I will do to them.
19大地!注意:看,我必给这百姓带来灾祸,作他们失节的苦果,因为他们没有听从我的言辞,抛弃了我的法律。 19Hear, O earth: Behold I will bring evils upon this people, the fruits of their own thoughts: because they have not heard my words, and they have cast away my law.
20那些来自舍巴的乳香,出自远方的香蒲,于我有何用?你们的全燔祭不受悦纳,你们的牺牲不乐我意。 20To what purpose do you bring me frankincense from Saba, and the sweet smelling cane from a far country? your holocausts are not acceptable, nor are your sacrifices pleasing to me.
21为此,上主这样说,「看,我将给这人民设下绊脚石,使父子一起绊倒,使邻居和朋友同趋灭亡。」 21Therefore thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will bring destruction upon this people, by which fathers and sons together shall fall, neighbour and kinsman shall perish.
22上主这样说:「看,有一个民族从北方前来,有一个强大的异邦从地极兴起, 22Thus saith the Lord: Behold a people cometh from the land of the north, and a great nation shall rise up from the ends of the earth.
23紧握弓戈,残忍无情,像海啸一般喧嚷,骑着战马,万众一心,严阵准备向你进攻,熙雍女郎!」 23They shall lay hold on arrow and shield: they are cruel, and will have no mercy. Their voice shall roar like the sea: and they shall mount upon horses, prepared as men for war, against thee, O daughter of Sion.
24我们听到了这消息,束手无策,不胜忧虑,痛苦得有如临产的妇女。 24We have heard the fame thereof, our hands grow feeble: anguish hath taken hold of us, as a woman in labor.
25你们不要到田间去,不要在路上徘徊,因为敌人正在厮杀,四处令人恐怖。 25Go not out into the fields, nor walk in the highway: for the sword of the enemy, and fear is on every side.
26我的女儿──人民──你该穿上麻衣,辗转于灰麈,悲哀伤心痛哭,如丧独子,因为劫夺者要突然来袭击我们! 26Gird thee with sackcloth, O daughter of my people, and sprinkle thee with ashes: make thee mourning as for an only son, a bitter lamentation, because the destroyer shall suddenly come upon us.
27我立了你作我人民的考察员,原是为叫你认识并考察他们的行径。 27I have set thee for a strong trier among my people: and thou shalt know and prove their way.
28他们尽是极顽固的叛徒,往来播散流言,确是坏透了的破铜烂铁。 28All of these princes go out of the way, they walk deceitfully, they are brass and iron: they are all corrupted.
29风箱猛吹,虽有烈火,但铅仍不溶化;炼工徒然锻炼,渣滓总炼不掉。 29The bellows have failed, the lead is consumed in the fire, the founder hath melted in vain: for their wicked deeds are not consumed.
30人都称他们为「抛弃的银渣,」因为上主已将他们抛弃。 30Call them reprobate silver, for the Lord hath rejected them.
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