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德训篇 Sirach
1愚人的希望,是虚幻而妄诞的;梦境使无知的人想入非非。 1The foolish are deceived by vain and false hopes; dreams give them wings.
2迷信幻梦的人,与捕风捉影的人无异。 2To rely on dreams is like grasping a shadow or chasing the wind.
3梦里看到的,与照镜所见的相同。 3What you see in dreams are only reflections: a person sees his own image.
4污秽里能有什么洁净呢?虚伪中能有什么真实呢? 4What clean thing can come from what is unclean? What truth comes from what is false?
5占卜、算命、测梦,都是虚妄的。 5Divinations, omens and dreams are empty like the fantasies of a woman in labor.
6人心如临产妇女的心,容易遭受幻想的袭击;梦境若不是出于至高者,你就不用介意; 6Unless they come as messengers of the Most High, do not pay attention to them.
7因为,梦使许多人误入迷途,他们寄望于梦,却大失所望。 7For dreams have led many people astray. Those who hoped in them have fallen.
8履行法律,并不赖虚伪;出自忠信人口的智言,必见诸实行。 8Not so the Law, which never fails but comes true. Wisdom from the truthful lips of God is the highest truth.
9没有受过考验的人,知道什么?旅行的人,知道的事情才多;经验多的人,富于思想;阅历深的人,谈吐明智。 9One who has traveled knows a great deal, and a man of wide experience will talk soundly.
10未受过考验的人,知道的少;但旅行的人,见闻很广。 10A person who has not had trials knows very little. But the traveled man is competent in many ways.
11没有受过考验的人,知道什么?凡受过欺骗的人,必富于智巧。 11I have made many discoveries on my travels and understood more than I can express.
12我旅行时,见过许多事情,有好多事,我虽然明白,却不能用言语形容出来。 12I have often been in danger of death but have been saved thanks to my experience.
13我多次遇到死亡的危险,但赖天主的宠佑,凭著昔日的经验,我终能脱险获救。 13The spirit of those who fear the Lord will live, for their hope is placed in the One who saves.
14敬畏上主之人的精神必然常存,在上主回顾下,必蒙祝福。 14He who fears the Lord is in dread of nothing. He will not be cowardly for he is his hope.
15因为他们的希望指向拯救他们的主,天主的眼常注视爱慕他的人。 15He who fears the Lord is a happy person. To whom does he turn? Who is his support?
16敬畏上主的人,无所畏惧,无所恐怖,因为上主是他的希望。 16The eyes of the Lord are on those who love him. For them he is powerful protection, strong support, shelter against scorching wind and the midday sun. He is a safeguard against stumbling and assurance against a fall.
17敬畏上主的人,他的灵魂是有福的! 17He lifts up the soul and gives a sparkle to the eyes; he gives healing, life and blessing.
18他所仰望的是谁?谁又是他的扶助? 18An offering to God from stolen goods is a stained offering, the sacrifices of the wicked do not please God.
19上主的眼常注视爱慕他的人,他是大能的保障,是强有力的后盾,是隔除热气的屏风,是遮盖正午太阳的凉棚。 19The Most High takes no pleasure in the offering of the godless. It is not the number of victims that obtains pardon for sin.
20是失足时的护卫,是跌倒时的救援;他鼓舞精神,开明眼目,赐与健康、生命和幸福。 20Offering to God from what belongs to the poor is like slaughtering a son in the presence of his father.
21奉献不义之财,乃是凌辱的祭品,恶人的供物,上主决不会悦纳。 21Bread is life to the poor; he who takes it from them is a murderer.
22上主只善待那些在真理和正义的路上,期望他的人。 22He who deprives others of a livelihood kills them, and whoever withdraws the salary of a worker is guilty of blood.
23至高者不悦纳不虔敬者的祭品,不垂顾恶人的献仪,决不因为他们的祭品多,而宽恕他们的罪恶。 23If one builds and the other destroys, what do they gain besides trouble?
24用穷人的财物来做祭品的人,就如在父亲前,杀害他儿子的人。 24If one prays and the other curses, whose voice will the Master listen to?
25贫乏人的粮食,是穷人的生命;夺取他们食粮的,就是流人血的罪犯。 25If a man is cleansed after touching a corpse and then touches it again, what good was there in his cleansing?
26夺取别人由血汗赚来的食粮的,就是杀人的刽子手。 26If anyone fasts for his sins and then commits the same sins, who will hear his prayer? What value is there in his fasting?
27剥夺佣工的劳资的,就是流人血的凶手。 27
28一人建筑,一人拆毁,除劳苦外,为他们有什么好处! 28
29一人祈福,一人诅咒,天主究竟要俯听谁的呼声? 29
30人摸了死尸就去沐浴,以后再去摸它,他的沐浴有什么用处? 30
31守斋赎罪,而再去犯罪的人,也是如此:有谁听他的祈求?他谦卑自下,又有什么益处? 31
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