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编年纪下 2 Chronicles
1默纳舍登极时年十二岁,在耶路撒冷作王凡五十五年。 1Manasses was twelve years old when he began to reign, and he reigned fifty-five years in Jerusalem.
2他行了上主视为恶的事,仿效上主从以色列子民前所驱逐的异民所行的可耻之事。 2And he did evil before the Lord, according to all the abominations of the nations, which the Lord cast out before the children of Israel:
3他重建了他父亲希则克雅所拆毁的高丘,又为巴耳建立了祭坛,制造阿舍辣,叩拜奉事天上的万象。 3And he turned, and built again the high places which Ezechias his father had destroyed: and he built altars to Baalim, and made groves, and he adored all the host of heaven, and worshipped them.
4虽然上主曾指著圣殿说过:「我要将我的名永远立在耶路撒冷」,他仍在上主殿内建立了一些祭坛; 4He built also altars in the house of the Lord, whereof the Lord had said: In Jerusalem shall my name be for ever.
5且在上主殿的两庭院内,为天上万象建立了一些祭坛; 5And he built them for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the Lord.
6使自己的儿子在本希农山谷中经火,行占卜,邪术和魔术,立招魂师和术士;不断行上主视为恶的事,惹上主发怒。 6And he made his sons to pass through the fire in the valley of Benennom: he observed dreams, followed divinations, gave himself up to magic arts, had with him magicians, and enchanters: and he wrought many evils before the Lord, to provoke him to anger.
7他又在天主殿内立了他所彫制的偶像;虽然论及这殿天主曾对达味和他的儿子撒罗满说过:「我要在这殿内,和在我由以色列各支派所选出的耶路撒冷城,立我的名,直到永远。 7He set also a graven, and a molten statue in the house of God, of which God had said to David, and to Solomon his son: In this house, and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, will I put my name for ever.
8只要以色列人遵行我藉梅瑟所吩咐他们的一切法律、典章和律例,我不再使他们的脚,离开我赐予你们祖先的土地。」 8And I will not make the foot of Israel to be removed out of the land which I have delivered to their fathers: yet so if they will take heed to do what I hare commanded them, and all the law, and the ceremonies, and judgments by the hand of Moses.
9但默纳舍诱惑犹大和耶路撒冷的居民行恶,甚于上主由以色列子民前所消灭的那些民族。 9So Manasses seduced Juda, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to do evil beyond all the nations, which the Lord had destroyed before the face of the children of Israel.
10为此,上主曾警告默纳舍和他的百姓,但是他们不肯听从。 10And the Lord spoke to him, and to his people, and they would not hearken.
11因此,上主使亚述王的将官前来攻打他们,用钩子钩住默纳舍,用锁链锁住,解送到巴比伦。 11Therefore he brought upon them the captains of the army of the king of the Assyrians: and they took Manasses, and carried him bound with chains and fetters to Babylon.
12默纳舍在这患难中,呼求了上主他的天主,在他祖先的天主前,大发谦卑, 12And after that he was in distress he prayed to the Lord his God: and did penance exceedingly before the God of his fathers.
13哀恳上主,上主便俯允了他的祈求,垂听了他的哀祷,使他归回耶路撒冷,恢复了他的王位;默纳舍这才知道只有上主是天主。 13And he entreated him, and besought him earnestly: and he heard his prayer, and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom, and Manasses knew that the Lord was God.
14此后,默纳舍在达味城外另筑了一道城墙,西边由谷内的基红起,直到鱼门,将敖斐耳围起,且将城墙加建的很高;在犹大各坚城内派有将帅驻守。 14After this he built a wall without the city of David, on the west side of Gihon in the valley, from the entering in of the fish gate round about to Ophel, and raised it up to a great height: and he appointed captains of the army in all the fenced cities of Juda:
15又从上主殿内除去了外神和偶像,将他在上主殿的山上和耶路撒冷所建立的祭坛,都一律拆毁,抛在城外, 15And he took away the strange gods, and the idol out of the house of the Lord: the altars also which he had made in the mount of the house of the Lord, and in Jerusalem, and he cast them all out of the city.
16重修了上主的祭坛,在上面献和平祭和感恩祭,命令犹大人只奉事上主以色列的天主。 16And he repaired the altar of the Lord, and sacrificed upon it victims, and peace offerings, and praise: and he commanded Juda to serve the Lord the God of Israel.
17但是民众仍然在高丘献祭,不过只向上主天主献祭。 17Nevertheless the people still sacrificed in the high places to the Lord their God.
18默纳舍其余的事蹟,以及他向天主所发的祷词,并诸先见者奉上主,以色列天主的名对他所说的话,都记载在以色列列王实录上。 18But the rest of the acts of Manasses, and his prayer to his God, and the words of the seers that spoke to him in the name of the Lord the God of Israel, are contained in the words of the kings of Israel.
19他如何祈祷和上主如何应允,他未自卑以前的一切罪恶和不忠,以及他在何处建立高丘,立阿舍辣和彫刻的偶像等事,都记载在诸先见者的言行录上。 19His prayer also, and his being heard, and all his sins, and contempt, and places wherein he built high places, and set up groves, and statues before he did penance, are written in the words of Hozai.
20默纳舍与他的祖先同眠,葬在他王宫的花园里;他的儿子阿孟继位为王。 20And Manasses slept with his fathers. and they buried him in his house: and his son Amen reigned in his stead.
21阿孟登极时年二十二岁,在耶路撒冷作王二年。 21Amen was two and twenty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned two years in Jerusalem.
22他行了上主视为恶的事,全如同他父亲默纳舍;向他父亲默纳舍所彫刻的一切偶像献祭膜拜, 22And he did evil in the sight of the Lord, as Manasses his father had done: and he sacrificed to all the idols which Manasses his father had made, and served them.
23从没有像他父亲默纳舍在上主面前自谦自卑过;阿孟只知罪上加罪。 23And he did not humble himself before the Lord, as Manasses his father had humbled himself, but committed far greater sins.
24为此,他的臣仆共谋造反,在宫中将他杀死。 24And his servants conspired against him, and slew him in his own house.
25当地的人民却将所有反叛阿孟王的人都杀了,立他的儿子约史雅继位为王。 25But the rest of the multitude of the people slew them that had killed Amen, and made Josias his son king in his stead.
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