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依撒依亚 Isaiah
1祸哉,那些制定不义的法例,记录不义的断案, 1Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice:
2为屈枉小民的案件,剥削我穷民的权利,攘夺寡妇和劫掠孤儿的人! 2To oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people: that widows might be their prey, and that they might rob the fatherless.
3当惩罚之日,风暴由远而近的时候,你们将怎样应付?你们将向谁求助?你们的财宝将弃于何地? 3What will you do in the day of visitation, and of the calamity which cometh from afar? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?
4唯有屈伏在被俘者中,倒毙在被杀者下;然而他的震怒并未因此而熄灭,他的手仍然伸着。 4That you be not bowed down under the bond, and fall with the slain? In all these things his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
5祸哉,亚述!我义怒的木棒,我震怒的棍杖! 5Woe to the Assyrian, he is the rod and the staff of my anger, and my indignation is in their hands.
6我派遣她是为攻击一个邪恶的百姓,我委任他是为攻击我所愤恨的民族,为掳掠劫夺,并为蹂躏他们,有如街上的粪土。 6I will send him to a deceitful nation, and I will give him a charge against the people of my wrath, to take away the spoils, and to lay hold on the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.
7但她并没有这样想,心里也没有这样推测,只图肆意破坏,剿灭不少的民族。 7But he shall not take it so, and his heart shall not think so: but his heart shall be set to destroy, and to cut off nations not a few.
8因为她说:「我的首领不都是君王吗? 8For he shall say:
9加耳诺不是与加革米士一样吗?哈玛特不是与阿尔帕得一样吗?撒玛黎雅不是与大马士革一样吗? 9Are not my princes as so many kings? is not Calano as Charcamis: and Emath as Arphad? is not Samaria as Damascus?
10我的手既然征服了这些偶像的王国──况且他们的偶像还多过耶路撒冷和撒玛黎雅── 10As my hand hath found the kingdoms of the idol, so also their idols of Jerusalem, and of Samaria.
11难道我不能对待耶路撒冷和她的神像,有如对待了撒玛黎雅和她的偶像吗?」 11Shall I not, as I have done to Samaria and her idols, so do to Jerusalem and her idols?
12当吾主对熙雍山和耶路撒冷完成了他的一切工作时,必要惩罚亚述王心高气傲的功绩,和他目空一切的骄傲。 12And it shall come to pass, that when the Lord shall have performed all his works in mount Sion, and in Jerusalem, I will visit the fruit of the proud heart of the king of Assyria, and the glory of the haughtiness of his eyes.
13因为他曾说过:「我完成了这一切,全凭我的手和我的智慧,因为我是聪明的;我撤除了各族的界限,掳掠了他们的财宝,有如强者打倒了居于高位的人。 13For he hath said: By the strength of my own hand I have done it, and by my own wisdom I have understood: and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have taken the spoils of the princes, and as a mighty man hath pulled down them that sat on high.
14我的手夺取了列国的财富,有如取诸窝巢;我兼并了大地,有如拾取遗卵,没有谁敢鼓翼或张口鼓噪。」 14And my hand hath found the strength of the people as a nest; and as eggs are gathered, that are left, so have I gathered all the earth: and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or made the least noise.
15斧头岂能对用斧头砍伐的人自豪?锯岂能向拉锯的人自夸?难道棍杖能挥动那举它的人?木棒能举起那不是木头的人? 15Shall the axe boast itself against him that cutteth with it? or shall the saw exalt itself against him by whom it is drawn? as if a rod should lift itself up against him that lifteth it up, and a staff exalt itself, which is but wood.
16因此吾主,万军的天主,将瘦弱放在她的肥硕之中,在她的光辉之下燃起火燄,有如烈火焚烧。 16Therefore the sovereign Lord, the Lord of hosts, shall send leanness among his fat ones: and under his glory shall be kindled a burning, as it were the burning of a fire.
