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列王紀(上) 1 Kings
1此後,撒羅滿為自己建造宮室,十三年方纔完成。 1And Solomon built his own house in thirteen years, and brought it to perfection.
2他建造的,有黎巴嫩林宮,長一百肘,寬五十肘,高三十肘;有三行香柏木柱子,柱子上端有香柏木托梁。 2He built also the house of the forest of Libanus, the length of it was a hundred cubits, and the breadth fifty cubits, and the height thirty cubits: and four galleries between pillars of cedar: for he had cut cedar trees into pillars.
3上面蓋上香柏木板;每行十五根柱子,共有四十五根。 3And he covered the whole vault with boards of cedar, and it was held up with five and forty pillars. And one row had fifteen pillars,
4窗戶有三排,三排窗戶彼此相對。 4Set one against another,
5門和窗戶都是方形;三層窗戶都彼此相對。 5And looking one upon another, with equal space between the pillars, and over the pillars were square beams in all things equal.
6又造了有圓柱的大廳,長五十肘,寬三十肘;大廳前面另有一個廊子,廊子前面有柱子和頂蓋。 6And he made a porch of pillars of fifty cubits in length, and thirty cubits in breadth: and another porch before the greater porch: and pillars, and chapiters upon the pillars.
7他又造了一廳,中間設有審判的座位,在那裏審案;從地面到梁,都是用香柏木舖蓋的。 7He made also the porch of the throne, wherein is the seat of judgment: and covered it with cedar wood from the floor to the top.
8廳後的另一院內,有君王住的宮室,建築式樣,完全與審判廳相同;為君王所娶的法郎公主,也建造了與審判廳相同的宮室。 8And in the midst of the porch, was a small house where he sat in judgment, of the like work. He made also a house for the daughter of Pharao (whom Solomon had taken to wife) of the same work, as this porch,
9從外院直到大院的這一切建築,從地基到屋頂,都是用按尺寸鑿好,用鋸內外鋸平的寶貴石頭建造的。 9All of costly stones, which were sawed by a certain rule and measure both within and without: from the foundation to the top of the walls, and without unto the great court.
10地基也都是用貴重巨大的石頭砌成的,有的十肘長,有的八肘長; 10And the foundations were of costly stones, great stones of ten cubits or eight cubits:
11上面有按尺寸鑿好的貴重石頭和香柏木。 11And above there were costly stones, or equal measure, hewed; and, in like manner, planks of cedar:
12大院四周的牆有三層鑿好的石頭和一層香柏木板;上主的殿宇的內院和殿廊,都包圍在內。 12And the greater court was made round with three rows of hewed stones, and one row of planks of cedar, moreover also in the inner court of the house of the Lord, and in the porch of the house.
13撒羅滿王派人由提洛將希蘭接來。 13And king Solomon sent, and brought Hiram from Tyre,
14希蘭是納斐塔里支派一個寡婦的兒子,他父親是提洛的一個銅匠;他多才多藝,會做一切銅工。他來到撒羅滿前,為他做一切工作, 14The son of a widow woman of the tribe of Nephtali, whose father was a Tyrian, an artificer in brass, and full of wisdom, and understanding, and skill to work all work in brass. And when he was come to king Solomon, he wrought all his work.
15鑄了兩根銅柱;一根高十八肘,周徑十二肘,四指厚,中空;另一根也是這樣。 15And he cast two pillars in brass, each pillar was eighteen cubits high: and a line of twelve cubits compassed both the pillars.
16製了兩個銅鑄的柱頭,安在柱子頂端:一個柱頭高五肘,另一個柱頭也高五肘。 16He made also two chapiters of molten brass, to be set upon the tops of the pillars: the height of one chapiter was five cubits, and the height of the other chapiter was five cubits:
17他又製了兩個銅網,為遮護柱子頂端的柱頭:這一個柱頭有一個銅網,另一個柱頭也有一個銅網。 17And a kind of network, and chain work wreathed together with wonderful art. Both the chapiters of the pillars were cast: seven rows of nets were on one chapiter, and seven nets on the other chapiter.
