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德训篇 Sirach
1凡报仇的,必要遭遇到上主的报复,上主必要保留他的罪。 1He who demands revenge will suffer the vengeance of the Lord who keeps a strict account of his sins.
2你要宽恕你近人的过错;这样,当你祈求时,你的罪恶也会得到赦免。 2Forgive the mistakes of your neighbor and you may ask that your sins be forgiven.
3人若对人怀怒,怎能向上主求饶? 3If a man bears resentment against another, how can he ask God for healing?
4对自己同类的人没有慈爱,怎能为自己的罪过求赦? 4If he has no compassion on others, how can he pray for forgiveness for his sins?
5他既是血肉之人,竟然怀怒,而向天主求赦罪之恩,谁能赦免他的罪? 5As long as he, mere flesh, is resentful, who will obtain his pardon?
6你要记得最后的结局,而停止仇恨; 6Remember your end and give up hatred; keep in mind your final corruption in the grave and keep the commandments.
7你要记得腐烂与死亡,而遵照诫命生活。 7Remember the commandments and do not bear grudges against your neighbor. Remember the covenant with the Most High and overlook the offense.
8你要记得天主的诫命,不要向人发怒; 8Refrain from quarreling and you will avoid sin; the hot-headed man sparks off disputes.
9你要记得至高者的盟约,宽恕别人的过错。 9The sinner causes trouble between friends, sowing discord among peaceful people.
10你要避免争论,如此,你就可以减少罪过; 10Fire burns when fuel is thrown on it; stubbornness drags out the discussion. The more powerful the man, the greater his rage; his anger will be in proportion to his riches.
11因为容易发怒的人,能激起争论;犯罪的人,使朋友不安;他在安享和平的人中散布谗言。 11A sudden quarrel sparks off a fire; a hasty dispute leads to bloodshed.
12根据燃料,可知火势如何;争吵若是激烈,可见斗争的情形;人的怒气,是因他的势力而起;他的愤怒,是随他的财富而升。 12Blow on a spark and it ignites; spit on it and it dies out: both come from your mouth.
13激烈的口角,容易惹起怒火;激烈的争辩,容易流血;妄証的口舌,致人死命。 13Cursed be the gossiper with his spiteful tongue. He has destroyed many who lived peacefully.
14你若在火星上吹气,火就燃起;你若在火星上吐唾沫,火就熄灭;二者都来自口中。 14The vicious tongue has demolished many and hounded them from nation to nation. It has ruined powerful cities and laid low great households.
15搬弄是非的,和一口两舌的人,是可咒骂的,因为他们使许多安享和平的人丧亡。 15The vicious tongue has cast out wives who were beyond reproach, depriving them of the fruit of their work.
16挑拨的舌头扰乱许多人,使他们从这一国流亡到那一国; 16Whoever listens to it will never find rest or be able to live in peace.
17倾覆了坚固的城池,推翻了贵族人的家庭; 17The whip leaves a mark but the lash of the tongue shatters bones.
18使民族的力量衰弱,使强盛的人民流亡。 18Many have been felled by the sword but many more have perished by the tongue.
19挑拨的舌头,从家庭中遂出了英勇的妇女,掠夺了她们劳力所得的利益。 19Happy he who has escaped it and has not been exposed to its fury, who has not been weighed down by its yoke or been tied up in its chains.
20谁听从这样的舌头,就不得安息;在他的家里,再也没有平安。 20For it is a yoke of iron and its chains are bronze.
21鞭打存青痕,舌击碎人骨。 21It brings a miserable death. Actual death is better!
22剑刺死的人虽多,还不如舌害死的人多。 22But it will not tyrannize those who keep faith, it will not consume their soul.
23凡躲避了恶舌,没有经过它的怒气,没有负过它的重轭,没有受过它的锁链捆绑的人,是有福的! 23Those who desert the Lord will be its victims, it will burn them without being burnt up itself; it will lunge at them like a lion, and rip them apart like a leopard.
24因为,它的轭是铁轭,它的链是铜链。 24Look, you put a fence around your property and protect your silver and gold.
25它造成的死亡,是悲惨的,阴府也比它好受。 25In the same way, make weights and scales for your words and put a bolted door at your mouth.
26但是,它决不能控制虔敬的人,却能把住不义之人的路径,它的火焰不能焚烧虔敬的人。 26Beware of a slip of the tongue when you speak, lest you fall in front of those who lie in wait for you.
27凡离弃上主的,就落在它手里,它必燃烧他们,总不止熄;它如同被放出来的狮子,袭击他们;又如豹子,撕裂他们。 27
28请看,你要用荆棘围住你的田园,不要听从邪恶的唇舌;你要给你的口,安上门和锁。 28
29你要把你的金银收藏起来。你要作一个天秤,来权衡你的言语;要为你的口,安上门和门闩。 29
30你要小心,不要因口舌而失足,免得你在暗算你的敌人面前跌倒,怕你这一跌,成了不治的死症。 30
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