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创世纪 Genesis
1以前,在亚巴郎时代曾有过一次饥荒,现在地上又有了饥荒,依撒格便去了革辣尔,即培肋舍特人王阿彼默肋客那里。 1And when a famine came in the land, after that barrenness which had happened in the days of Abraham, Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Palestines to Gerara.
2上主显现给他说:「你不要下到埃及去,要住在我指示给你的地方。 2And the Lord appeared to him and said: Go not down into Egypt, but stay in the land that I shall tell thee.
3你要住在这地方,我必与你同在,祝福你,因为我要将这整个地方赐给你和你的后裔,实践我向你父亲亚巴郎所立的誓约; 3And sojourn in it, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee: for to thee and to thy seed I will give all these countries, to fulfill the oath which I swore to Abraham thy father.
4且要使你的后裔繁多如天上的星辰,要将这一切地方赐给你的后裔,地上万民要因你的后裔蒙受祝福, 4And I will multiply thy seed like the stars of heaven: and I will give to thy posterity all these countries: and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.
5因为亚巴郎听从了我的话,遵守了我的训示、诫命、规定和法律。」 5Because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my precepts and commandments, and observed my ceremonies and laws.
6依撒格就在革辣尔住下了。 6So Isaac abode in Gerara.
7那地方的人问到他的妻子时,他就说:「这是我的妹妹。」他怕说:「这是我的妻子。」恐怕那地方的人为了黎贝加要杀害他,因为她面貌美丽。 7And when he was asked by the men of that place, concerning his wife, he answered: She is my sister; for he was afraid to confess that she was his wife, thinking lest perhaps they would kill him because of her beauty.
8他在那里住了许久;有一天,培肋舍特人王阿彼默肋客从窗户向外眺望,看见依撒格正在爱抚他的妻子黎贝加。 8And when very many days were passed, and he abode there, Abimelech king of the Palestines looking out through a window, saw him playing with Rebecca his wife.
9阿彼默肋客遂召依撒格来说:「看,她明明是你的妻子,为什么你说:她是我的妹妹?」依撒格回答说:「因为我怕我可能因她而被杀害。」 9And calling for him, he said: It is evident she is thy wife: why didst thou feign her to be thy sister? He answered: I feared lest I should die for her sake.
10阿彼默肋客说:「你对我们作的是什么事?差一点百姓中就有人与你妻子同睡,叫我们陷于罪恶。」 10And Abimelech said: Why hast thou deceived us? Some man of the people might have lain with thy wife, and thou hadst brought upon us a great sin. And he commanded all the people, saying:
11于是阿彼默肋客号令全百姓说:「凡触犯这人和他妻子的,必死无赦。」 11He that shall touch this man's wife, shall surely be put to death.
12依撒格在那地方耕种,当年就得了百倍的收成。上主实在祝福了他, 12And Isaac sowed in that land, and he found that same year a hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.
13他竟成了富翁,越来越富,终于成了个大富翁, 13And the man was enriched, and he went on prospering and increasing, till he became exceeding great:
14拥有羊群、牛群和许多奴仆,因此培肋舍特人都嫉妒他。 14And he had possessions of sheep and of herds, and a very great family. Wherefore the Palestines envying him,
15那时,凡他父亲的仆人,在他父亲亚巴郎生时所掘的井,培肋舍特人都用土填了。 15Stopped up at that time all the wells, that the servants of his father Abraham had digged, filling them up with earth:
16阿彼默肋客对依撒格说:「你在我们中太强盛了。你离开我们罢!」 16Insomuch that Abimelech himself said to Isaac: Depart from us, for thou art become much mightier than we.
17依撒格遂离开了那里,在革辣尔山谷中搭了帐幕,住在那里。 17So he departed and came to the torrent of Gerara, to dwell there:
18依撒格将他父亲亚巴郎生时所掘的,亚巴郎死后培肋舍特人所填的一些水井,又从新掘好,仍照他父亲起的名字称呼这些水井。 18And he digged again other wells, which the servants of his father Abraham had digged, and which, after his death, the Palestines had of old stopped up: and he called them by the same names by which his father before had called them.
