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编年纪上 1 Chronicles
1他们将上主的约柜抬来,安置在达味所搭的帐幕内,然后在天主前奉献了全燔祭与和平祭。 1So they brought the ark of God, and set it in the midst of the tent, which David had pitched for it: and they offered holocausts, and peace offerings before God.
2达味献完了全燔祭与和平祭,奉上主的名祝福了百姓; 2And when David had made an end of offering holocausts, and peace offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord.
3以后分给全以色列,不论男女,每人一块饼,一块肉,一块葡萄干饼。 3And he divided to all and every one, both men and women, a loaf of bread, and a piece of roasted beef, and flour fried with oil.
4达味又派定了一些肋未人,在上主的约柜前供职,叫他们赞美、称谢、颂扬上主,以色列的天主: 4And he appointed Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord, and to remember his works, and to glorify, and praise the Lord God of Israel.
5为首的是阿撒夫、则加黎雅为副,其次是乌齐耳、舍米辣摩特、耶希耳、玛提提雅、厄里阿布、贝纳雅、敖贝得厄东和耶依耳;他们鼓瑟弹琴,阿撒夫敲钹。 5Asaph the chief, and next after him Zacharias: moreover Jahiel, and Semiramoth, and Jehiel, and Mathathias, and Eliab, and Banaias, and Obededom: and Jehiel over the instruments of psaltery, and harps: and Asaph sounded with cymbals:
6司祭贝纳雅和雅哈齐耳在天主的约柜前,不断吹号筒。 6But Banaias, and Jaziel the priests, to sound the trumpet continually before the ark of the covenant of the Lord.
7那一天,达味初次任命阿撒夫及其同族兄弟,向上主唱这首称谢歌: 7In that day David made Asaph the chief to give praise to the Lord with his brethren.
8「你们要称谢上主,呼号他的圣名,在万民中宣扬他的功行。 8Praise ye the Lord, and call upon his name: make known his doings among the nations.
9要歌颂他,称扬他,申述他的一切奇蹟。 9Sing to him, yea, sing praises to him: and relate all his wondrous works.
10要以他的圣名为荣,愿寻求上主的,心中喜乐! 10Praise ye his holy name: let the heart I of them rejoice, that seek the Lord.
11你们要寻求上主和他的德能,要时时寻求他的面容。 11Seek ye the Lord, and his power: seek ye his face evermore.
12天主的仆人以色列的后裔,天主的被选者雅各伯的子孙, 12Remember his wonderful works, which he hath done: his signs, and the judgments of his mouth.
13你们要记忆他所行的奇事,他的异蹟和他口中的断语。 13O ye seed of Israel his servants, ye children of Jacob his chosen.
14他是上主、我们的天主,他的判断达于四方。 14He is the Lord our God: his judgments are in all the earth.
15他永远记忆他的盟约,万世不忘所许的诺言, 15Remember for ever his covenant: the word, which he commanded to a thousand generations.
16即与亚巴郎所立的盟约,向依撒格所许的誓言, 16The covenant which he made with Abraham: and his oath to Isaac.
17为雅各伯定为律例,为以色列定为永久的盟约, 17And he appointed the same to Jacob for a precept: and to Israel for an everlasting covenant:
18说我必将客纳罕地赐给你,作为你们的一分产业。 18Saying: To thee will I give the land of Chanaan: the lot of your inheritance.
19当时他们虽然人丁有限,数目稀少,还在作那地的旅客, 19When they were but a small number: very few and sojourners in it.
20从这族走到那族,从这国移到那国。 20And they passed from nation to nation: and from a kingdom to another people.
21他不但未容许任何人压迫他们,而且为了他们,还惩戒列王说: 21He suffered no man to do them wrong: and reproved kings for their sake.
22不要触犯我的受傅者,不要伤害我的先知。 22Touch not my anointed: and do no evil to my prophets.
