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撒慕尔纪下 2 Samuel
1上主对以色列又大发忿怒,遂激动达味去难为他们,并向他说:「你去统计以色列和犹大人口。」 1And the anger of the Lord was again kindled against Israel, and stirred up David among them, saying: Go, number Israel and Juda.
2王遂对在自己身边的约阿布和其余的军长说:「你们应走遍以色列各支派,由丹直到贝尔舍巴,统计人民,我好知道人民的数目。」 2And the king said to Joab the general of his army: Go through all the tribes of Israel from Dan to Bersabee, and number ye the people that I may know the number of them.
3约阿布对君王说:「愿上主你的天主将目前的百姓增加百倍,愿我主大王亲见到!但我主大王,为什么要行此事?」 3And Joab said to the king: The Lord thy God increase thy people, and make them as many more as they are now, and again multiply them a hundredfold in the sight of my lord the king: but what meaneth my lord the king by this kind of thing?
4可是君王坚持向约阿布和众军长所出的命令,约阿布和众军长便离开君王,去统计以色列百姓。 4But the king's words prevailed over the words of Joab, and of the captains of the army: and Joab, and the captains of the soldiers went out from the presence of the king, to number the people of Israel.
5他们过了约但河,由阿洛厄尔及山谷间的城市开始,经过加得直到雅则尔, 5And when they had passed the Jordan, they came to Aroer to the right side of the city, which is in the vale of Gad.
6而后来到基肋阿得及赫特人地方的刻德士,再由此到丹,转到漆冬。 6And by Jazer they passed into Galaad, and to the lower land of Hodsi, and they came into the woodlands of Dan. And going about by Sidon,
7以后来到提洛的堡垒,希威人和客纳罕人的各城,然后经过犹大南部,来到了贝尔舍巴。 7They passed near the walls of Tyre, and all the land of the Hevite, and the Chanaanite, and they came to the south of Juda into Bersabee:
8他们走遍了全国,经过九个月零二十天,回了耶路撒冷。 8And having gone through the whole land, after nine months and twenty days, they came to Jerusalem.
9约阿布将统计人民的数目,呈报给君王:以色列能执刀的士兵,有八十万人,犹大有五十万人。 9And Joab gave up the sum of the number of the people to the king, and there were found of Israel eight hundred thousand valiant men that drew the sword: and of Juda five hundred thousand fighting men.
10达味统计人民以后,心中感到不安,遂向上主说:「我做这事,实在犯了重罪。上主,现在我求你,赦免你仆人的罪,因为我所行的实在昏愚。」 10But David's heart struck him, after the people were numbered: and David said to the Lord: I have sinned very much in what I have done: but I pray thee, O Lord, to take away the iniquity of thy servant, because I have done exceeding foolishly.
11达味清早一起来,上主有话向先知加得──达味的先见者,说: 11And David arose in the morning, and the word of the Lord came to Gad the prophet and the seer of David, saying:
12「你去告诉达味:上主这样说:我给你提出三件事,任你选择一件,我好向你实行。」 12Go, and say to David: Thus saith the Lord: I give thee thy choice of three things, choose one of them which thou wilt, that I may do it to thee.
13加得来到达味前,告诉他说:「你要在国内三年饥荒呢?或是要三个月逃避赶你的敌人呢?或是要在国内发生三天瘟疫呢?现在请你考虑一下,决定我应向那派我来者回复什么。」 13And when Gad was come to David, he told him, saying: Either seven years of famine shall come to thee in thy land: or thou shalt flee three months before thy adversaries, and they shall pursue thee: or for three days there shall be a pestilence in thy land. Now therefore deliberate, and see what answer I shall return to him that sent me.
14达味对加得说:「我很作难!我们宁愿落在上主的手中,因为他富于仁慈,而不愿落在人的手中。」 14And David said to Gad: I am in a great strait: but it is better that I should fall into the hands of the Lord (for his mercies are many) than into the hands of men.
15达味就拣选了瘟疫;正当收割麦子时,上主遂使瘟疫降于以色列,从早晨直到规定的时期,由丹直到贝尔舍巴,民间死了七万人。 15And the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel, from the morning unto the time appointed, and there died of the people from Dan to Bersabee seventy thousand men.
16当时上主派一位使者往耶路撒冷去,要毁灭那城。达味看见那打击人民的使者,遂向上主说:「是我犯了罪,行了不义,然而这些羊作了什么?请你伸手打击我和我的父家。」上主后悔降灾,遂吩咐那毁灭人民的使者说:「够了,现今收回你的手!」那时,上主的使者正站在耶步斯人敖尔难的打禾场上。 16And when the angel of the Lord had stretched out his hand over Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord had pity on the affliction, and said to the angel that slew the people: It is enough: now hold thy hand. And the angel of the Lord was by the threshingfloor of Areuna the Jebusite.
17那一天,加得来到达味前,对他说:「你上去,在耶步斯敖尔难的打禾场上,为上主建立一座祭坛。」 17And David said to the Lord, when he saw the angel striking the people: It is I; I am he that have sinned, I have done wickedly: these that are the sheep, what have they done? let thy hand, I beseech thee, be turned against me, and against my father's house.
18达味便照加得奉上主所吩咐的话上去了。 18And Gad came to David that day, and said: Go up, and build an altar to the Lord in the threshingfloor of Areuna the Jebusite.
19敖尔难望见君王和他的臣仆向他走来,敖尔难就上前去,俯首至地叩拜君王, 19And David went up according to the word of Gad which the Lord had commanded him.
20说:「我主大王,为什么到他仆人这里来?」达味回答他说:「愿向你买这禾场,给上主建立一座祭坛,为平息民间的灾祸。」 20And Areuna looked, and saw the king and his servants coming towards him:
21敖尔难对达味说:「我主大王看着好的,就拿去祭献罢!看,这里有牛可作全燔祭,有打禾具和牛轭可作木柴。 21An going out he worshipped the king, bowing with his face to the earth, and said: Wherefore is my lord the king come to his servant? Arid David said to him: To buy the threshingfloor of thee, and build an altar to the Lord, that the plague, which rageth among the people, may cease.
22大王,敖尔难愿将这一切献于大王!」继而又对君王说:「愿上主你的天主悦纳你的祭献!」 22And Areuna said to David: Let my lord the king take, and offer, as it seemeth good to him: thou hast here oxen for a holocaust, and the wain, and the yokes of the oxen for wood.
23君王对敖尔难说:「不成,我非用钱向你买不可,我不愿用不化钱的全燔祭,献给上主我的天主。」于是达味以五十『协刻耳』银子,买了那块打禾场和牛。 23All these things Areuna as a king gave to the king: and Areuna said to the king: The Lord thy God receive thy vow.
24达味在那里为上主建立了一座祭坛,奉献了全燔祭与和平祭。这样上主才怜恤了那地,以色列间的灾祸遂告平息。 24And the king answered him, and said: Nay, but I will buy it of thee at a price, and I will not offer to the Lord my God holocausts free cost. So David bought the floor, and the oxen, for fifty sicles of silver:
25 25And David built there an altar to the Lord, and offered holocausts and peace offerings: and the Lord became merciful to the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel.
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