17以色列的光将变为火,他的圣者将变为烈燄,一日间即将她的荆棘蒺藜焚毁。 17And the light of Israel shall be as a fire, and the Holy One thereof as a flame: and his thorns and his briers shall be set on fire, and shall be devoured in one day.
18她的丛林和她田园的华丽,必将由内到外毁灭,有如为虫蚀尽一样。 18And the glory of his forest, and of his beautiful hill, shall be consumed from the soul even to the flesh, and he shall run away through fear.
19她的丛林所剩余的树木不多,一个儿童就能计算。 19And they that remain of the trees of his forest shall be so few, that they shall easily be numbered, and a child shall write them down.
20到那一日,以色列的遗民和雅各伯家的逃亡者,不再依恃打击他们的人,却诚心依赖上主,以色列的圣者。 20And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Israel, and they that shall escape of the house of Jacob, shall lean no more upon him that striketh them: but they shall lean upon the Lord the Holy One of Israel, in truth.
21遗民必将归回,雅各伯的遗民必将归依强有力的天主! 21The remnant shall be converted, the remnant, I say, of Jacob, to the mighty God.
22以色列啊!你的百姓虽然多如海沙,其中唯有残存者得以归回:毁灭已经决定,但是充溢着公义, 22For if thy people, O Israel, shall be as the sand of the sea, a remnant of them shall be converted, the consumption abridged shall overflow with justice.
23因为吾主,万军的上主必在大地上执行所决定的毁灭。 23For the Lord God of hosts shall make a consumption, and an abridgment in the midst of all the land.
24因此吾主,万军的上主这样说:我的百姓,熙雍的居民!亚述虽然用木棒痛击你,像埃及一样,举起棍杖敲打你,但你不必害怕, 24Therefore, thus saith the Lord the God of hosts: O my people that dwellest in Sion, be not afraid of the Assyrian: he shall strike thee with his rod, and he shall lift up his staff over thee in the way of Egypt.
25因为瞬息间我的怒气即将终止,我的愤怒将转为他们的毁灭。 25For yet a little and a very little while, and my indignation shall cease, and my wrath shall be upon their wickedness.
26万军的上主将挥动刑鞭鞭打他们,有如昔日在曷勒布磐石处打击米德杨一样;高举向海上伸出的棍杖,有如在埃及一样。 26And the Lord of hosts shall raise up a scourge against him, according to the slaughter of Madian in the rock of Oreb, and his rod over the sea, and he shall lift it up in the way of Egypt.
27到那日,她的重负将由你肩上卸下,她的重轭将由你颈上解除。 27And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall putrify at the presence of the oil.
28破坏者由黎孟而来,来到阿雅特,经过米革龙,将辎重贮在米革玛斯; 28He shall come into Aiath, he shall pass into Magron: at Machmas he shall lay up his carriages.
29又穿过要隘,夜宿革巴。辣玛惊慌了,撒乌耳的基贝亚逃走了。 29They have passed in haste, Gaba is our lodging: Rama was astonished, Gabaath of Saul fled away.
30巴特加林!你们应大声疾呼;拉依士!你们应该倾听;阿纳托特!你们应该回答。 30Lift up thy voice, O daughter of Gallim, attend, O Laisa, poor Anathoth.
31玛德默纳走散了,革平的居民逃避了。 31Medemena is removed: ye inhabitants of Gabim, take courage.
32在诺布暂停一天,遂即挥手指向熙雍女儿山,耶路撒冷的山岗。 32It is yet day enough, to remain in Nobe: he shall shake his hand against the mountain of the daughter of Sion, the hill of Jerusalem.
33看啊!吾主,万军的上主将用斧钺砍伐枝干:高出的要削去,耸出的要砍低。 33Behold the sovereign Lord of hosts shall break the earthen vessel with terror, and the tall of stature shall be cut down, and the lofty shall be humbled.
34他将用铁斧砍伐丛林,黎巴嫩和她的壮丽必被伐倒。 34And the thickets of the forest shall be cut down with iron, and Libanus with its high ones shall fall.
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