23大地都要歌颂上主,天天宣扬他的救恩。 23Sing ye to the Lord, all the earth: shew forth from day to day his salvation.
24在列邦中传述他的光荣,在万民中阐扬他的奇事。 24Declare his glory among the Gentiles: his wonders among all people.
25因为上主是伟大的,应极受赞美,应受敬畏超越众神。 25For the Lord is great and exceedingly to be praised: and he is to be feared above all gods.
26因为列族的神尽属虚无,唯独上主造了诸天。 26For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.
27尊荣及威严在他面前,能力和欢乐在他圣所内。 27Praise and magnificence are before him: strength and joy in his place.
28万邦各族啊!你们应将光荣能力归于上主,都归于上主; 28Bring ye to the Lord, O ye families of the nations: bring ye to the Lord glory and empire.
29应将上主的名应得的尊荣,归于上主,带着献仪到他面前,以圣洁的华饰敬拜上主。 29Give to the Lord glory to his name, bring up sacrifice, and come ye in his sight: and adore the Lord in holy becomingness.
30大地在他面前应该战栗,是他使世界坚立,不致动摇。 30Let all the earth be moved at his presence: for he hath founded the world immoveable.
31愿诸天喜乐,愿大地欢腾,愿人在列族中说:上主为王! 31Let the heavens rejoice, and the earth be glad: and let them say among the nations: The Lord hath reigned.
32愿沧海及充满其中的一切,澎湃作响;愿田畴和田间的一切,欢欣踊跃! 32Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof: let the fields rejoice, and all things that are in them.
33愿森林中的树木,在上主面前欢呼歌唱!因为他已降临审判大地。 33Then shall the trees of the wood give praise before the Lord: because he is come to judge the earth.
34你们应当称谢上主,因为他是至善的,因为他的仁慈永远常存。 34Give ye glory to the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
35你们要说:拯救我们的天主,拯救我们;从异民中召集我们,救出我们,好让我们称颂你的圣名,以赞美你为夸耀! 35And say ye: Save us, O God our saviour: and gather us together, and deliver us from the nations, that we may give glory to thy holy name, and may rejoice in singing thy praises.
36「上主,以色列的天主,应受赞颂,从永远直到永远!」全体人民答说:「阿们。愿上主受赞美!」 36Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel from eternity to eternity: and let all the people say Amen, and a hymn to God.
37以后达味在那里,即在上主的约柜前,委派阿撒夫及其同族兄弟,天天按照规定,不断在约柜前供职; 37So he left there before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, Asaph and his brethren to minister in the presence of the ark continually day by day, and in their courses.
38还有敖贝得厄东和他的同族兄弟六十八人。又派耶杜通的儿子敖贝得厄东,还有曷撒为守卫。 38And Obededom, with his brethren sixty-eight: and Obededom the son of Idithun, and Hosa he appointed to be porters.
39派司祭匝多克与其弟兄众司祭,在基贝红高处上主的帐幕前, 39And Sadoc the priest, and his brethren priests, before the tabernacle of the Lord in the high place, which was in Gabaon.
40在全燔祭坛上,每日早晚按上主法律书上吩咐以色列所写的,常向上主献全燔祭。 40That they should offer holocausts to the Lord upon the altar of holocausts continually, morning and evening, according to all that is written in the law of the Lord, which he commanded Israel.
41与他们一起的,还有赫曼、耶杜通及其他被选登记的人,专为称颂上主:「因为他的仁慈永远常存。」 41And after him Heman, and Idithun, and the rest that were chosen, every one by his name to give praise to the Lord: because his mercy endureth for ever.
42他们吹号敲钹,演奏各种乐器,歌颂天主。耶杜通的儿子作守卫。 42And Heman and Idithun sounded the trumpet, and played on the cymbals, and all kinds of musical instruments to sing praises to God: and the sons of Idithun he made porters.
43以后,民众各自回家,达味也回去祝福自己的家。 43And all the people returned to their houses: and David to bless also his own house.
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