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耶肋米亚 Jeremiah
1请你们巡行耶路撒冷的街道,观察注意,在她的广场上搜寻:若你们能找到一人,一个履行正义,追求信实的人,我就宽恕这城。 1Go about through the streets of Jerusalem, and see, and consider, and seek in the broad places thereof, if you can fins a man that executeth judgement, and seeketh faith: and I will be merciful unto it.
2虽然他们起誓说:「上主永在!」其实他们起的誓仍是虚誓。 2And though they say: The Lord liveth; this also they will swear falsely.
3上主,你的眼睛难道不顾信实?你打击了他们,他们却毫不觉痛;你使他们挫败,他们仍拒绝受教,使自己的面孔比火石还要顽硬,不愿悔改。 3O Lord, thy eyes are upon truth: thou hast struck them, and they have not grieved: thou hast bruised them, and they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than the rock, and they have refused to return.
4我想:「不错,他们原是无知的平民,不认识上主的道路和他们天主的法律。 4But I said: Perhaps these are poor and foolish, that know not the way of the Lord, the judgement of their God.
5我要去问有权势的人,与他们谈论,因为他们知道上主的道路和他们天主的法律。」哎!连他们也都折断了轭,挣断了绳索。 5I will go therefore to the great men, and I will speak to them: for they known the way of the Lord, the judgement of their God: and behold these have together broken the yoke more, and have burst the bonds.
6为此,狮子由丛林出来袭击他们,旷野的豺狼出来伤害他们,豹子潜伏在他们的城旁,凡出来的人都被撕裂,因为他们罪上加罪,失节有增无已。 6Wherefore a lion out of the wood hath slain them, a wolf in the evening, hath spoiled them, a leopard watcheth for their cities: every one that shall go out thence shall be taken, because their transgressions are multiplied, their rebellions are strengthened.
7如此,我怎能宽恕你?你的子孙离弃了我,奉「非神」发誓。我使他们饱食,他们却去行淫,群集在妓院里; 7How can I be merciful to thee? Thy children have forsaken me, and swear by them that are not gods: I fed them to the full, and they committed adultery, and rioted in the harlot's house.
8他们像荒淫雄壮的牡马,各向自己近人的妻室嘶鸣。 8They are become as amorous horses and stallions, every one neighed after his neighbour's wife.
9这些事,我怎能不惩罚?──上主的断语──像这样的民族,我怎能不亲自报复? 9Shall I not visit for these things, sayeth the Lord? and shall not my soul take revenge on such a nation?
10请你们登上她的墙上头,加以毁坏,但不要完全毁灭,该除去她的枝条,因为它们不属于上主。 10Scale down the walls thereof, and throw them down, but do not utterly destroy: take away the branches thereof, because they are not the Lord's.
11以色列家和犹大家,实在对我不忠,达到极点── 11For the house of Israel, and the house of Juda have greatly transgressed against me, saith the Lord.
12上主的断语。他们否认上主说:「他不存在!灾祸绝不会临到我们身上,我们也绝不会见到战争和饥荒; 12They have denied the Lord, and said, It is not he: and the evil shall not come upon us: we shall not see the sword and famine.
13先知们不过是一阵风,他们并没有上主的话;他们这样只有自作自受。」 13The prophets have spoken in the wind, and there was no word of God in them: these things therefore shall befall them.
14为此,上主万军的天主这样说:「因为他们说了这话,看,我必使我的话在你的口中成为火,使这人民成为木柴,将他们吞灭。 14Thus saith the Lord the God of hosts: Because you have spoken this word, behold I will make my words in thy mouth as fire, and this people as wood, and it shall devour them.
15以色列家!看,我从远方给你们引来一个民族──上主的断语──一个所向无敌的民族,一个古老的民族,一个你们不懂她的语言,也听不出她说甚么的民族。 15Behold I will bring upon you a nation from afar, O house of Israel, saith the Lord: a strong nation, an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou shalt not know, nor understand what they say.
