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申命纪 Deuteronomy
1以下是梅瑟在约但河东岸,对全以色列所讲的话。──即在稣夫对面的阿辣巴旷野中,在帕兰与托费耳、拉班、哈则洛特和狄匝哈布之间。 1These are the words, which Moses spoke to all Israel beyond the Jordan, in the plain wilderness, over against the Red Sea, between Pharan and Thophel and Laban and Haseroth, where there is very much gold:
2从曷勒布经色依尔山,到卡德士巴尔乃亚,共有十一天的路程。── 2Eleven days' journey from Horeb by the way of Mount Seir to Cadesbarne.
3在第四十年十一月一日,梅瑟将上主吩咐他的一切事,全训示了以色列子民。 3In the fortieth year, the eleventh month, the first day of the month, Moses spoke to the children of Israel all that the Lord had commanded him to say to them:
4当时他已击败住在赫市朋的阿摩黎王息红,和住在阿舍塔洛特和厄德勒的巴商王敖格。 4After that he had slain Sehon king of the Amorrhites, who dwelt in Hesebon: and Og king of Basan who abode in Astaroth, and in Edrai,
5梅瑟在约但河东岸摩阿布地方开始宣讲这法律说: 5Beyond the Jordan in the land of Moab. And Moses began to expound the law, and to say:
6「上主,我们的天主,在曷勒布曾训示我们说:『你们在这山下住得够久了, 6The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: You have stayed long enough in this mountain:
7现在起身出发,到阿摩黎人的山地去,到那些住在阿辣巴荒野、山地、盆地、乃革布和沿海一带地方去,到客纳罕地,到黎巴嫩,直到大河,即幼发拉的河那一带地方去。 7Turn you, and come to the mountain of the Amorrhites, and to the other places that are next to it, the plains and the hills and the vales towards the south, and by the sea shore, the land of the Chanaanites, and of Libanus, as far as the great river Euphrates.
8看,我已将此地摆在你们面前,你们应去占领上主誓许给你们的祖先亚巴郎、依撒格、雅各伯和他们后裔的地方。』 8Behold, said he, I have delivered it to you: go in and possess it, concerning which the Lord swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that he would give it to them, and to their seed after them.
9那时我对你们说过:『我个人无法负担你们。 9And I said to you at that time:
10上主你们的天主使你们的人数增加,看,你们今天多得有如天上的繁星。 10I alone am not able to bear you: for the Lord your God hath multiplied you, and you are this day as the stars of heaven, for multitude.
11惟愿上主你们祖先的天主,再千百倍地增加你们的数目,照他所应许的,祝福你们! 11(The Lord God of your fathers add to this number many thousands, and bless you as he hath spoken.)
12但我个人怎能承担起你们的烦务、重任和诉讼的事? 12I alone am not able to bear your business, and the charge of you and your differences.
13你们各支派应推举一些有智慧,有见识,有经验的人,我好立他们为你们的首领。』 13Let me have from among you wise and understanding men, and such whose conversation is approved among your tribes, that I may appoint them your rulers.
14你们回答我说:『你建议的事很好。』 14Then you answered me: The thing is good which thou meanest to do.
15我遂选了你们各支派中有智慧有经验的首领,立为你们的首领:即千夫长、百夫长、五十夫长、十人长,并为各支派立了监督, 15And I took out of your tribes men wise and honourable, and appointed them rulers, tribunes, and centurions, and officers over fifties, and over tens, who might teach you all things.
16同时我也吩咐你们的判官说:『你们要听断你们兄弟间的诉讼:无论是兄弟彼此诉讼,或与外方人诉讼,都应秉公审断。 16And I commanded them, saying: Hear them, and judge that which is just: whether he be one of your country, or a stranger.
17审案时不可偏袒,无论贵贱,同样听断;任何人都不要怕,因为审判是天主的事。若遇有难断的案件,该呈报给我,我来听断。 17There shall be no difference of persons, you shall hear the little as well as the great: neither shall you respect any man's person, because it is the judgment of God. And if any thing seem hard to you, refer it to me, and I will hear it.
18同时,凡你们当做的事,我都吩咐了你们。』 18And I commanded you all things that you were to do.
19我们由曷勒布起程,经过了你们所见的这整个辽阔可怖的旷野:照上主我们的天主对我们的吩咐,我们向阿摩黎人山地进发,一直来到了卡德士巴尔乃亚。 19And departing from Horeb, we passed through the terrible and vast wilderness, which you saw, by the way of the mountain of the Amorrhite, as the Lord our God had commanded us. And when we were come into Cadesbarne,
20那时我曾对你们说:『你们已来到上主我们的天主即将赐给我们的阿摩黎人的山地。 20I said to you: You are come to the mountain of the Amorrhite, which the Lord our God will give to us.
21看上主你的天主已将这地摆在你面前,你要照上主你祖先的天主对你所许下的,去占领这地;不要害怕,也不要胆怯。』 21See the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee: go up and possess it, as the Lord our God hath spoken to thy fathers: fear not, nor be any way discouraged.
22你们众人便来到我跟前说:『让我们先派些人去,替我们侦探那地方,然后回报我们,我们当走那条路,当去那些城。』 22And you came all to me, and said: Let us send men who may view the land, and bring us word what way we shall go up, and to what cities we shall go.