18在網子周圍,又製了兩行石榴,遮住柱頭:兩個柱頭都是如此。 18And he made the pillars, and two rows round about each network to cover the chapiters, that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and in like manner did he to the other chapiter.
19柱子頂端上的柱頭,刻有百合花形像,四肘高。 19And the chapiters that were upon the top of the pillars, were of lily work in the porch, of four cubits.
20兩根柱子頂端上的柱頭突起處,網子後面,各有石榴二百個,分行圍繞着。 20And again other chapiters in the top of the pillars above, according to the measure of the pillar over against the network: and of pomegranates there were two hundred in rows round about the other chapiter.
21他將兩根柱子豎立在殿廊的前面:給立在右邊的柱子,起名叫雅津;給立在左邊的柱子,起名叫波阿次: 21And he set up the two pillars in the porch of the temple: and when he had set up the pillar on the right hand, he called the name thereof Jachin: in like manner he set up the second pillar, and called the name thereof Booz.
22這樣,柱子的工作就算完成了。 22And upon the tops of the pillars he made lily work: so the work of the pillars was finished.
23他又鑄造了一座銅海,圓形,直徑十肘,高五肘,周徑三十肘。 23He made also a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round all about; the height of it was five cubits, and a line of thirty cubits compassed it round about.
24銅海邊緣下面周圍有匏瓜,每肘十個,四面圍繞着銅海;匏瓜分成兩行,是鑄銅海時鑄上去的。 24And a graven work under the brim of it compassed it, for ten cubits going about the sea: there were two rows cast of chamfered sculptures.
25銅海安放在十二隻銅牛上:三隻向北,三隻向西,三隻向南,三隻向東。銅海安放在牛背上,牛尾朝裏。 25And it stood upon twelve oxen, of which three looked towards the north, and three towards the west, and three towards the south, and three towards the east, and the sea was above upon them, and their hinder parts were all hid within.
26銅海厚一掌,邊像杯邊,形似百合花,可容兩千「巴特」。 26And the laver was a handbreadth thick: and the brim thereof was like the brim of a cup, or the leaf of a crisped lily: it contained two thousand bates.
27又鑄造了十個銅盆座,每個長四肘,寬四肘,高三肘。 27And he made ten bases of brass, every base was four cubits in length, and four cubits in breadth, and three cubits high.
28盆座的造法是這樣:盆座有鑲板,鑲板裝入框架內, 28And the work itself of the bases, was intergraven: and there were gravings between the joinings.
29在框架中間的鑲板上刻有獅子、牛和革魯賓的形像,在框架上也有彫刻;獅子和牛的形像下,刻有花紋浮彫。 29And between the little crowns and the ledges were lions, and oxen, and cherubims: and in the joinings likewise above: and under the lions and oxen, as it were bands of brass hanging down.
30每個盆座有四個銅輪和銅軸;盆底有四腳作支柱,支柱是鑄成的;每邊都刻有花紋。 30And every base had four wheels, and axletrees of brass: and at the four sides were undersetters under the laver molten, looking one against another.
31盆座的口,從座底至口邊高一肘半;口成圓形,為安放銅盆之用;在口的邊緣上也有彫刻;盆座的鑲板是四方形的,而不是圓形的。 31The mouth also of the laver within, was in the top of the chapiter: and that which appeared without, was of one cubit all round, and together it was one cubit and a half: and in the corners of the pillars were divers engravings: and the spaces between the pillars were square, not round.
32四個輪子是在鑲板之下,輪軸與座底相接;輪子高一肘半。 32And the four wheels, which were at the four corners of the base, were joined one to another under the base: the height of a wheel was a cubit and a half.
33輪子的製法和車輪的製法一樣,輪軸、輪輞、輪輻和輪轂,都是鑄成的。 33And they were such wheels as are used to be made in a chariot: and their axletrees, and spokes, and strakes, and naves, were all east.
34每個盆座有四根支柱支持四角,支柱與盆座是一塊鑄成的。 34And the four undersetters that were at every corner of each base, were of the base itself cast and joined together.
