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德训篇 Sirach
1应为重述听来的闲话而羞愧。应为泄漏别人秘密的话而羞愧。你若真有羞恶之心,就必能受到众人的爱戴。对于下列的事, 你不应该羞愧:不该因顾情面而犯罪过; 1But do not let yourself be led astray by any of the things that follow.
2对于至高者的法律和盟约;对于不虔敬者所下的判断; 2Do not be ashamed of the law of the Most High and his covenant, of judging even the wicked fairly,
3同伴侣和旅客算账;分产业与亲友; 3of keeping accounts with a traveling companion, and of sharing your inheritance with friends,
4论天秤和斤量的准碓;厘定利润的多寡; 4of checking weights and scales,
5讲求贸易的获利;严厉管教儿女;鞭打恶仆腰部流血; 5of making a profit whether small or great, of bargaining with traders, and of being strict with children, of severe corporal punishment for a servant who deserves it.
6对邪恶的妇女妥加幽禁; 6With a prying wife or when many people are around, it is wise to make use of seal and lock!
7在人手众多的地方,门上安锁;你交给别人什么物件,事前数一数,量一量;出入的款项,详细记账; 7For deposits it is essential to reckon by number and weight and keep a written record of what you give and receive.
8惩戒无知和迟钝的人,或与少年人吵嘴的老年人:在这些事上,都不该害羞,因为如此,你才真是知礼的人,必能赢得众人的敬重。 8Do not be ashamed of correcting someone who is foolish or stupid or an old man who has become childish. Doing that, you prove that you are a well-educated person and you will be generally respected.
9女儿虽不知,却使父亲不寐,因为挂虑她,而不能安眠:怕她误了青春的年华,又怕她结婚之后,为丈夫所憎恶; 9A daughter causes her father hidden worries; anxiety on her account keeps him awake: Is she young? She may not marry. Is she married? She may be disliked;
10怕她失去童贞,而在父亲家中怀孕;出嫁之后,又怕她不忠于丈夫,或同居之后,而不能怀孕。 10Is she a virgin? She may be seduced and become pregnant in her father's house! Is she married? She may be unfaithful or unable to have children!
11任性的女儿,你应严加监视,免得你为了她,而成为敌人的笑柄,遭受本城人的非议,招致人民的讥笑,当众蒙羞。 11Your daughter is unruly? Watch her well, or she may make you a laughingstock to your enemies, the talk of the town and a public disgrace.
12你不要让她对任何人显示自己的美丽;不要让她与妇女闲谈; 12Do not be taken by human beauty and do not sit down in the company of women;
13因为,蠹虫来自衣服,妇女的邪恶也是来自妇女。 13for just as a moth comes out of a garment, woman's wickedness comes out of a woman.
14男人的邪恶,胜于施惠的妇女,因为不名誉的女人,能给人带来耻辱。 14Better a man's wickedness than a woman's kindness; women bring shame and disgrace.
15现在,我要提念上主的化工,要称述我见过的事迹:上主的化工因自己的话而完成,他的教训是他的恩宠的作为。 15Now I Shall remind you of the works of The Lord and relate what I have seen. The Lord's works depend on his word, and creation obeys his will.
16光辉的太阳照耀万物,上主的化工,也充满了他的光荣。 16The sun shines on everything and the work of the Lord is filled with his glory.
17上主并未允许圣者讲论他的一切奇事,全能的上主建立了这些奇事,为叫天地万物愈发显扬自己的光荣。 17Not even to his holy ones has the Lord given full knowledge of all his marvelous works. The Lord, Master of the universe, has ordained that all should stand firm in his glory.
18他穷究深渊和人心,看透众人的诡计。 18He penetrates both the depth of the abyss and the human heart and knows their secrets. For the Most High has full knowledge and ordains the signs of the heavens.
19因为,至高者通达各种学问,明察时代的征兆,陈述过去和未来的世事,揭露隐秘的事迹; 19He knows the past and foretells the future and reveals the traces of the world's mysteries.
20任何思想不能逃过他,连一句话也不能隐瞒他。 20No thought escapes him, no word is hidden from him.
21他井然布置了自己智慧的伟业,他从永远直到永远常常存在; 21He has ordered the marvelous works of his wisdom, from ever and for ever. Nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away and he has no need of counsel.
22对他,什么也不能增加,什么也不能减少;他不需要任何人的计谋。 22All his works are beautiful, even to the smallest spark of light.
23他的一切化工,是多么美妙!所能见到的,只是一点火花。 23All this lives and endures forever: all is useful and obedient to his will.
24这一切都要生活,且永远存在,任何环境下,都服从他。 24All things are in pairs, one opposite the other, and nothing he makes is in any way deficient.
25一切都是成双而相对的,他所造的圆满无缺。 25One thing emphasizes the excellence of the other; who could ever weary of admiring his glory?
26物各有所长,互成其美;天主的光荣,谁能看够? 26
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