16他们的箭筒有如张开口的坟墓;他们都是善战的勇士。 16Their quiver is as an open sepulchre, they are all valiant.
17这民族必吃掉你的收获和食粮,必吃掉你的儿子和女儿,必吃掉你的羊群和牛群,必吃掉你的葡萄和无花果,必以武力蹂躏你依恃的坚城。 17And they shall eat up thy corn, and thy bread: they shall devour thy sons, and thy daughters: they shall eat up thy flocks, and thy herds: they shall eat thy vineyards, and thy figs: and with the sword they shall destroy thy strong cities, wherein thou trustest.
18即在那些时日里──上主的断语──我也不对你们加以彻底的毁灭。」 18Nevertheless in those days, saith the Lord, I will not bring you to utter destruction.
19假使有人问:「为甚么上主我们的天主对我们做了这一切的事?」你当对他们说:「你们怎样离弃了我,在你们国内事奉了外邦的神祇,你们也该怎样在不属于你们的境内事奉外邦人。」 19And if you shall say: why hath the Lord our God done all these things to us? Thou shalt say to them: As you have forsaken me, and served a strange god in your own land, so shall you serve strangers in a land that is not your own.
20你们将这事通知雅各伯家,转告犹大说: 20Declare ye this to the house of Jacob, and publish it in Juda, saying:
21「你们愚昧无知,有目不见,有耳不闻的人民,请听听这话: 21Hear, O foolish people, and without understanding: who have eyes, and see not: and ears, and hear not.
22你们不敬畏我吗?──上主的断语──你们在我面前不战栗吗?是我堆积了沙石作海的界限,作为它永不能越过的界限:海浪虽汹涌,仍无能为力;虽怒号澎湃,仍不能越过。」 22Will not you then fear me, saith the Lord: and will you not repent at my presence? I have set the sand a bound for the sea, an everlasting ordinance, which it shall not pass over: and the waves thereof shall toss themselves, and shall not prevail: they shall swell, and shall not pass over it.
23但这内心顽固忤逆的人民,竟背叛而离去, 23But the heart of this people is become hard of belief and provoking, they are revolted and gone away.
24从不反心自省:「我们应该敬畏上主,我们的天主,因为他按时降下雨露、秋霖和春雨;又给我们保持固定的收获时节。」 24And they have not said in their heart: let us fear the Lord our God, who giveth us the early and the latter rain in due season: who preserveth for us the fullness of the yearly harvest.
25是你们的过犯混乱了这些时令,是你们的罪恶阻止了你们享这幸福。 25Your iniquities have turned these things away, and your sins have withholden good things from you.
26因为在我的人民中发现了恶人;他们像隐伏的捕鸟者在窥探,布下罗网捕捉人。 26For among my people are found wicked men, that lie in wait as fowlers, setting snares and traps to catch men.
27犹如笼中满了飞鸟,他们家中也充满了欺诈,因此成了有势力,有钱财的人。 27As a net is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceit: therefore are they become great and enriched.
28他们肥胖红润,作奸犯科,不为孤儿辩护;只求自己享受,也不关怀穷人的权利。 28They are grown gross and fat: and have most wickedly transgressed my words. They have not judged the cause of the widow, they have not managed the cause of the fatherless, they have not judged the judgement of the poor.
29像这样的事,我怎能不惩罚?──上主的断语──像这样的民族,我怎能不亲自报复? 29Shall I not visit for these things, saith the Lord? or shall not my soul take revenge on such a nation?
30在国内发生了一件恐怖而可憎的事: 30Astonishing and wonderful things have been done in the land.
31先知们说假预言,司祭们争权夺利,我的人民反倒以此为乐;到了最后,你们究竟还要作甚么? 31The prophets prophesied falsehood, and the priests clapped their hands: and my people loved such things: what then shall be done in the end thereof?
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