35盆座頂上有一個圓架,高半肘;在座頂上有柄,鑲板與座是一塊鑄成的。 35And in the top of the base there was a round compass of half a cubit, so wrought that the laver might be set thereon, having its gravings, and divers sculptures of itself.
36鑲板壁上刻有革魯賓、獅子和棕樹;四周空處另刻有花紋。 36He engraved also in those plates, which were of brass. and in the corners, cherubims, and lions, and palm trees, in likeness of a man standing, so that they seemed not to be engraven, but added round about.
37十個盆座都是這樣做的:鑄法、尺寸和式樣完全相同。 37After this manner he made ten bases, of one casting and measure, and the like graving.
38又製了十個銅盆,每個銅盆可容四十「巴特」;每個銅盆高四肘;十個銅盆座上,每個安放一個銅盆。 38He made also ten lavers of brass: one laver contained four bases, and was of four cubits: and upon every base, in all ten, he put as many lavers.
39他把盆座,五個放在殿的右邊,五個放在殿的左邊;至於銅海,他放在殿右靠東南方。 39And he set the ten bases, five on the right side of the temple, and five on the left: and the sea he put on the right side of the temple over against the east southward.
40希蘭又製造了鍋、鏟和盤:這樣,希蘭為撒羅滿作完了上主殿宇的一切工作: 40And Hiram made caldrons, and shovels, and basins, and finished all the work of king Solomon in the temple of the Lord.
41計有柱子兩根,柱子頂端球形的柱頭兩個,遮護柱子頂端球形柱頭的網子兩個, 41The two pillars and the two cords of the chapiters, upon the chapiters of the pillars: and the two networks, to cover the two cords, that were upon the top of the pillars.
42兩個網子上的石榴四百個──每個網子上有兩行石榴,為遮護柱子頂端的兩個球形柱頭, 42And four hundred pomegranates for the two networks: two rows of pomegranates for each network, to cover the cords of the chapiters, which were upon the tops of the pillars.
43盆座十個,放在座上的盆子十個, 43And the ten bases, and the ten lavers on the bases.
44銅海一個,銅海下的銅牛十二隻, 44And one sea, and twelve oxen under the sea.
45鍋鏟、和盤:以上這一切器皿,都是希蘭給撒羅滿用光滑的銅,為上主的殿製造的, 45And the caldrons, and the shovels, and the basins. All the vessels that Hiram made for king Solomon for the house of the Lord, were of fine brass.
46是他在約但平原,穌苛特與匝爾堂之間,用膠泥模鑄成的。 46In the plains of the Jordan did the king cast them in a clay ground, between Socoth and Sartham.
47撒羅滿沒有秤量這一切器具,因為銅太多,重量無法計算。 47And Solomon placed all the vessels: but for exceeding great multitude the brass could not be weighed.
48以後,撒羅滿又製造了上主殿內的一切用具:就是金祭壇,供餅的金桌, 48And Solomon made all the vessels for the house of the Lord: the altar of gold, and the table of gold, upon which the leaves of proposition should be set:
49內殿前的燈臺,五個在右邊,五個在左邊,都是純金的;還有花蕊、燈盞、燭剪,也是金的。 49And the golden candlesticks, five on the right hand, and five on the left, over against the oracle, of pure gold: and the flowers like lilies, and the lamps over them of gold: and golden snuffers,
50又有盆、刀、碗、杯、火盤,都是純金的;還有內殿即至聖所,和正殿的門樞,都是金的。 50And pots, and fleshhooks, and bowls, and mortars, and censers, of most pure gold: and the hinges for the doors of the inner house of the holy of holies, and for the doors of the house of the temple were of gold.
51撒羅滿王就這樣完成了為上主的殿所作的一切工作。撒羅滿將他父親達味所奉獻的銀子、金子和器皿運了來,存放在上主殿宇的府庫內。 51And Solomon finished all the work that he made in the house of the Lord, and brought in the things that David his father had dedicated, the silver and the gold, and the vessels, and laid them up in the treasures of the house of the Lord.




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