19依撒格的仆人在山谷中掘井时,掘了一口活水井。 19And they digged in the torrent, and found living water.
20革辣尔的牧童和依撒格的牧童遂发生了争论,说:「这水是我们的。」为此他给那井起名叫「争论」,因为他们曾与他争论过。 20But there also the herdsmen of Gerara strove against the herdsmen of Isaac, saying: It is our water. Wherefore he called the name of the well, on occasion of that which had happened, Calumny.
21依撒格的仆人又另掘了一口井,为这口井又起了争论,为此他给这井起名叫「仇恨」。 21And they digged also another; and for that they quarrelled likewise, and he called the name of it, Enmity.
22以后,他由那里迁往别处,又掘了另一口井,为这口井再没有起争论,遂给这井起名叫「宽大」,说:「上主终于使我们宽绰,我们将在这地繁盛。」 22Going forward from thence, he digged another well, for which they contended not: therefore he called the name thereof, Latitude, saying: Now hath the Lord given us room, and made us to increase upon the earth.
23依撒格由那里上到了贝尔舍巴, 23And he went up from that place to Bersabee,
24那天夜里上主显现给他说:「我是你父亲亚巴郎的天主,你不要害怕,因为我与你同在,我必要为了我仆人亚巴郎的缘故祝福你,使你的后裔繁盛。」 24Where the Lord appeared to him that same night, saying: I am the God of Abraham thy father; do not fear, for I am with thee: I will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham's sake.
25依撒格就在那里筑了一座祭坛,呼求了上主的名;也在那里搭了帐幕,他的仆人也在那里掘了一口井。 25And he built there an altar: and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched his tent: and commanded his servants to dig a well.
26阿彼默肋客和他的挚友阿胡匝特以及他的司令非苛耳,由革辣尔来到了依撒格那里。 26To which place when Abimelech, and Ochozath his friend, and Phicol chief captain of his soldiers came from Gerara,
27他遂对他们说:「你们既然仇恨我,将我由你们中间驱逐,为什么又来到我这里?」 27Isaac said to them: Why are ye come to me, a man whom you hate, and have thrust out from you?
28他们回答说:「我们实在看出上主与你同在;因此我们想,更好我们双方彼此宣誓,让我们与你立约: 28And they answered: We saw that the Lord is with thee, and therefore we said: Let there be an oath between us, and let us make a covenant,
29你决不加害我们,犹如我们从未触犯你,只有好待了你,叫你平安离去;如今你实是上主祝福的人。」 29That thou do us no harm, as we on our part have touched nothing of thine, nor have done any thing to hurt thee: but with peace have sent thee away increased with the blessing of the Lord.
30依撒格遂为他们设宴,大家一齐吃了喝了。 30And he made them a feast, and after they had eaten and drunk:
31次日一早起来,彼此宣了誓。然后依撒格送他们出来,他们遂平安离去。 31Arising in the morning, they swore one to another: and Isaac sent them away peaceably to their own home.
32当天依撒格的仆人来,报告他们掘井的事说:「我们找着了水。」 32And behold the same day the servants of Isaac came, telling him of a well which they had digged, and saying: We have found water.
33依撒格就给这井起名叫「誓约」;为此,那城直到今日还称作「誓约井」。 33Whereupon he called it Abundance: and the name of the city was called Bersabee, even to this day.
34厄撒乌到四十岁时,娶了赫特人贝厄黎的女儿友狄特和赫特人厄隆的女儿巴色玛特为妻。 34And Esau being forty years old, married wives, Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hethite, and Basemath the daughter of Elon of the same place.
35她们二人使依撒格和黎贝加伤心难受。 35And they both offended the mind of Isaac and Rebecca.
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