23我就由你们中挑选了十二人,每支派一人; 23And because the saying pleased me, I sent of you twelve men, one of every tribe:
24他们起身上了山地,一直到了厄市苛耳山谷,侦探了那地。 24Who, when they had set forward and had gone up to the mountains, came as far as the valley of the cluster: and having viewed the land,
25他们带回来那地方的一些果品,并回报我们说:『上主我们的天主即将赐给我们的地方实在好。』 25Taking of the fruits thereof, to shew its fertility, they brought them to us, and said: The land is good, which the Lord our God will give us.
26但你们却不肯上去,竟违背了上主你们天主的命令, 26And you would not go up, but being incredulous to the word of the Lord our God,
27在你们的帐幕内抱怨说:『上主因为恨我们,才将我们由埃及地领出来,将我们交在阿摩黎人手中,消灭我们。 27You murmured in your tents, and said: The Lord hateth us, and therefore he hath brought us out of the land of Egypt, that he might deliver us into the hand of the Amorrhite, and destroy us.
28我们上那里去呢?我们的兄弟又说了些使我们心灰意冷的话。他们说:我们在那里看见了一个比我们又大又高的民族,他们的城邑广大,城墙高耸摩天;我们在那里还看见了阿纳克人的子孙。』 28Whither shall we go up? the messengers have terrified our hearts, saying: The multitude is very great, and taller than we: the cities are great, and walled up to the sky, we have seen the sons of the Enacims there.
29我遂对你们说:『不要畏惧,不要害怕。 29And I said to you: Fear not, neither be ye afraid of them:
30因为上主你们的天主,走在你们前面,他必为你们作战,正如他在埃及在你们眼前,为你们所做的一样; 30The Lord God, who is your leader, himself will fight for you, as he did in Egypt in the sight of all.
31并且在旷野里,你也看出上主你的天主在你所走的长途中,携带你们,如同人携带自己的儿子一样,直到你们来到这地方。 31And in the wilderness (as thou hast seen) the Lord thy God hath carried thee, as a man is wont to carry his little son, all the way that you have come, until you came to this place.
32虽然如此,但你们仍不信赖上主你们的天主, 32And yet for all this you did not believe the Lord your God,
33他一路原走在你们前面,替你们找安营的地方:夜间藉着火,日间藉着云彩,指示你们应走的道路。』 33Who went before you in the way, and marked out the place, wherein you should pitch your tents, in the night shewing you the way by fire, and in the day by the pillar of a cloud.
34上主一听见你们的怨声,就发怒起誓说: 34And when the Lord had heard the voice of your words, he was angry and swore, and said:
35『这个邪恶世代的人,一个也不得见我誓许要赐给你们祖先的乐土; 35Not one of the men of this wicked generation shall see the good land, which I promised with an oath to your fathers:
36只有耶孚乃的儿子加肋布除外,他必见到此地,并且我要将他踏过的地,赐给他和他的子孙,因为他一心随从了上主。』 36Except Caleb the son of Jephone: for he shall see it, and to him I will give the land that he hath trodden upon, and to his children, because he hath followed the Lord.
37为了你们的缘故,上主也对我发怒说:『连你也不能进入那地。 37Neither is his indignation against the people to be wondered at, since the Lord was angry with me also on your account, and said: Neither shalt thou go in thither.
38那侍候你的农的儿子若苏厄,要进入那地;你应壮他的胆,因为他要使以色列占领那地作为产业。 38But Josue the son of Nun, thy minister, he shall go in for thee: exhort and encourage him, and he shall divide the land by lot to Israel.
39此外,你们所说要成为战利品的幼童,至今尚不知好歹的子女,他们都要进入那地。我要将那地赐给他们作为产业。 39Your children, of whom you said that they should be led away captives, and your sons who know not this day the difference of good and evil, they shall go in: and to them I will give the land, and they shall possess it.
40至于你们,应转向红海出发,往旷野里去。』 40But return you and go into the wilderness by the way of the Red Sea.
41你们回答我说:『我们得罪了上主;现在我们愿全照上主我们的天主的吩咐上去交战。』你们各人遂都武装起来,轻率地上了山地。 41And you answered me: We have sinned against the Lord: we will go up and fight, as the Lord our God hath commanded. And when you went ready armed unto the mountain,
42但上主对我说:『你告诉他们说:你们不要上去,不要作战,因为我不在你们中间,免得被敌人击败。』 42The Lord said to me: Say to them: Go not up, and fight not, for I am not with you: lest you fall before your enemies.
43我立即告诉了你们,你们却不听,违背上主的命令,擅自上了山地。 43I spoke, and you hearkened not: but resisting the commandment of the Lord, and swelling with pride, you went up into the mountain.
44住在山地的阿摩黎人蜂拥而出,攻击你们,追赶你们,由色依尔直杀到曷尔玛。 44And the Amorrhite that dwelt in the mountains coming out, and meeting you, chased you, as bees do: and made slaughter of you from Seir as far as Horma.
45你们回来,在上主面前哭泣哀号,但上主未曾俯听你们的哭声,也未向你们侧耳; 45And when you returned and wept before the Lord, he heard you not, neither would he yield to; your voice.
46你们只得长期地停留在卡德士,停留得这样长久。 46So you abode in Cadesbarne a long time.
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